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  1. This is intended as a short prologue for a longer space opera/military science fiction roleplay I'm planning. Let's refer to it as The Consortium Wars series for now. It takes place in the future when humanity has been nearly wiped out by an alien race in a past war, fled the destroyed Earth after winning a pyrrhic victory against the alien attackers, and built a new civilization in the sheltered Charon System. Humanity is now a military superpower, and very xenophobic, aside from our allegience with the warrior society of the near-human Elohim.

    That's the gist of things.

    Now, to some minor rules:

    x Follow the orders of the characters that outrank you
    x Only marines for now (though there will be room for others later)
    x Don't outrank Sherev (In the prologue, later you may)
    x No romance between marines (It's against the regs). OOCly, it's allowed, but I'd rather not see it. If your character is caught romancing another, (ICly caught) there will be disciplinary actions taken. I.e., the brig and transfer to another unit. Hey, it's the military, not a barrel of laughs.

    I could swear I had a very important rule I was going to add to the list, but I can't think of it now. I will add some rules later as I think of them. Anyway, y'all, just follow roleplay SOP and you'll be fine. Hope you enjoy the roleplay!


    Since humanity is a xenophobic society, only humans are allowed. But, later, there will be room for aliens. I have a few that I mention in the IC, but I don't touch on it in any depth. If you want to introduce any other alien races, hit me up and we'll see what I think. Kthxbai! :D

    For details on the setting, both present and future ones as they are punched out, I have a thread for that. I'll update it soon. If you want to contribute, contribute there. Thanks! Linky
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  2. Sounds cool. What about a marine flight wing? I'd really like to play a pilot if possible.
  3. Well, in the prologue I would prefer to have only regular marines, because it's essentially about them deploying on the ground, hitting a shitstorm, finishing their mission, and get back up to their ship - but once this RP is finished, and the big main story begins, there will definitely be room for a marine fighter pilot, as big space battles will be an essential part of the roleplay. :D

    However, we could pull it a bit flexible if you really want to play a pilot, and have him do a recon of the area before the deployment of the marines, whereupon he gets shot down and has to survive enemies until the marines arrive. Of course, that would take away the fun of being a pilot (the actual flying...) so maybe that's not something of interest to you. I'll let you decide. :D
  4. You make a good point. Grunt work it is!
  5. In keeping with current standards, a "medic" for Marines are provided by the Navy (Navy Corpsman).
    My question being; if I wanted to make a Corpsman character for the Jump-In (and perhaps actual RP) would that be okay? Seeing as they would be Naval personnel just embedded with the Marine unit and acting as their Corpsman. Just want to make sure.
  6. Huh. I did not know that. In my defense my military career wqs spent in the Swedish Army though. XD

    But more to the point, yes, I like this. Though for the sake of interesting drsama, you should make him new to the team, so he still has to earn their trust. Since he's a Navy Corpsman and they are marines that will require some work no doubt, which will be fun to see. :D
  7. Sounds good to me, I was already planning on making him the outcast due to being Navy :D
  8. Awesome! Can't wait to see him in action. XD
  9. I haven't forgotten about this one, but we're waiting still for a few possible join-ups, so I'm holding off with another reply for a while. :D
  10. Just a question before I post. Do you want there to be any sort of conversation between them in the pods or can I just go ahead and post Clarks first Pod ride as having no communications with the others?
  11. Yeah, let's go with no communications for simplicity's sake. :D
  12. Just wanted you guys to know, I don't have a laptop during the weekends so that's why I haven't replied. I'll do it today though. :D
  13. I dont have my computer either. Been browsing from my phone. posting from it is a pain in the ass.
  14. I hear ya. I hate smartphones and tablets. My fingers are too big for the buttons. >_>
  15. Not my best post ever, but I did indeed post at least. I was a bit short on time today but I wanted to get a reply up rather than delay it another day. :D
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