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    EPISODE 1:
    Forth into the Fourth Dimension!
    There was a small town called Picketdale somewhere within the heart of the American Midwest. And some short distance from that was Canterbury City. A bustling metropolis of opportunity and skyscrapers that any small time suburban could go visit. And even smaller farming towns like Baleville could see it too, for a slightly longer drive past the suburbs.
    Mrs. Carmen was stepping out of her jewelry shop. She had opened it three months ago, and was quite proud of herself for managing the entire business herself. Her husband kept busy as a construction worker, but Mrs. Carmen was savvy when it came to business. She had convinced all sorts of folk to come back to her shop, for the goods she possessed were simply the most unique designs on the lower south side, and had captivated her customers with their intricate beauty and nearly-within reach prices.
    She locked the door behind her and made sure that the security was in place: Cage doors were lowered onto the windows and front door, and alarms were wired. But what Mrs. Carmen would never realize was that she had forgotten something from her bag inside. She had returned to take it back, and had seen a shadow out the corner of her eye, and almost faintly a strange bright yellow jumpsuit with red trimming and accents to it. She had gone over to see who had appeared, and was shocked to find her products gone, and the safeguards all but untouched: And yet the alarm did not sound!...
    Surely she had gone mad...
    Maynard Air Force base was lively with its usual business of uniforms marching about and the hauling of heavy machinery, sometimes from as early as 3:00AM at night. ​
    But it was approximately 10:55AM. And on Maynard Air Force Base, the people there had it cushy when they weren't working on priority science projects and/or were on high alert. As such, breakfast services were still on in the cafeteria, and all had been well. But one such fellow had went to bed in a timely manner, and woke up early to eat a breakfast carefully balanced by health specialists to maintain his physical status. Ethan Morgan was clad in grey army t-shirt with a chest based holster and a pair of shorts and running shoes. Ahead of him in the large, specialized gym was a series of mega-durable obstacle course elements, ranging from hurdles to miniature jungle gyms and the like. ​
    He was the Man-Of-War. ​
    And he had to play the part in mind and body.​
    Ethan's leaps and swings were swift like a gymnast, and yet much faster with the power in his reflexes as he hurled himself past bars, sliding under small openings and climbing higher and higher every few minutes, putting his muscle to as much of a test as his agility, for targets and pads had been set up all over the place. Ethan reached to the holster, quick-drawing the weapon and firing at any targets out of his reach, as well as a couple of the pads with effective precision-- which in reality would have been shots for non-lethal means of neutralizing the average human being.​
    He landed on three: Both legs bent into a crouch, and his left hand reaching the ground as his right hand kept the faux firearm up, pure instinct and muscle memory from sessions past kicking in as he pretended to blow the smoke off of his training firearm, which had fired small red paint pellets. He twirled the pistol a bit, and holstered it back into place as he stepped over to a table to take hold of a stopwatch. It was a bit short of his usual numbers, but without as much active duty he was trapped in the doldrums.​
    "So I says to 'em..." Began Billy, clad in his army issued fatigues. "I'll fix your ride up good, creep! And then I hit the belt and sent the guy on a vacation: Bet he's still soarin' through the clouds! None of the science guys 'er any a'the ladies on base'll believe me."​
    Billy was with a band of troops near his own age, conversing with them on strange adventures and epic stories of hilarity and humor, as he scarfed down the bacon and eggs. Like the others, he was too busy speaking and giving off hearty laughter to use table manners. But then again, it was the 'Mess Hall.' Nothing really wrong there, they had figured.​
  2. The heels of Marie Callahan's shoes clicked loudly against the Mess Hall floor as she walked into the room, a fact she was all too conscious of. The uniform she was wearing was supposed to look "smart and contemporary", but she couldn't have felt more like a dummy if she had been standing in a store window. The blouse, skirt, and shoes weren't her idea of practical women's attire, not were they very comfortable. But she at least was luckier than most of the other women on base who had joined the armed forces only to end up as nurses or desk clerks. As Miss Nemesis, she had another identity to retreat into when she could no longer stand being looked at like some weak, delicate flower instead of a capable and intelligent human being.

