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  1. ((everyone, our first 3 posts are before the fall. from two weeks, to a week, to a day.))

    Pax Aeterna: Latin, Eternal Peace.

    We had Eternal peace once...

    That was before God decided to test us. Several Kingdoms stretched across the land called Eden. Then, A woman named Eve from Zeraphew decided to eat a fruit from the center of Romaria. Now, this might not seem like much, but this fruit revealed the truth. It made men as God. This opened mens eyes. A man on an island decided to begin taking it over, creating The Black Island. A nation called Alicuria, originally an offshoot of Romaria, saw Romaria was gaining too much power. He wanted them destroyed, and wanted the Eve destroyed for destroying his life. Zeraphew stood in his way though. Near Romaria, another great Empire stood, that of Elementius Atrium. will these empires fall? Or will they stand?

    Pax Aeterna: Romarian, Eternal Peace, The 1000 year period before Eve sinned.

    Romulus Aquilus, Romaria's Capital, 2 weeks before the fall.

    Romulus looked at his desk. On it were several papers from various nations. He was the advisor to his father, the emperor of Romaria. His father was outside addressing the Populace. He scribbled some notes, and stamped them with his fathers seal. He finally got to Zeraphew's letter. something about allowing a woman named Eve into their kingdom on order from God. He approved it of course. Romulus filed the papers and stared at his desk. It was made of Oak Wood, and carved finely. It had words carved into it. Words from God to men. The words were arranged in a circle around a cross. He never knew what the cross was for. He washed his face in anearby fountain, and stepped outside onto the balcony where his father was addressing the crowd. He nodded, and his father nodded back. his father finished his speech.

    Yuri Marakov, A Desert town of Alicuria, 2 weeks before the fall.

    Yuri looked over into Zeraphew. He was awaiting a messenger with messages from Romaria. He talked to his advisor for a few minutes. He finished talking as the messenger arrived. They were sending in a team to assist with building a temple in this bustling town. Yuri looked over at his advisor. They nodded at the messenger, and talked in private.
    "Do you ever wonder if there is something different than God?" He said. The advisor looked startled.
    "But, god gave us the schools, he provides for us! This is... heresy! Blasphemy even!" The advisor said.
    "Yes, but, do you wonder?" he said. " Never mind, just some insane thought of mine." Alicuria's boy king ran a hand through his hair. "Lets head back to the Capital."
  2. Fayuan Yuansu{Elementius Atrium}/Two Weeks before the Fall.

    High in the mountain temple Shuǐ yuàn The met. The Yuánsù huì met all nineteen of its members sat around the edges of the large circular room. Each of them sitting upon fine chairs made of various fine materials. They had gathered to discuss the coming of the new age. Each of them had different opinions of what the age would bring. Would it bring fortune or misfortune upon them, none of them knew. But what was clear was the joy the people had coming into the new age. The Emperor had discovered his heir, new advances in medicine had all but wiped out a plague that had been terrorizing the northern regions of the Empire. The completion of the twelfth gate to the Imperial City had been completed. Just in time to mark the new year of the new age.

    “Your Imperial Magisties..The council has gathered.” A monk whispered to the two men who sat back to back deep in meditation. “Thank you, Sen Ba.” The Elder spoke as they both opened their eyes and sat up. They had just been contemplating the new age. The idea of expansion to gain the Northwestern Archipelagos, continuing their aid to the small island nation in the Sea of Yu. The two said not a word as they walked out of the room the current Emperor walked before the future one. Both in a state of Zen as they walked into the Council room..

    The Black Citadel.. Capital of the Black Island Two weeks before the fall..

    “Send word to the forces of the North tell them we shall march on Zeraphew .” The Lord of War commanded. The war council nodding their heads in agreement for fear of being executed like the last man who said different than the Black Warlord…..”Wondrous Idea my Lord.” One belted, soon others joined in. Each giving their weak praises...all but one …. “That is a terrible idea. We should secure the Eastern islands and then attack Zeraphew, Calling for the assailing of Zeraphew now would be foolhardy, I urge you to reconsider.” Lord Mordred spoke. His voice slicing through the cloud of petty lipservice. Silencing them all in one fell stroke. “If we did that, we would be vulnerable to counterattack using the eastern islands. So we shall claim them first. Then launch our attack on the Northerners.” Lord Mordred finished with a soft wave of his hand showing that the Warlord’s idea had been cut down and was no longer a command.

