Payment for A Smile

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  1. Humdity hung heavily in the air, making the crowded streets unbearably hot. The smell of sweat and foodwares combined in the heat making at least one woman's stomach turn. She was already uncomfortable and it was easy to see why. The woman was in a cloak that hid her hair and covered her shoulders. It had been hastily cut off just above her elbows. One her face she wore a ceramic mask painted with stripes. A clear indicator of what she was.

    It had been common practice for at least a century that all enchantresses wear masks out in public to hide their features. Usually only young ones who did not have control over their powers wore the fake visages, but she was desperate. She knew she should not have entered the city, but it had been so long and she missed the city life dearly.

    Gracefully she manuvered through the crowd, careful to not bump into any one or thing. She saw the gate to the city getting closer and slowly she began to breath easier. Perhaps she would make it out in one peice. She stopped as one of the merchants thrusted a roll of fabric in her face and began to talk about how pretty it would be if made into a new cloak. Beneath her mask the woman rolled her eyes as she tried to end the man's sales pitch.
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    Faroh studied the crowd with his cold, calculating eyes. He watched as the various species hustled throughout the market, his eyes caught thieves taking that which did not belong to them, mothers chattering away with each other and the various merchant's trying to sell their wares to passers bye. He didn't particularly dislike it here, but her preferred smaller places. A drop of sweat oozed down his icy-white cheek. He quickly brushed it away with the sleeve of his as he stood from the bench he had perched himself on.

    He caught a mysterious, slender figure in his gaze, wearing some kind of mask from what he could tell. Interesting he thought, though nothing out of the ordinary. He darted through the crowds of people, every now and again a refreshing breeze blowing his un-kept hair into his eyes. Ever since bandits has attacked his home as a child, he had disliked humans, arrogant and un-trustworthy. I don't want to be here any longer than I have to, he thought to himself as he made his way through the market square, entering an old inn, the sign was weathered and barely legible.

    It was your typical scene inside of the inn, drunken, flirtatious wastrels arguing with each other over nothing much. The décor was very plain, many tables littered the floor, a few tables on the outside of the of the room, a bar at the back. He made his way to a table in the corner and sat, one leg placed over the other, quiver digging into his slender back slightly. He placed his hand over the hilt of his sword as he looked around.
    Something interesting is bound to happen
  3. "Stop!", The word rang from her lips like silver bells instantly making the merchant pause. She hurried past the man to the gates when she saw two elves that made her heart leap into in her throat. They were tall with dark skin and seemed to be watching the market intensely. She could not be sure these men were looking for her, so she faded back into the crowd. She would not make that gamble today.

    Glancing about the square she noticed a inn. It was as good as place as any to hide. Perhaps, she thought, she might see the gate from one of its windows. Dodging the multitude of people in the crowded street, she entered the inn and quickly sat down at a table in a corner. Under her mask her eyes darted about taking in the average scene before her. She didn't notice any elves like the ones at the gate and breathed a sigh of relief, until she turned and noticed that she had sat down at a very occupied table.

    A gasp tore from her throat as the woman quickly sprang to her feet. She bowed her head ackwardly in apology.

    "forgive me, I wasn't paying attention." This time her voice sounded like any woman's.
  4. Faroh lent back into the comfort of the chair, crossing his arms, his eyes began to grow dreary, it seemed an unnecessary burden to keep them open;

    Faroh stood there, shooting arrow after arrow into the firm trunk of a birch tree, his father at his side offering guidance and giving encouragement after each shot.
    "That's great Faroh, you'll be a master bowman in no time whatsoever" His father had said to him, "Let me go inside to check on your mother", Faroh nodded as his father left him, entering their house for the last time...
    "No stop! No!"
    "What do you want?!"