    But then again, no one was supposed to know she was Miss Nemesis. Marie imagined some of the brass on base probably knew about her secret, as well as the government spooks who had come to recruit her for this top-secret super soldier project. She also suspected she would have to reveal herself to her teammates at some point if they hadn't been filled in, but as she hadn't met any of them just yet she was not too worried about her secret getting out.

    Standing inside the mess hall's entrance, Marie quickly scanned the room. To her chagrin, she discovered she was the only woman currently in the mess hall. There were nothing but grunts in fatigues and few officers still dining this late in the morning, most of them just milling about and making idle conversation. A few of them cocked their brows as they noticed her standing there. Marie's eyes flashed like shining emeralds as she glared at each of the bemused diners in turn, her withering gaze daring them to say something crude or crack a joke even as it discouraged the same.

    Quickly turning on her heels and brushing of their quizzical looks, Marie headed towards the line. Deciding she wasn't very hungry, she only picked up two pieces of toast and then made her way to the coffee table. She poured herself a steaming cup with no cream or sugar. Marie preferred her coffee strong and she figured she would need it to get through the day if she was going to be leered at wherever she went.

    She took the toast and coffee over to an empty cable in the middle of the hall and sat down. There was a cluster of troops standing nearby listening to some guy brag. As she couldn't have been less interested in that sort of tale at that moment, Marie did her best to block out his voice and sipped her coffee slowly, wondering when she would get her first assignment as part of the team.
  3. A nice hot shower had been executed within the short span of ten minutes. The Man-Of-War had to be quick, and they had to be efficient. And Ethan had finished his shower to immediately don his uniform. He put on the shirt and leggings, stopping a moment to feel the great white star on his chest and the circle around it, and the stripes on the side which had almost appeared to be a pair of wings given how they were slanted. This was the duty he had been told he would take part in for his country, every single time he put on the outfit.

    Sliding on a brand new holster and his regular .45 Service pistol, he pulled on his half-finger gloves and his boots and combed his hair some, heading for the mess hall to drink some water and see how Maynard Base's finest were doing at the moment.


    Billy had stopped to let some of his friends tell some of their own stories and the latest news, their commotion settled down to light chatter as they witnessed the Man-Of-War enter. A couple of men clapped and gave cheers when he entered. With a glance in their directions, and a faint smile, he nodded to them so they would return to their low volume on their speech. Billy had then noticed that Ethan was heading towards Marie, and chuckled a little as he imagined the thought of team leader trying to get lucky. The other men slowed down a bit, a number of them turning around to look, and even whistling.

    But this time, a cold stare was their offer. The United States's Knight was all for a hearty joke, but was well prepared to distribute discipline among his ranks if it was needed. He had been granted a status above most of the men before him and had taken it with pride, refusing to dignify any tomfoolery.

    "Miss Callahan?" Asked Ethan, seating himself to see eye to eye with the woman. Stern, collected features decorated his face as he kept himself seated straight and his hands together calmly for just a moment. "My name is Ethan Morgan. I've been designated as leading operative of the squad. My superiors have informed me of your exploits, and its an honor to meet a mature, non-powered individual to protect this nation alongside."

    Ethan's words were firm, and while without invulnerability as Billy's Hercules Belt provided, his voice was just as sturdy as the ability itself. He uttered his words with sincerity and a sense of command. He had no intentions of treating any of his teammates as second stringer, knowing full well the weight and worth of the missions they were to undertake. His virdian eyes were concentrated on her, never quite making it seem as though he was looking downwards.

    He immediately offered her a hand to shake in respect, waiting to see her response. So far Billy seemed to just be a bit youthful in the face of action, and having yet to meet the other two powered members, had him hoping that he could perhaps have assistance in leading the group.
  4. Anthony Hanes, the Notorious " Shifty ", Arose from his uncomfortable bedding later than he decided to which was also accompanied by a loud bang on the wall " WAKE UP YOU BUM! " mumbling and groaning he sat up as a rottweiler jumped up on his chest pinning him to the bed. Unleashing a barrage of licking and nipping at his face, he chuckled before pushed the dog away " Down Mishka " the dog climbed off him and walked around in a circle for a bit before sitting by the door way. He walked over to the bathroom and leaned over the sink running his hands through the water and the splashing it up into his face rubbing it around, letting a sigh of relief escape from his body. He stood up straight and grabbed towel whipping it across his face drying the water that rested upon it.

