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  1. A roleplay by [MENTION=4890]JustJen[/MENTION] and [MENTION=10]Asmodeus[/MENTION]​

    The Ides of March
    ... fifteenth day of the third month, in the forty-fourth year before the birth of Christ.
    The day everything changed...


    Julius Caesar was slain by his senators, who feared his popularity with the common people would lead to dictatorship. In the mass hysteria that followed, the assassins fled Rome and Marc Antony, noblest of Caesar's friends, hunted them across the empire in a two year civil war that decimated the Republic.

    And when at last the traitors were crushed, Marc Antony returned home with hopes to rebuild the Republic and immortalize the memory of Julius Caesar.

    Yet he was granted only ONE of these wishes...

    On the steps of the Senate the returning Marc Antony found not ruins nor bloodshed, not rioters nor mourners... but Caesar himself, smiling and pale. The old friends embraced... and Caesar sunk his fangs into Marc Antony's throat.

    The Roman Empire was born.

    Someone had brought the Emperor back. And before the people he proclaimed himself Son of the Divine and became the tyrant Brutus feared he would. He sired a new Senate, a dynasty of vampires who replaced the academia and aristocracy. And upon the slave population and peasant classes they fed and prospered.


    100 years have passed. Christ has come and gone, and his followers now perish in the Gladiator games. What might have been a threat to the Reign of Caesar is now but a flicker, and the vampires are secure in their empire of the night.

    But threats are rising.

    From the north the border legions speak of monsters.... barbarians who take the forms of wolves and other fiends. With each day there are new raids... new atrocities upon the civilized world.

    Roman Britain has fallen and the Celts have crossed the Channel to unite the Visigoths and Slavonic tribes. With powers of the Nordic and Pagan pantheons they swear to bring chaos to the gates of Rome.

    And to the south... from the vast and untrodden deserts of Africa... another ruler sets her sights upon the Empire.

    Cleopatra... lover of Caesar's old friend, Marc Antony, marches with an army of the Sun God Ra, set for revenge, and to exploit the weakness of their Roman foe.

    Like Caesar she has sustained her life and bartered immortality from the gods. And with armoured warriors of Horus and Anubis she will not rest till she has taken Caesar's head.

    By moon and sun and gravedust, history shall be re-written.

    And the Pax Vampira will face its greatest test.




    [parsehtml]<table align=center><tr><td>Name: <tr><td>Faction: <tr><td>Occupation: <tr><td>Appearance: (pics acceptable) <tr><td>Mundane Abilities: (human skills) <tr><td>Martial Abilities: (trained combat skills) <tr><td>Magical Abilities: (see below) <tr><td>History: (1-3 paragraphs)</table>[/parsehtml]
    PLEASE NOTE: The following powers are an aid to character. This is not a combat roleplay. If you're here to powergame and create the most super-powered creature then kindly direct yourself to the logout button. These powers have been brainstormed and are simply a rough set of limitations. If you have other suggestions, let me know.

    The same power may be taken multiple times to give you more uses of it.

    Vampire Strengths (open)

    Twice as strong as humans
    Twice as fast as humans
    Twice as perceptive as humans
    Spider-climb ability
    No reflection
    Heal all injuries within 10 seconds
    No need to breathe
    Vampire Weaknesses (open)

    You must feed twice a day
    You burn in sunlight (turn to ash in 10 seconds)
    You lie down dead if staked in the heart (but revive if the stake is removed)
    You disintegrate if decapitated
    You burn in running water (drown within 10 seconds)
    Fire harms you and takes a whole minute to heal
    You must be invited into a property owned by a human
    You must sleep in a coffin lined with the soil of Rome, or lose your strengths the next day
    Choose 3 powers from this list (open)

    Janus - you can enter a home without being invited
    Jupiter - You can jump up to 50ft
    Apollo - You heal non-flame wounds within 5 seconds
    Saturn - you can slow time to half-speed once per day for 5 seconds
    Genius - you can animate a single object up to half your size for 1 minute
    Mercury - you can communicate with all nocturnal animals
    Sol - you can withstand sunlight for 1 minute before starting to burn
    Mars - your fingernails are as sharp as knife blades
    Vulcan - only silver can break your skin. This includes stakes.
    Neptune - you are unharmed by running water, but can still drown
    Orcus - you can speak to the mind of someone you have bitten.
    Liber - you can turn invisible once per day for 1 minute
    Tellus - you do not need to lay in the earth to regenerate, as long as you sleep in total darkness
    Luna - you can assume mist form three times a day for 30 seconds at a time
    Ceres - a stake to the heart does not harm you in any way
    Juno - you can turn your skin to stone for 1 minute per day, but cannot move while doing so
    Diana - you can track the scent of whoever you have interacted with in the last 12 hours
    Minerva - you can dominate 1 weak minded human once per day and make them carry out your wishes
    Venus - you can give off pheremones to seduce one human per day
    Vesta - fire does not harm you in any way