    "Sir?... Sir?" Faroh's ears perked up as his eyes opened, vision still blurry a beaming face offered him a mug "Compliments of the house" The voice said, before trailing off. Faroh watched the man leave before studying the mug, it has some kind of ale inside of it. He took a sip and grimaced, it wasn't too bad but her did prefer Elven food, and drink too. This was rather sweet for his liking. He started to drowse off again, before being awoken by the nudging of his table "Forgive me, I wasn't paying attention" were the words his ears picked up before he opened his eyes. He looked the woman up and down sceptically, it was the same woman he had seen earlier, was she following him?
    "It's fine, please, sit." He replied "You seem rather bewildered at the moment, what's the matter?" His mind wandering off into the various possibilities.
  5. The woman stared at him for a moment. She quickly took in the creature before him from his cold eyes to bow. She was wary yet, but quickly calmed her breathing. The last thing she wanted to look was bewildered. Clearing her throat, she took her seat at the table.
    “Oh, I’m not bewildered.” She smirked behind her ceramic mask, “Just trying to avoid an old suitor.”
    It was an old lie, but one of her favorites. She glanced once more around the tavern to make sure no one followed her. Satisfied she leaned back against the wooden chair and called over one of the sweet looking barmaids. She ordered a glass of cheap wine. Finally calm she turned her eyes on the elf again. She began to offer a smile, but quickly remembered he wouldn’t be able to see it. There was no need for senseless flirting here.
  6. Faroh smiled lightly. He couldn't tell whether she was being sincere or not, due to the fact she had a mask on and hence he could not read her eyes or facial expressions. He watched her as she looked him up and down, at his ears, his bow. She didn't seem to judge him as the other humans he met had, so he decided to entertain her for a while, before he had to leave of course. As she looked around the tavern, she told him she was avoiding a suitor, from the way she looked around he wondered whether she was lying, or just extremely nervous of the man she was supposedly supposed to marry.

    He looked at her mask, it was ceramic and very elegant looking. He wasn't aware of any customs which required the wearing of a mask.
    He looked into the dark holes which allowed her to see out of the mask; "So, why do you wear that mask?" he awaited a reply as the bell which indicated someone entering the inn chimed.
  7. She shrugged at his question. "I am an enchantress. Where I come from its common place for the young enchantresses to wear masks to hide their faces until they have better contol of their powers. I thought it was clever of me."
    When the bell rang she turned slowly to the door. She didn't recognize the newcomers and sat back again.
    "However I am getting rather warm. If you will do me a favor. Let me know if you see a tall, dark skinned man with ears like yours. He and his brother are looking for me and I simply can't keep jumping at every sound."
    Her hands rose to the simple silver clasp that kept her cloak closed. She hesitated, waiting for the stranger's answer.
  8. Faroh's eye-brows lifted a little. "An Enchantress you say, I can't say I have ever crossed paths with one before, some kind of Magician is it?" He asked. She then asked him to notify her, since he was facing in the direction of the door, if any other men with pointed ears walked in, Faroh assumed this man was of Elven descent, though not the same as his, considering she said he had dark skin, compared to Faroh's own pale-white skin.

    The noise in the inn had died down, most of the rowdier men leaving or or falling into separate conversation. Faroh's hand rested gently on the hilt of his sword under the table, it was hard deciphering this woman, was she telling him the truth? If not, it didn't really matter, she seemed sincere at the moment, regardless as to why she was hiding from this man. Faroh smiled broadly "Sure I'll do that for you, I'm Faroh" he said as he reached his free hand across the table.
  9. She lifted one of her hands from her pin to take his for a brief moment. "Krimson." She replied, "Very nice to meet you Faroh."
    Relaxed for the moment, she undid her cloak and let it fall to the back of the chair. The simple action revealed long silver hair that was braided into a bun. Next her hands moved to the back of her head to untie her mask. She was pretty, very pretty, with a heart shaped face and dark red eyes. She placed her mask to the side and began to undo her bun. Her eyes, however, remained transfixed on him.

    "To answer your question. Yes it is a type of magic, but far more a defense mechanism." She gave him crooked smile as she replied. Shortly after her silver hair fell in waves around her shoulders. "So Faroh, what brings you here?" She asked innocently enough.
  10. The woman revealed her name to be Krimson. He watched as she untied her mask, revealing a beautiful, perfectly structured face. It matched perfectly with the elegance of the mask which had been hiding it. She hadn't taken her eyes off of him the whole time, which he liked. She seemed rather confident and relaxed around him now, though they hand only just met. For a human, she was very nice he thought to himself. Personally, he had absolutely no experience with magic in his life before, and nor did he intend to.

