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  1. Ok so im sure youre da hell is dis? Answer is i simply want to know what you act like when ur drunk as all holy hades!

    Well when i get really drunk ,which is very seldom, im in a weird place in my mind where i am a leprachaun . Im 4'11 naturally and im Irish so i guess it makes sense. I go around saying things in a Scottish accent laughing and hitting on everyone saying,"im goin t' take ye and show ye me pot o gold!" I kid you not guys!

    Your turns!
  2. XD Well, I haven't actually been drunk since I'm not of legal age to drink, however I've exerienced situations such as when I've been tired to the point where I act almost as if I'm drunk. I start rambling, talking alot, and in general not making alot of sense, sometimes I even start quoting things irrelevantly for no apparant reason. (Probably would be worse if I was actually drunk :P)
  3. I'm confused O.O

    I've only been more than mildly buzzed twice and both times I just became less coordinated, felt happy, and went to bed.
  4. All I know is that when I'm drunk enough, I'll drink anything anyone hands me. :I My ability to give any fucks just totally goes out the window. I also want to hug everybody, and I talk a lot of nonsense. I basically transform into my opposite. Someone who loves everyone and wants to have lots of fun and talk about life while I stumble and pee myself. And boy do I hate it. I therefore avoid getting drunk around others as often as possible. I like my grumpy, hateful, sober self.
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  5. I've never really been drunk. I've been tipsy once. I think it messed with my moral compass a bit, cause I went and took advantage of one of my guy friends for a make-out session >_> Which he came and apologized for taking advantage of me for when he sobered up, and no amount of "No, you don't understand. I took advantage of you!" lessened his guilt.
  6. I don't drink. So instead I hide their keys from them and let the hilarity ensue.
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  7. XD Oh god, you make me even more nervous about drinking, but this does give me an idea of what to do with drunken friends the day that happens ;)
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  8. As the ancient Greeks said "Do everything in moderation."
  9. Those poetry writing philosophers got their asses conquered by the Romans. And everyone knows the Romans absolutely loved parties. So when in Rome I say.
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  10. Meh, I guess that's why Rome kinda went all blegh after a while o-o
  11. Let's get one thing straight Rome did not go blegh it basically committed suicide. But what's life without a few risks and joys. Whats life without the freedom of trying to see if one could actually run a triathlon drunk
    ( I don't recommend doing that one in city limits.)
  12. XD welp, it's results are better than that one superhero who gets her superpowers from getting drunk... *shudders*
  13. I rarely drink, and I refuse to get drunk. O_O I feel awful when I do and it's not worth it.

    When I DO get drunk, I just go to bed. >> I am a sleepy drunk. Very uninteresting!
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  14. Well, at least you manage to home in on your bed when you sleep when drunk, that's actually kinda interesting XD
  15. Knowing where the bed is at, is the most important part of being drunk! 8D
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  16. Hoo boy. Let's see.

    Disappearing from a pub I was at with several friends having just imbibed a bottle and a half of shit wine we got given for free on a dare. Remained missing for three hours, as mates quickly began to worry that I was lost or hurt somewhere. Reappeared at my flat (roughly four or five miles away from said pub) around three or four hours later, hands cut open and gushing blood and somehow in the possession of several cans of Mountain Dew and a copy of 'Machete' on DVD. Oh, and with a Ukrainian flag draped round my shoulders. To this day, I have no fucking idea what happened.

    Accusing a charity person who frequently works in Africa of "the white man's guilt". Whilst dressed as a priest.

    Joining a couple's argument outside a nightclub, resulting in fifteen minutes of all three of us shouting at each other. Then we got confused as to what we were yelling about in the first place and went back inside to buy shots.
  17. Oh my god im loving these answers hahaha the one about hiding keys is genius. I used to make people take their shoes off at the door so when i was drunk id hide only one shoe. Just fuck up their minds lol.
  18. My parents want me to learn to drink with them, not with my college friends.
    Which has lead to the interesting realization that my natural tolerance for alcohol is very high. I'm not sure whether or not it pleases me, but I can't seem to get drunk. After six shots over the course of two hours I climbed in and out of the back of a truck, in heels and an ankle-length skirt. Balance and coordination didn't seem to be affected, I don't remember speaking any differently, and I remember the entire night. My mom, after three shots, woke up the next morning considerably more hungover than I did.
    Apparently when I'm "tipsy" (I guess? maybe a little?) I feel a little bit warm and I don't say very much. I live a boring life. :c
  19. *sighs heavily* I do not know where to begin. It really just depends on how much I have had to drink. I can be quite flirty, I can be loud and a party animal, I can talk your damn ear off about who knows what till the ends of time. I am literally all over the place when it comes to what odd persona I become when drinking. I rarely drink now though for I have the habit of always drinking to much. Oh yeah, blacking out is real fun when you wake up and you have to have people tell you what you did. I know one time I had to walk a drunk friend back to their car while be drunk myself, it was a 5-10 minute walk which took OVER AN HOUR BECAUSE SHE WOULD NOT STOP FALLING OVER OR HAVING TO PEE!!!! If you are not related to me, and are a girl, then if I get plastered enough I probably will be hitting on you. I know one time I got so shit faced I woke up 3 hours before having to go to work, still in my work clothes from the night before, and spent over half my shift still drunk as shit. Recently, by recently I mean this past Sunday, me and a friend got drunk in the woods. Somehow I managed to drop him off, drop myself off, unlock and relock the front door and sleep on the couch without any issues even though I remember none of it. I do remember that I ended up with 30 cuts all over me because he had lost his ring and wallet so we went digging in the woods to find them. Also, STAIRS ARE MY WORSE ENEMY WHEN I'M REALLY DRUNK!!! I cannot walk up them without help if I get really really drunk. So, bottom line is that I'm really fun to be around if I have a little bit to drink, but can be somewhat troublesome if I drink to much. I have also been kicked out of a club for being to drunk and almost arrested twice. Once in North Caroline after having to leave the club I started to freak out and the cops asked what was wrong, luckily I got out of that with ease. I also peed on a beach in South Carolina, but it was at like 1 am and the cop was just being a dick about it. So in the end, let's have a beer together, just make sure I don't drink to much unless you want a very interesting night.

    P.S. I deleted my previous post because it posted it before I was done typing everything. Also If you want to know anymore about my shenanigans, drinking related or not, you just gotta asked. :p :3
  20. I'm a happy everything. Drinking and drugs only make me more personable and friendly. I am a light weight drinker due to the fact I rarely drink, but my teenage years of partying blessed me with a high tolerance for alcohol, so no real hangovers for me.

    Only truly weird story is when I drank a lot of absinthe. Woke up perfectly fine the next day only I had lost my pants. Found them sopping wet crammed under my bed in such a way that it suggests I took everything out, put the pants-wad in, then piled all the shit back under my bed. Don't recall doing that and my mom says I made no noise, so who knows.
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