    Atumite Strengths (open)
    Atumite Armour - lightweight and highly resilient
    Desert Son - you do not tire or dehydrate in arid conditions
    Enchanted blades - your weapons can be silver, flaming, wooden or poisoned
    Plague Lord - you can summon swarms of scarabs/locusts/snakes/insects once per day
    Dunesight - you cannot be dazzled by light
    You can make crude alchemical explosives and poisons
    Atumite Weaknesses (open)
    Without your armour you are as mortal as humans
    Speed, strength and perception are within human limits
    Choose 3 powers from this list (open)
    Ammut - your mouth can extend and you can swallow enemies whole once per day
    Anubis - you can kill the weak-minded once per day by keeping your hand on them for 10 seconds
    Anuket - you can summon rushing water (equivalent to a small stream)
    Apophis - you can double the speed of your blows while remaining stationary 3 times a day
    Bastet - three time a day you can ward off an undead creature by chanting and keeping eye-contact
    Geb - you can manipulate the earth element to form man-sized cracks in the ground 3 times a day
    Hathor - you can seduce one human once per day
    Horus - you can fly for 5 minutes once per day
    Isis - you can assume alternate faces and human body shapes (within human parameters)
    Kebechet - you can heal disease and purify food and water
    Khepri - you can summon swarms of scarabs 3 times a day
    Khonsu - you can turn invisible once per day for one minute
    Mafdet - you can throw your weapon like a boomerang
    Nekhbet - you can smell dead things with a mile
    Osiris - you can heal fatal wounds if you put your hand on them within 5 seconds
    Ptah - you can create an animal companion 3 times a day (no larger than a cat) that last for 5 minutes
    Ra - you can reflect sunlight from you blades and direct it as a beam while stationary
    Sehkmet - you can manipulate fire as long as you stay still and concentrate
    Set - you can summon sandstorms three times a day that last 1 minute
    Thoth - you can send messages up to 5 miles to another Atumite who you know
    Wadjet - you can summon your Atumite armour to your body with a single thought

    Werewolf Strengths (open)
    Twice as strong as humans
    Twice as fast as humans
    Twice as perceptive as humans
    Heal all (non-silver) injuries within 10 seconds
    Scent tracking of any creature interacted with over 24 hours
    Werewolf Weaknesses (open)

    Human during the day
    Poor climbing ability
    Cannot heal silver-induced injuries
    Poor manual dexterity in wolf form (you can grip a sword, but not operate devices)
    Transformation takes 30 seconds
    You fall unconscious for 1 hour after changing back to human form
    Cannot speak in wolf form
    Choose 3 powers from this list (open)
    Baldr - you can shift into forms of great beauty
    Bragi - you can hypnotize a weak-minded human once per day and make them do your will
    Brigid - you can manipulate fire as long as you concentrate and remain still
    Cernunnos - you can form horns, spines and claws of bone for 1 minute 3 times a day
    Eir - You have healing magic and can mend non-fatal wounds by touching them for 30 seconds
    Freya - you can seduce one human once per day
    Hel - you can kill the weak-minded with a touch of 10 seconds contact
    Hlín - you can turn your skin to bark once per day if you remain still
    Höðr - you can summon snowstorms three times a day that last 1 minute
    Hœnir - you travel in perfect silence when moving half-speed
    Loki - you can create a mirror image of yourself once per day that lasts 1 minute
    Magni - you can double your strength once per day for 1 minute
    Máni - you can shift once per day without the moon and keep wolf form for 5 minutes
    Nótt - you can control shadows/darkness if you remain still and concentrate
    Odin - you can communicate psychically with three other werewolves you are close to
    Ran - you can make rivers burst their banks or water fly from containment
    Sol - you can make one ray of sunlight pierce a cloud/wall/tree/rock once per day
    Thor - you can summon a thunderclap three times a day to deafen enemies
    Tyr - you can jump up to 50ft
    Ullr - you can track anyone you have met in the last week
    Váli - you can shift in under 10 seconds if an injury has enraged you


    Human Strengths (open)

    Choose 3 powers from ANY of the above ability lists
    Human Weaknesses (open)

    You must be sworn as a slave to a Vampire, Werewolf or Atumite

    Caesar - Father of the Vampire dynasty and Emperor of Rome, committed to the propagation of the Undead species.
    Drusilla - Perhaps the most powerful woman in Rome, a noble of high standing whose quest for power will not be stopped.
    Volero - A soldier-turned-tax collector-turned-High Inquisitor, committed to the hunting and persecution of renegade humans.
    Gaius - A charismatic senator who is just as powerful and cunning as Caesar and Drusilla.
    Marcella - A human servant to Senator Gaius who aids in his dirty work and longs to be turned by him into a creature of the night.
    Ophealia - An elite Vampire of the Praetorian Guard, providing personal protection to the Emperor himself.

    Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt and a woman on a mission of dominion and vengeance.
    Anubis - the mysterious and utterly fanatical right hand of Cleopatra, oft mistaken for the god himself.
    Samira - A gifted human slave in service to Anubis and bearing an old vendetta against the Barbarians.
    Lachesis - A human slave versed in linguistics whose mother was kidnapped from Roman lands.
    Atos - Cleopatra's spymaster general, who sees all things and wears many faces.