    Faroh contemplated how to answer her question, she seemed to be being honest enough to him. "Well, I'm looking for something" he replied, which was true, he was searching for himself.
  11. She grinned wide at him, “Well, isn’t that what we all are doing, looking for something.” As she spoke the barmaid came delivering her wine. Krimison thanked her and went to hand her some coins, but the woman refused, “Ma’am, the gentleman over there has already paid for your drink.”

    Krimison glanced over to where the woman pointed and smiled at the young human. He blushed scarlet before she effectively started to ignore him. All her attention was on Faroh again. She was being rather careful to tone down her aura, but some of the weaker ones always got hit. “So, what exactly are you looking for? ” She took a sip of her wine as she awaited his answer.
  12. Faroh smiled gently at the woman "Yes, yes I guess it is-" He was cut shot by a bar-maid who brought a bottle of wine over, it was clear who had sent it, a man that was for some reason intoxicated by her. Humans let their emotions rule over them too easily. Faroh had no such shortcomings, he had learnt from a young age not to care too much for anyone, as it would inevitably lead to hurt. Which he didn't care for. The man irked him, a searing pain burst up his right arm and he resisted the mightiest urge to draw his sword and cut the man down.

    He placed his left arm on his right incase a stronger urge came up again, he was sweating lightly at the brow now. "Well, what I'm looking for, it's not exactly a physical item, you see-" He was cut short again as the door to the inn was opened, a harsh breeze blowing strands of hair across his face. A look of concern spread across Faroh's face. "Krimson, that man you were talking about. He's at the door now."
  13. Quickly and expertly, without turning her gaze from him, she began to tug on her cloak. “Thank you. I just hope they don’t notice me.” She said softly. “Otherwise this will become a very eventful day. There are two of them correct?” Even as she said the words the second man entered and pointed toward her. The pair of them started to walk over, stalking her like jungle cats. She didn’t bother waiting for them to reach her. Instead she glanced over to the man at the bar. Her red eyes seemed to catch fire for a moment.

    The human and a few of the other men he was drinking with stood up and began to walk toward her as well. She looked back at Faroh and smiled. “It was very nice speaking to you. Perhaps one day we will meet again. However, I must leave. Unless you would like to help a lady out?”
    She didn’t pressure him. There was no need to when the place was crawling with weak willed males like the humans. She peeked toward her would be captors. Realizing they had spotted her, she stood up and turned meet them. She let out a loud gasp. “Leave me alone, help!” The words were musical and sprang the humans in to action. A brawl began with four humans and the two elves. It was a distraction for Krimison to get out of the tavern.

    As she turned the corner a third man grabbed her from behind. “Well, Look what I caught?”
  14. Faroh watched in amazement at the scene which had unfolded itself in front of him, the young enchantress's admirers had jumped to her rescue as the two Elves attempted to make their way over to her. It was turning into an all out brawl, not only between the men and the Elves, but also any other drunkards who had just decided to join in, this was a perfect time to escape he thought to himself, he could slip out of the front door with all the confusion. He just hoped the Elves did not think she was with him.

    One of the elves dropped to the floor as a bald-headed man smashed a chair over his back, causing the other Elf to retaliate with a swift kick to the man's chest, knocking him down. By this time Faroh was up out of his seat, ready to jump through the door at the next opportunity, when he heard Krimison let out a small gasp, turning his head she had been caught be a large, muscular man. Another searing pain coursed through his arm as it flung wildly out, catching the man's cheek with his knuckles, knocking him to the floor. He looked at Krimison who seemed rather relieved, then back at the man and smiled. Perhaps he would be able to satiate it's hunger today after all. The man jumped up on his feet, wiping a smear of blood from his mouth. "C'mon pointy-ears, give us tha' lass'" the main spat out, as he drew his sword, pointing it at Faroh.

    Faroh let out a deep sigh, "Hah, I don't think I will" his voice becoming considerably more sinister, a dark look flooding his eyes and face as the man jumped forward. In a split second and a clash of metal, Faroh had his sword out and cut the man off short. "Fast on your feet, eh? No matter you scum" The man shouted as he lunged forward again, Faroh, ready for him this time blocked the strike, sparks of metal flying off of the clashing swords as they duelled, another burst of pain flew up his arm as he lunged forward, pushing his sword dead through the centre of the Man's rapier and through his chest. As Faroh pulled it back out the man let out a gasp, surprise flowing through his eyes as he crumpled to the floor, the brawl with the other Human's and the remaining Elf spilling into the streets outside.

