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    It was named after the son of Ikikata; Goddess of life and fogiveness. Her love and passion cherished the land long before it had been stricken by the hands of the damned. Shinigami, or so he was called according to the crimes and sins he's done in his past life, reigned upon the beings there, hoping to achieve a great height of superiority. The thirst for power drove him on. It fueled his ravage spirit for battle year after bloody year, casting a dark shadow over the hopes of the people who had populated the land before Seishin.

    The goddess, willing to take each heavy blow for her own valued people, threw herself down to war and pushed her boundaries like no other. Within another five cruel years, the underworld came to be. Shinigami was sealed beneath the world's surface and locked away for who knew how long.

    Ikikata bore a new son, whose name was well known as Seishin. Although his physical appearance remained positive and blissfull in everyway, the goddess knew well of what truly lay within the boy's heart. She bore a tainted soul; a broken spirit that was infected at birth but taking the life of her own flesh and blood could not be done. By adulthood, Seishin brought Havoc upon his land, nearly bringing genocide into what should've been a utopia; a place of no problems.

    What ended his terror was the hands of his own mother, broken and despaired by her own son. Her son created sins. The wrong from right and the broken from the unbroken. So came the name of the land; leaving it as a trademark of evil and corruption.

    There was also something else that stirred beneath hell. Something that the fallen god of death had decised as a full proof strategy. He pulled a part of him away from his well being and created a new stand of life. A being who had known nothing of the good but of the bad. The wrongs. The hate. The pain. It was all he knew and all he enjoyed. So came his name.

    'Sin Shinigami'

    He was let loose upon the surface and allowed to do as he wished, so long as he pulled through with his main objective. He learned of love, passion, family, and how to cherish a moment like no other. But what for? The town would fall into war again and the one being to trigger the bomb to battle was Sin himself. They knew of what he was capable of. The people here.

    So what if the things he learned here wasn't at all true? What if the love and passion he thought he felt wasn't what it truely felt like? He felt it within his black heart. From the very beginning. He'd have to be shown things correctly. He'd have to change his path. All of it before time wears thin. Before it was too late.

    Then he met her.


    Two souls guide eachother into their own personal perspectives upon Seishin. There is one path that will be chosen.

    The sinned or the holy. The dammed or the forgiven. Which will it be and how much blood must be wasted to get there? Time will only tell.
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