    “What of the scout ships heading east?” He asked. “They claim to have been attacked by pockets of indigenous peoples..” One of the war members stated.

    “Hmm, send a small force to silence them and tell the scouts to continue sailing East...I want to know what is past these islands.” Mordred commanded. His words alone now would be the cause of a great tragedy upon the small islands to their east...
  3. Zeraphew, two weeks before the fall.

    In this time Zeraphew was in a moment of celebration. It was one thousand years since God created man and a turn of the new age. A new age! Today gives us the start of a new age! One for peace and prosperity! One where we make peace with the new people we are neighbors! Today marks a new age of exploration of growth where we will discover new lands to call home! We have already made peace with other races found within our kingdom! Today also marks a new age of inventions and knowledge! Every day we discover new things whither its in new things our true God has gifted us or new inventions we create or even new foods to eat! We are in a new age my people and today we shall celebrate it! Yelled Kiliahn from atop his castle. Today the whole kingdom was celebrating the turn of the millennium. They gathered at the capital, Hadrion The king made his small speech about the new age and this was true. They discovered new races within the east and southern parts of Zeraphew, new creatures to be friends with. They had also made new machines to help every day life like the Blimp. An invention invented by Blimp McMartin, an inventor that found that heated air could carry a vessel over seas. Other inventions and innovations were made during this time and each time it was fascinating. After Kiliahn's speech everyone cheered for this new age and the innovation and the prosperity came. They did not know that it would be plunged into darkness by the woman that was sent to give joy in Romaria. Eve was the most beautiful woman in all of Zeraphew and among the most talented. Kiliahn sent her to bring the joy of Zeraphew to their neighboring kingdom. After the king of Zeraphew was done and the cheering calmed down the squad of pegasus riders flew around the crowd. The musicians also started to play their music and an overall party began. The smell of the marketplace boomed with smells of roast beef, grilled birds, fresh fruit and veggies and differing drinks . Some of the soldiers came and acted out scenes for children, plays were performed and even the king came and danced with his queen. All was happy and most forgot about their troubles at home. The party went on from sunrise to sunset and all were very amused. After sunset a giant banquet was held for all of the kingdom. Each village had a member of the royal government and council of Zeraphew at a giant table in the name of the king. They all ate and talked through the night before each one had a final dance where all the men and women danced to the royal musicians. They all went to rest and the next day was the day of thanks to the lord for all God has given them. In the morning, each townsfolk went to the nearest temple that was decorated with rose petals and lavender flowers to give a nice scent. The priests gave their sermons and they all prayed for a great new age of prosperity and joy. In the temple of Hadrion there were two stone plates where there were ten holy rules God gave man to rule properly. The prophet who got them said the their lord had named them "The Ten Commandments." After the morning of praying and worship they had a day of rest and peace. The second, and final day of the grand celebration came to a close. The thrid day had them working their lives again. Kiliahn was in his castle desk. He sat in his throne peacefully with his wife sitting by his sides. She was a great poet and often created stories for the people to read. Kiliahn was a good thinker. He could sit in his chair for two days without rest and just... think. Kiliahn had recent news from a scout that The Black Citadel planned on invading Zeraphew. A sea served as a barrier between those two nations. He also had word that Allcuria had plans on invading Zeraphew as well. Kiliahn was worried about this and asked that the following week that he would be able to visit the king of Allcuria. Eve was starting to prepare for her journey to Romaria since she was one of the most noble woman and most beautiful of the kingdom. She was one of his many advisors and was actually the mayor of a small village.

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  4. Romaria, the Capital city, one week before the fall.

    Romulus sat in his office once again filing papers. The Millenial celebrations were happening outside. He looked at the guard next to him. Then there was a knock at the door. Romulus opened it.
    "M-my Lord!" The soldier kneeled in front of him. "We have caught the woman from Zeraphew trying to eat from the tree!" Romulus seemed startled.

    "Set up several more guards, keep rounding it. Place a guard at every opening, Increase the guards by 20, and make more strict patrols. Switch half the guards every three to six hours." Romulus said. "Keep her away from the tree. I will not alert Zeraphew." Romulus sighed. He had to write up a few more papers. Something about a trade agreement, and two letters. One to Elementius Atrium and one to Alicuius. Romulus sighed. He was gonna take a break and walk to David's temple. He walked out of his office, and down the oak lined streets of the city. He walked into the temple. The Priest was in the middle of his prayers.

