Pawn of the Prince

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  1. Hello everyone. I did a bit of searching through the faqs after about an hour and a half of searching for the answer without them. Having come up with a ton of blanks so far, I decided to ask the community. The words beneath your forum picture, which says Pawn of the Prince by default, don't seem to have a change option in Settings. I swear, though, that I've seen the option at some point without the ability to change it. Is it based on a system of forum achievements and rewards? Is it something I have to have changed through the means of others, or a reputation based thing? I'd like to change it if at all possible, and at least understand it if I can't!
  2. There is a way to where you can make your own title. Ok you go to settings, then to edit profile, Then scroll down till you see the words " Edit user title. " Then bam boom your done you got yourself a nice user title.
  3. Thank you very, very much :3
  4. Your very welcome. I love helping people when they need it.