Pax Aeterna- A Biblical based RP. Still Very Open!

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  1. Genesis 3:4-5 (KJV)
    4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

    5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

    The Plot:
    In Eden, Eve was tempted to eat the fruit by the snake. After Eden, Cain killed Abel, God sent a worldwide flood, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, and Moses led the Israelites from Egypt. And Jesus died on the cross for all of humanity's sins. But what if all Human history was erased? What if God wanted to restart? God has restarted Earth from the seventh day. There have been 1000 years in Eden, and Empires, Kingdoms, and nations rule the earth. They have stood there since their establishment ruled by the original founders. They all rule together, and they rule kindly. But what if that was to collapse? A new Eve has been created to test humanity, and demons have gone to men, promising everything if they turn against God. Men will fight, empires will fall, and kingdoms will rise. You are a ruler of one of these nations. You must protect your empire. Will you protect humanity, or make it fall?

    Alright, so yeah, this is a Biblical AU RP with Fantasy elements. There are nations, Magic, andI may even include other races. So, yeah. I will explain most info if there are questions.
    Please note: @Infinatis is the Co-GM, so he can make Improvements as he needs to. And if you have any ideas, please PM them to me!

    Magic types:

    Some were given to man after the fall because they are either Dark or Combat Magics, and man had no use of them. Schools were set up long before the fall to teach the magics given to men.

    Good Magic Types:

    Magicus Deus:

    Pure Magic, this was magic given to man by God and the Angels to help them in their daily life. This magic is used for Religious Rites and healing. Though it has some Attack spells which rains down heavenly fire upon enemies.
    Typical Spells:
    Holy Light

    Class uses: Paladin, Cleric, Holy Mage.

    Magicus Lux:

    This is magic that typically uses The Heavenly Bodies for power. These are mostly attack spells, though some raise your skills. You call upon the power of whatever heavenly body is in the sky at the moment, channeling it into you.
    Typical spells:
    Sun's Radiance
    Sun's Guardianship
    Moon's Protection
    Moon's Light
    Fire of the stars

    Class uses: Holy Mage, monk, Astrologer.

    Neutral Magic types:

    Magicus Sanguis:

    Blood magic uses the pure magic in your blood as an attack. You cut yourself, and use your blood to attack. You can create weapons from it, or you can use it to destroy your enemies. You can also control others if you have their blood.
    Typical spells:
    Sanguine drain
    Blood soaked
    Blood rain
    Blood control

    Magicus Summonus

    Summoning Magic. That is basically it, you can use it to summon and bind things to you. And they will do your bidding.
    Typical Spells:
    Summon blade
    Summon Elemental
    Summon Man of Valor
    Summon angel
    Summon demon
    Summon Dragon
    Teleport (are you not summoning yourself from a location?)

    Magicus Elementius
    This is elemental Magic. You know, fire, lightning, Ice. All that Jazz? This is the place where you summon element related spells.
    Typical spells:
    Fire rune
    Ice shard
    Ice Rune
    Technomancy (Further explanation later.)

    This is magic based on the body and soul. You use this as a focus for other magics. The more focused you are, the more powerful you are.
    Typical spells:
    Yin and Yang

    Generic Magecraft
    Anything I've forgotten.

    Evil Magic types:

    Magicus Diabolus
    This is the complete opposite of Magicus Deus. This involves destroying your enemies painfully. You can possess them, torture them, or do a matter of horrible things to them.
    Typical spells:

    Magicus Mortuus
    Necromancy, enough said.

    More info to come.
  2. The CS:






    Country name:

    Magic: (Everyone can have two. one magic of their alignment, one of Neutral, or two neutral.)



  3. Name: Kiliahn Vermuh

    Appearance: Tall, wears a long cape and has golden robes.

    Personality: He is kind, loved by his people, noble, will do what he sees as right and will always think about his actions before doing them.

    Age: 37

    Alignment:(Unsure what this is)

    Country name: Zerphew

    Magic: (Everyone can have two. one magic of their alignment, one of Neutral, or two neutral.): Magicus Deus as the magic as his alignment and his main omeé

    Allies: Those who want to protect Eve.

    Enemies: Those who want to kill the Eve

    History (You should add this) Kiliahn grew up the heir to the throne of Zerphew and that's what he became. He became a noble king and loved by the people. The Kingdom of Zerphew was the one that housed the new Eve and this divided the lands, those who wanted to protect the Eve and those who wanted to kill the sinner. Kiliahn decided to let her live on the behalf of his empire.

  4. Name: Romulus Aquilus

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Brave and just, Romulus performs the wills of God. As a Justiciary Paladin, He was trained to be brave, strong, and smart. He is Impulsive and a bit OCD though, leading to some awkward situations.

    Age: 27

    Alignment: God

    Country name: Romaria

    Magic: Magicus Lux and Magicus Sanguis

    Allies: Zerphew,

    Enemies: The Devil worshipping empires

    History: Born to Regulus and Aurelia Aquilus, Romulus was trained in the magic schools his whole life. He was ascended to his throne after the fall of man killed his father. Romulus learned Magicus Sanguinus from a book his father kept. Romulus soon became the Emperor of Romaria. He created the legions, and uses them to guard those who are against him. He assisted Zerphew in splitting the empires and kingdoms. He currently aids Zerphew in protecting Eve by placing Legions at Zerphew's borders.