    He came back out of the bathroom and slid on his usual clothing of standard issued uniform, even placing the hat on his head adjusting it so that it fit welly to his head. Anthony put a leash on the dog, and the dog took hold of the leash with its mouth and walked next to Anthony as he made it out of his room. He headed right to the main mess hall, as most men do in a morning like this he rubbed his eyes still a bit tired still. He made his way eventually into the mess hall were people talked and ate with friends and fellow soldiers.

    He rubbed the top of Mishka's head and walked towards the line, which he grabbed a piece of bacon off the line and some toast. Grabbing some coffee at the end and taking a seat at a table alone, he tossed the bacon down to the dog sitting on the floor next to him and began eating the toast and sipped from the coffee at a time. He noticed Ethan and Callahan in a conversation and noticed a bunch of guys telling war stories, he chuckled and took another sip of the coffee and let a sigh of relaxation go as he leaned back a bit the dogs head placed in his lap as he slowly brushed the fur on her head.
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  5. Marie looked up from her cup of coffee after hearing her name and was surprised to see the man in uniform standing next to her. She watched as he sat down across the table from her, and after he explained who he was she barely managed to mask the shocked expression that threatened to register on her face. Everyone she had met on base had mentioned the legendary Man of War and his valiant exploits as a soldier, but she had never imagined she would be meeting him this soon, let alone ending up working alongside him.

    He extended his hand to her, and without hesitation Marie took hold of it and shook it firmly. Nodding at his words, she did her best to sit up straight and look him directly in the eye. "The honor is all mine, Mr. Morgan. If I had known it would be you leading this outfit, I probably would have signed up even sooner!" She smiled ever so faintly after that last comment, hoping to let him known she was serious about the job but also that she wasn't afraid to break with decorum. If she had learned anything so far from being around the soldiers on base it was that they all enjoyed a little bit of humor from time to time to relieve the stifling monotony of rules and procedure.

    Releasing Ethan's hand, Marie pushed her coffee to the side and leaned towards him over the table, gripping its edge with both hands as she eyed him intently. "So, any idea what we'll be doing on our first mission? Rooting out Communist spies? Tracking down escaped Nazi officers?Chasing leads on superpowered criminals?

    Marie's eyes glimmered with excitement. She was aware she was probably coming across as green and over-zealous, but she couldn't help being intrigued by the possibilities their line of work might lead them to. She waited eagerly for Ethan's response, her face lit up with an almost childish glee.
  6. Leonof was in a far corner of the mess hall, sipping coffee and looking over his latest formula. He had learned over time not to look directly at the others around him, his empty eyes disturbed them. None the less he kept an eye on what was going around him.

    His eyes rested on Anthony, he recognized him from the dossiers he had received when accepting the assignment. He closed the folder he was working on, tucked it under his arm, grabbed his coffee and headed over to where he was sitting. Leonof put the folder on the table and sitting across from Anthony.

    Leonof smiled and leveled his blank eyes at Anthony, "Hello, my name is Leonof, I do believe we are to be working together."
  7. "At ease, my friend." Responded Ethan, as he slowly took his hand back. "You've got a good grip there. I can tell you've got steady hands."

    Ethan smiled at the suggestions that Marie offered him: This was the daily diet of a crimefighting adventurer such as these. He could sense Marie's enthusiasm, and came to enjoy her sincerity. It was a step up from the laughter and boyish nature of most of the others, save for Leonof and Hanes who in his opinion had conducted themselves fairly mature. The Man Of War scratched at his head of short hair, and then to his shaded chin, feeling the freshness of a morning's shave as he ran his fingers over.

    "Word on the Ratzis are little, but we're poised to hit them with assistance as soon as we find some. Already bagged some enemy spies on my previous solo job last week, but the tabloids are all on rumors of giant monsters all over the rest of the world or something. We may however, have a super-human crime in progress. I don't suppose I can trust you with an early debriefing?"
  8. Mishka stood up and rose her back as she looked at the man coming over, but Anthony ran his hand along her back to calm her down. the hairs slowly lowering she walked over to leanof and began sniffing him and nuzzled under his hand as if to make him pet her.