    Maerlön - A mysterious druid who has risen from the Northern Wilderness to unite the hordes.
    Aideen - An outcast wolf whose antics caused one of the first ever peasant rebellions against Roman rule.
    Alfher - A clever and resourceful werewolf who comes to turn his tricks against the Roman Empire.
    Ploth - A warrior and father committed to the protection of his pack.
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  2. Gaius Julius Caesar

    Faction: Vampires

    Occupation: Emperor of Rome
    Mundane Abilities: Superb orator, politician and military leader
    Martial Abilities: Legionnaire training (sword, spear, phalanx and cavalry)
    Magical Abilities: Mars, Vulcan and Orcus (Razor nails, Can speak to prey, Only cut by silver)

    History: For the last century Caesar's one and only ambition has been the propagation of the Vampire race. He is a man devoted to the establishment of a ruling dynasty of the purest blood and fairest flesh. For him, Rome is the place of heroes, of philosopher kings and knights of intellect and cunning. He believes himself the Son of the Divine and rightly to be loved. Yet as his empire stretches and the years roll by, paranoia creeps upon him... as it should for a man once stabbed in the back. With his greatest friend, Marc Antony, lost, he has no one he can truly confide in and with perils rising to the north and south he feels the weight of civilization resting upon his shoulders. He is a man under pressure... a man clinging to the ancient regime.

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  3. Character Name: Cleopatra VII Philopater
    Faction: Atumites
    Occupation: Pharoah of Egypt

    Mundane: Multilingual (Greek, Egyptian, and Latin), seducer of nations, master manipulator
    Martial: Leadership, Strategist, Khopesh Adept (ambidexterous), Tahtib Master (Egyptian martial art), Equestrian Master, Charioteer, Composite Bow Sharpshooter
    Magical: Osiris, Sekhmet, and Wadjet

    Though other women have borne the name, there is only one Cleopatra. History has seen to it that there will ever only be one. Flying in the face of convention, the Egyptian queen has achieved everything she's ever set out to accomplish by employing whatever means necessary. Immoral, perhaps? Who cares? One does not become a legend by pandering to the squeamish sensibilites of puritanical hypocrites. To date, only one other has challenged the proud woman and now her beloved Marc Anthony is dead. Dark eyes from the South turn to Rome, blazing with vengeful fury, and Caesar's abominable agenda. And, like any asp, Cleopatra has bided her time until the moment is right and hers is a dangerous patience. What she wants, she gets. Always. She wants Gaius Julius Caesar's pompous head on a platter and his vampire progeny eradicated from the earth.

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  9. Do slaves post a resume and get snatched up by whoever wants them? I'd hate to tell Cleo she's got an unexpected purchase...
  10. Yeah, I'd like to see a resume from everyone. As far as who takes a slave? Do you have any kind of idea what sort of direction you're wanting to go with the character?
  11. I had meant that first one would send in a literal resume for the character, outlining various talents and such, for the nobility to look over. Then, if he or she were found pleasing, the completed character sheet would be sent in, filling in the blanks of who they worked for and how things came to be.

    I'm slowly getting to know my character, but it's changing by the hour.
    And the pharaoh is in no way obligated to take in anybody she doesn't want - Cleopatra was really just an example, though I do like the Atumites.
  12. Oh! Whoops! :) Well, in that case, I'd venture to say that slaves for merchants are not as agonized over as they are for nobility and royals. Yes, Cleopatra's advisors and such would be very, very picky though she'd have the ultimate say, of course.
  13. And it's up to you whether your master is another player's character or an NPC. Whatever you can work out is fine. You can even ask me to play an NPC master if you need some dynamic interaction.
  14. It seems interesting, I was wondering if you would mind me joining?
  15. I definitely have interest here. I am just curious about the Barbarians like who the leader is and what kind of occupations they might have. The only two I can think of are Berserkers and Raiders.
  16. [MENTION=5062]Sweet Assassin[/MENTION]: Which faction are you interested in?

    [MENTION=477]Kooriryu[/MENTION]: Same goes for you, Miss Crazy
  17. If I can join, Asmodeus, can you give me a general overview of the style, attitude, mood, atmosphere, etc? Otherwise I might end up recycling one of two characters I have for vampire RPs and it may not go over well.
  18. I'm in. I just need some time to draft up a character.
  19. Read up a bit on the Celts and Gauls to get an idea of what the Werewolves are all about, since that's who they pretty much are. I doubt there's one main leader for such a society (but hey, I ain't the GM so I dunno); they were mostly loose affiliations of tribes, clans and other assorted factions that liked fighting each other but occasionally united under a common banner against a particular foe. Like ol' Caeser and his cheeky empire of vampires.
  20. [MENTION=58]Grumpy NotaIrish[/MENTION]: Tell me you're playing??
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