Pattypixie and October Knight go to White Castle

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  1. I agree that they'll quickly become the prime concern of the fight. These monsters are a bigger threat than Lorentz, so I can see them taking priority over him.

    I think Jade should be the one to point out things are getting out of control. But then Natalia will destroy them all in her blast.

    The question is, how does Lorentz come out from this? Are we going to capture him and have Emily or Lucrezia break him out later, or is he going to be injured but get away?
  2. I see him as fleeing injured
  3. "Yeah, just go."
  4. Lucius walked through the front doors muttering quietly to himself, a colder air around him.
  5. Harmony was humming to Melody, she slowly cradle Melody as she walked down the stairs.
  6. "Is obsession a better word?"
  7. "But she kept her from him."
  8. You paying? XD
  9. wait you were in chicago? oO...That's a train ride away from me XP my friends go there once a year for a school trip >>
  10. Thats cool, 4got10, It was actually my first time there. It's a beautiful city with the BEST PIZZA EVER! Giordanos ftw!!
  11. O.O

    Dare not mention that nam-

    Too late.

    *Starts dreaming of delicious deep dish pizza once more*

    Curse the food here will taste like soot for a week.

    >: l
  12. *misses "guidos" from his home town*
  13. Yep. That's usually what happens. lol