Pax Aeternam- An Arthurian Legend RP

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  1. This is an RP based off of Arthurian Legends. It is kind of an Alternate universe Round Table, where we play as not the knights you know, but we play as Knights of out own Creation, who are the equivalents of the Regular Knights.

    Everyone else (Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, Guinevere, Mordred*,etc.) are still allowed.





    Equivalent/Character (if canon):





    *Yes, i am aware that at one point Mordred WAS a knight, but there's enough of a difference between him and the other ones that he is considered Canon.
  2. Questin to the mod that moved this:
    How is this a Fandom? It's more of Fantasy since almost all fantasy is based in this!
    ah well, it's ok.
  3. I will accept any form of Arthur,
    Be it Nasuverse or Monty Python.
    Those are the only depictions of him I can think of. Wow.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.