  5. We will need two Evil empires before we start.
  6. Nation CS:


    Age of Nation:

    Government type:



    Schools of Magic:

    Country Location on map:



    ((Credit to Deth_Glitch from PMC for the map.))
  7. Nation CS:

    Name: Romaria

    Age of Nation: One of the First Nations established (950 years old.)

    Government type: Empire

    History: One of the First Nations established, Romaria could take lots of land. Romaria grew to be a nation all other nations looked up to. Romaria was a country known for arts, philosophy, and being where God first created man. It was ruled by one man until he was killed after the fall. His son took over, and raised a military. It is now perhaps one of the strongest nations. It is currently holding off from The Black Island.

    Alignment: God

    Schools of Magic: All Holy and Neutral Magics

    Country Location on map: the Black on the map, along with Zerphew

    Other: Based off of Rome.

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  8. May I reserve two places?
  9. Yes, you may.
  10. Would it be ok if I uploaded the map, altered it to reflect a nation.

    How many nations per player. I can make an evil one and my main if that is what is needed.
  11. Yeah, two. An Evil one and your main. Just remember, we have the two large empires on the Good Side.

    And yes, you may edit the map.
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  12. Yes, edit the map. Don't know if you saw that bit.
  13. Neutral Empire (open)

    Name: Lu Yun
    "Peace of heart even in the darkest of times.."

    Personality:Calm headed calculative and persis, a lover of the arts in any form. Is a compassionate leader and is deeply loved by most of his subjects.


    Alignment: Neutral

    Country name:Elementius Atrium/ Fayuan Yuansu

    Magic: Magicus Elementius and Chi/Qi

    Allies: None. yet

    Enemies: None yet

    other: They have positive relations with many nations

    Nation CS:

    Name: Fayuan Yuansu/ Elementius Atrium

    Age of Nation: 975? No one is sure the exact time of the formation of the nation. Records very...but their culture is very old.

    Government type: Imperial Council Headed by the Emperor.

    History: While most nations were busy taking lands by force, the Elementius Atrium was busy uniting the surrounding people through peace, and culture. The developed elegant fighting styles to combat the growing brutality of the wildmen around their borders. They remain neutral most of the time, preferring on strengthening their borders and their forces, through new advances in technology. They are one of the strongest neutral realms. Their navy is mostly use to fend off attacking armadas from their neighbors. As the same with their army. This and their closed off borders has lead to them being called The Sleeping nation.
    Alignment: Neutral

    Schools of Magic: Magicus Elementius and Chi/Qi
    Both of these magics have found their way into their hand to hand combat.

    Country Location on map: Purple area south west portion of map
    Other: Pulls from deep Chinese and Japanese roots.

    Evil..nation... (open)

    “Bow down, or I will make you lay down.”
    Name:Lord Mordred


    Personality: Cold, cruel and destructive. His only pleasure in life is the screams of the innocent… It is said he has a room under his bedchambers where people are tortured...and the sounds are what lures him to sleep….Is not afraid to sacrifice thousands of his own people in order to see his goals come to fruition. This man is a monster hell bent on war against the rest of the world.



    Country name:Black Island

    Magic: Magicus Diabolus, Magicus Sanguis

    Allies: Any nation of darkness.

    Enemies: All neutral and Good nations


    Nation CS:

    Name: The Black Island

    Age of Nation: 910

    Government type: Direct dictatorship < “Black Hall”

    History: Having been formed by a follower of the dark lord. After the fall the Dark Hall was quick to compile their strength and territories...Their native island was the first to fall to their power. Then came the large island to their west.. For a thousand years they continued to conquer the land...and now...their borders have reached the Empires to their north….they are attempting to move east to conquer the other islands around them..they have even launched expeditions against
    Romaria their neighbor to the west.. and Zeraphew their northern most neighbor .
    They retain all of his evil teachings human sacrificing . His cruel incarnation that sits on the throne. Their constant military campaigns against their neighbors and the horrors that walk the lands has caused many to attempt to revolt and overthrow the Throne, but everyone who has tried has either died or joined the Black Hall…...The people pray for the day they will be free from this Living Horror..

    Alignment: Evil….

    Schools of Magic:
    Magicus Diabolus, Magicus Sanguis

    Country Location on map: Green in south east region of map
    Other: Pulls heavily from a stockpile of evil nations I have researched about..
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  14. Accepted!
  15. Found the perfect theme for this RP:
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  16. Have completed both nations...hope the second one works..
  17. And! Approved!
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  18. Hey, @Infinatis you need to make your nation.
  19. Sorry, been skiing with some friends today and didn't get on Iwaku yet, lemmie just check my other alerts and I'll get on it. It would be called Zeraphew. sorry I typed wrong thw other day.
  20. Name: Zeraphew

    Age of Nation: Old, but not that old: 875

    Government type: Monarchy with Democratic elements.

    History: Zeraphew was founded when explorers from Romaria wanted to find new lands for their god and they did. Thinking it would be to tiresome to always travel back and fourth through The Sea of Matthew (Sea separating Romaria from Zeraphew) they decided to colonize it and after they had established their lands and priests they sent some voyagers back to Romaria to warn them of a the new nation of Zeraphew. Then their Eve came and she went to the Holy city of Romaria where she comitted the first sin.

    Alignment: God

    Schools of Magic: Holy and Summonus with few teaching Lux

    Country Location on map: Light green nation surrounded by pink


    Other: Based off of China
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