    Faroh turned to Krimison, his eyes returning to their usual misty-grey colour "I think we better get out of here before the Guard's come" The thirst for blood had been quenched for now.
  15. There was something so noble about a man when he saved a woman without being forced to. At least that’s what Krimson thought as she watched her new friend quickly and effectively butcher one of the idiots who had come after her. She watched the sword pierce the man’s chest and a small smirk kissed her lips. Nothing that the pig didn’t deserve for coming to snatch her. Still, it was pretty severe since supposedly they were looking for her because she was dodging a marriage, but then again, she like severe.

    When Faroh turned to her a smile bloomed across her face. He looked rather dashing and wild from the fight, “Well, if I am not a very lucky girl to have such a talented swordsmen save me. You’re right, though, we need to leave.” In a flash she grabbed his arm and started to pull him away from the growing crowd. “You know.” She said as they weaved in and out through the ocean of people, “You were very brave and I owe you considerably for what you did back there, but they’re going to start looking for you now too.”
  16. As they exited the inn, Faroh let out a sigh of relief. There were still a few men fighting a couple of meters away from them. Faroh gently grabbed Krimison's hand, leading her through the crowded marketplace of the city. He moved slow as to not arouse suspicion. If anyone had seen him in the inn, he was now a wanted man, a criminal, and he intended to to find out exactly why that was as soon as they found somewhere less crowded. As the streets grew less and less crowded he let go of her hand, turning around every now and again to make sure she was still following him.

    Soon they came upon a sparsely populated garden area, surrounded by blooming flowers of pink and Blue, there was a bench in the middle which he sat on, he looked up giving Krimison a long, hard stare before starting "Well... I had to kill a man today, so, tell me, what are they really after you for? Do you really expect me to believe someone who wishes to marry you would go through such lengths to capture you"
  17. “Faroh, I..” She couldn’t speak. His eyes were so cold toward her. He had every right to be angry, though. No doubt his actions were going to get him killed. Krimison took a deep breath and sat down on the bench beside him. She was silent at first. She didn’t know how to tell him what she was and why those men wanted her. After all how do you tell someone that they risked their life for half a person? Krimison looked at him and offered a small smile. “I would be lucky if my largest trouble was that a man was forcing me into marriage. Unfortunately I have never been one of fate’s favorites.” She began to toy with some of her silver hair. “I am a slave, Faroh. Those men are after me because I have a very large bounty on my head. You see I was accused of doing some things I did not do and I have had to protect myself. I am so sorry I got you involved in this.”
  18. Faroh stood up again, the wind wildly blowing his hair across his face. What she said seemed feasible enough. She was wanted, and now so was he. He could give her back to them, she would only slow him down, but he despised slavery in all forms, and besides, he thought they got along quite well. She was okay for a human girl, with a very captivating look about her. He couldn't let her be taken as a slave, and used for god knows what. He brushed his hair from his face and placed his a hand on her shoulder "It's okay Krimison, I think the best thing to do would be to stay together for now, if you would like to" He stopped again, thinking. "We need to get out of the city, preferably to the forest of Vhangorn to the North, we could lay low there for a while." Well, that was his plan, he didn't see any other option, other then being inevitably found by city guards and sent to be trialled, which would probably end in a hanging.
  19. She smirked. Out of every reaction he could have had, she did not expect this one. He was so calm and already planning an escape for the two of them. She would be taking a gamble in having him with her. There was nothing that said he wasn't hired to find the rest of them. She would just have to spend some time with him to see how trust worthy he really was. Though already she doubted he had any negative intentions. After all, if he was just play acting, there would have been no need to kill the man from before. Tugging back on her hood, her smirk widened into a grin. "Well, then I suppose I really chose a very good table to sit at today. I am sorry you became involved, but relieved that you wish to help. I think its a very good idea to head into the forest. You just lead the way and I'll charm any guards that might spot us. Hopefully we won't see any of the dark skinned elves. The ones that were after me wear charms that null mine."
    She hoped he would find the information helpful. So many people looked down on her kind like they were vermin. How could she help it if she had a pretty face and a bit of magically induced glamor?