    "Ah! Sir Romulus! Happy Millenium week!" The cheerful priest said. "I hope everything is good." Romulus smiled and nodded at the priest. He wasn't in the mood for talking. He just wanted to be among God. Romulus drafted his letter to Alicuius.

    To the Alicuius Council,

    Please do not invade Zeraphew for they have not wronged you. The People of Zeraphew wish for peace, please, tell your ruler his father country demands it. Thank you.


    Alicuius, A Desert City, one week before the fall.

    Yuri sat chewing on a feather. He was bored. The Legion from Romaria had arrived to assist with building the temple. They were setting everything up, and Yuri had to be there to assist. The Council saw him ceremonially. Yuri wanted more power, he wanted strength, and most of all, he wanted to rule freely. His first attempt would be to undermine the Council's Authority. He had the perfect plan...
  5. Fayuan Yuansu{Elementius Atrium} A week before the fall.

    The new year had come but the celebration of it's arrival was hardly seen in the Fayuan Yuansu. Their attention was the celestial new age less then a week away. The Courts and it's Judges had decided to continue their support of the small nation in the west. But they had been reminded of the realm of Alasil Loria to their their east the nation of Snow Elves and a fellow Neutral nation. They had decided not to send word to the Snow Elves of possible trade exchange. Not yet.
    But now Lu Yun and the Current Emperor were busy playing a game of Go. Both aware of the surrounding events of their world, but at the moment they were at peace. Nothing concerned their nation. No one of influence had attacked them yet. All was far.

    Black Citidal. Black Island One week before the fall.

    "The native islanders have been dealt with and our ships are on their way through the eastern sea pass." Someone said..."That's nice..Tell them to report only if it's serious, or worthwhile." Mordred returned through closed eyes as he sat on his black throne. His entire court was before him. All of them talking about reports of rebellion in the south. As well as how to deal with it. "Simple....Go and Kill every first born of all the houses and tell them the inheritance of said first born shall be forfeited to the Reigning Lord of that region." One called out. Of course the Warlord of that region would say something so foolish. "Any word on the northern expeditions?" Mordred asked with a sigh. "Yes, the closest island force has been met with resistance.." Another Warlord explained. "We will be sending another branch to subjugate the island, as well as one south to do so with the rebellion attempts." "NO! THE REIGNING LORD OF THE REGION SHALL DEAL WITH IT, ITS HIS RESPONSIBILITY." He roared as he shot up from his throne. "Have it dealt with by the turn of the Celestial age or you shall be replaced." He commanded as he walked out of the room and towards his chambers the soft screams from the torture chambers underneath caused a soft wave of relaxation to flow through him as he landed on his bed and sighed. "We need a distraction...." He mumbled....
  6. Alasil Loria ❆ Nagaiale Glacier ❆ Two Week Before The Fall
    Queen Silya: There was a slight urgency in the air as the Queen hastened towards the end of the glacial corridor. Along with that, a distinctly cold breeze filled the length of the hallway, as if one of the castle workers had left a surface portal unsealed. Silya made a mental note to have that checked into. Presently, the young Queen found herself making her way towards a meeting of Hecta Sou Epe, or "The Wise Ones" for those who were not versed in the Lorian tongue, which was, largely, foreigners. As Silya journeyed through the labyrinthine corridors, servants and guardsmen paused their work to give a deep bow. In return, the Queen would give a cordial nod and smile.

    When she arrived, Silya was greeted by a group of seven men and four women, her most trusted advisers, seated around circular table. As Silya entered, they all rose and bowed in her direction, which, for some, meant that their faces were now remarkably close to the seats of their chairs. Silya had to push the thought to the back of her mind in order to prevent a very inappropriate giggle from escaping her lips. The members of the council continued to bow until Silya reached her seat and did a queenly curtsy, only replacing themselves into their chairs after Silya had settled into hers, almost as if they were mirroring her actions.

    "Greetings, your highness. There is much to discuss. Shall we begin?" Asked Maebon, Chancellor of Nytria, and head of the council in the Queen's absence. For some reason, this was the moment that always filled Silya with a sense of dread. She swallowed, let out a small sigh, and nodded her head affirmatively. Instantly, words began pouring out of his mouth: Food supplies were needed for Nytria. A shipment of weapons needed royal approval before it could be received by Salunea. Two ships had gone missing off the Pale Coast since the last New Moon. As the Chancellor continued to drone on, Silya had the distinct feeling that the new celestial age would be one of great change for the Snow Elves, but whether this was a positive or negative shift had yet to be determined.