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Hello hello, welcome to Pav's Commissions!

It has been a few years since I opened myself up to commissions, but I've recently wanted to start drawing a little more, since I love it so much. Money is a little tight sometimes with the world being how it is right now, so I thought this would be sort of a win-win situation. I'd love to help y'all make your dreams of seeing your characters drawn come true 😤

I have two different styles with different price points that I'm willing to use for you guys, so peruse them at your leisure below (warning, lots of pics! possible slight nsfw):

*Please note, all prices are in USD. I take payment via Paypal.

This style can be adjusted to have harsher lines or softer ones, depending on what you want. It will basically be a slightly cleaned sketch, with colouring and shading added depending on what you'd like! This style also takes me less time to draw in, so waiting time would be shorter.

Headshot: 15$
Bust up: 20$
Waist up: 25$

Basic/Flat colour: +8$
Colouring/shading: +12$
Basic background (colours/shapes/patterns): +3$
Extra characters: + 3/4 the price of what it would normally be (ex. 2nd character added to the drawing is a flat coloured headshot? That would normally be 23$, but added on, it is 17.25$)


This style of mine is very taxing for me, so waiting time could vary between one to two months depending on how difficult the piece is for me. I don't have that many examples of it since it's a newer style that I use, sorry sorry! I'll do my best for you though if you pick it. These are painted and shaded to begin with, the colouring is included in the price.

Headshot: 55$
Bust up: 75$
Waist up: 90$

Basic background (colours/shapes/patterns): +3$
Detailed background (as seen above): +15$
Extra characters: + 3/4 the price of what it would normally be (ex. 2nd character added to the drawing is a bust up? That would normally be 75$, but added on, it is 56.25$)

Important Notes for working with me:
1) I have wrist pains and often cannot draw for more than 1-2 hours at a time. At minimum, your piece would take 1-2 weeks. At the maximum, it would take 2 months. I also work two jobs. I ask for your patience.
2.) All payment is required upfront. I will not start working on your piece until the payment is made. If I am somehow unable to finish your piece, I will refund you.
3.) During the entire process, I will send you multiple progress reports as well as ask you questions when I need clarification. Minor changes are completely free, especially in the beginning, but asking me to redo entire parts of the art at later stages will incur an additional fee, depending on how much you want redone.
4.) You're free to use any art you buy from me for personal use, I simply ask that you credit me.
5.) I prefer drawing more "feminine" faces overall, since I am better at that. I can attempt masculine characters, but I wouldn't say it's my forte. I am unwilling to draw: full-on pornography, furries/animals, mechs, and sexualised minors. I reserve the right to refuse any commission request if it makes me uncomfortable.
6.) I do not want to overwhelm myself with too many pieces at once so I will be creating a queue. Not that I think I'll get a ton of buyers, but I want to make sure I'm capable of fulfilling all orders. I will limit myself to 3 available slots at a time.

1.) OPEN
2.) OPEN
3.) OPEN​

I will add more things if I end up thinking of them. Thanks for your time and feel me to DM me here about any inquiries!