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Hello hello, welcome to Pav's banner shop!

In an attempt to get some more banners up for circulation on the site, I am opening up shop to take requests and get your threads noticed with some spiffy banners. These can be for chat threads, your role-plays, your showcasing or whatever else.

As a note, just so I'm clear: I will be doing this completely for free, on my own time, so please note that these will not be amazing works of art that take me 47 hours each to me. They will be simple and hopefully nice to look at, but if you're going to whine and be mean that I didn't spend my entire week working on it, please find someone else to make a banner for you <3 Or better yet, make one yourself.

Here are some examples of the banners I've slapped together! I'm sure you've already seen them, since I've put a lot of them up, but they're still here for your viewing pleasure.


1.) Be kind. Be respectful. I will not drop everything to make your banner. I will try to get them done in a timeframe of 1-2 weeks. I might get yours done early, or late. I have a job and I attend university full time. Please be reasonable.
2.) I will not use any art you provide me if you did not make it yourself or if you did not get permission from the artist to use it to promote your thread. If you do not have any art that you have permission to use, you may give me stock images/clip art, etc. (The art above I drew myself, so yes, I have permission to use it LOL)
3.) I mostly use Canva and Paint Tool SAI to make these. They are not amazing works of art, nor are they incredibly complex. Do not give me intensely complex requests.
4.) I will be posting them in this thread afterwards as examples. If you use the banner in a thread or anywhere else besides the ad manager, you must credit me.

Request form (to be sent in via PM, please!)
Quick description of the vibe/banner you have in mind:
Any art/images/attachments to include:

Have a great day, y'all :) Feel free to ask any questions below.