    Anthony smirked " She likes you " he smirked before standing up and holding out a hand for the man to shake " I am Anthony, pleasure to meet a fellow work mate " he nodded at him and snapped his fingers to tell mishka to return to his side. which she did
  9. Dr. Benton was more than a match for the physical fitness exam set in order to join this clandestine program. He was a doctor after all, one gifted with a unique understanding of the human body, especially his own. He structured his training so he was at the very peak of human conditioning, a unique combination of cardio and strength training, sparring regularly as to not lose his edge. He was a mutant, a super, gifted, whatever other term you had for those like him, but it rarely gave him much of an edge in a fight. He knew instinctively where to hit hardest, but then again, it was something easily learnt by an opponent's 'gift' allowed them to hit you three times as hard as you could them.

    He'd lost track of time today, too absorbed in his training to glance at the clock or to take much notice of those coming and going. His face was flushed with effort, his skin slick with sweat, muscles begin to ache and complain under strain. Still he kept going, determined to last this one out, not be defeated by... A rogue kick to the gut winded him, distracting him long enough for his assailant to land another couple of blows. It took a moment for him to regain his bearings, as the sparring resumed again, Alexander slowing, clumsier now, but not struggling by a long shot... At least not yet. He whipped out a leg, knocking his opponent off balance, seizing his chance and knocking them to the ground, grinning faintly as they began trying to squirm out from under him.
    "I believe that's two-one in my favour, Dr. Armstrong."


    Alexander quickly showered, changing into some fresh gym wear -- he had a sneaking feeling that his opponent for the day might want a rematch after dinner. He waiting for his colleague, lapsing into good natured banter as they walked together towards the mess hall to grab some food. His eyebrows furrowed slightly as he caught sight of the clock on the wall. It wasn't even lunchtime yet and he was starving. He shovelled some food onto his plate, taking a seat beside Lilith. It wasn't the best tasting food he'd eaten, but it was nutritious, which was what counted. His eyes lifted from his meal for a moment, resting on a pretty figure sitting ahead of him. He began to splutter, half choking as he saw the man approach her.
  10. Lilith considered herself quite fit, certainly on par as regards fitness when compared to the men on the base. She tired slowly and recovered quickly in a fight, giving her an edge over those who were fitter still, and who carried a lot more hand to hand combat experience than she. However, after an entire morning spent training with Alexander, even she was tiring. He hit hard, and in the places where she struggled most to recover from; she might have been quicker, but he was far stronger and had more experience. She knew entering into another sparring match with him that she wouldn't win, but it was yet another step towards improving herself and one day besting him. In the meanwhile, her goal was to give him as much of a challenge as was possible, fists and feet flying in every direction. They were tied, one match apiece, when a lucky swing made contact with his stomach. For a moment, Lily thought she could win, but knocked off her guard (and her feet) she found herself pinned under her fellow doctor, with no room for escape. What was that saying about chickens again? She groaned softly as Alexander spoke, wishing only that she might wriggle enough room for her foot to put him back in his place.

    She too showered quickly, letting her damp hair sit loose on her shoulders, also choosing to wear gym gear; not particularly because she was still gunning for a fight, but because it was a hell of a lot comfier than the uniform she would otherwise be expected to wear. It also reminded any chancers that she was perfectly capable of and attired for handing it to them in a fight. Her lab coat and gloves would have the same effect, but she didn't really want to alarm anyone by making them think it was time for their jabs. The bruises she had attained in the sparring match were almost completely faded away as she joined Alexander to head into the mess hall for some well earned food. She trailed behind her friend slightly as she too got her food, although she was not as oblivious to the entrance of the Man-of-War as he. Her eyes lingered on him for several moments before she too began tucking in, sparing only an annoyed glance as her companion started choking on his food. She gave him two sharp blows to the back, rolling her eyes as she spotted who he was looking at.
    "Chew, goddammit--" She scolded, her Scottish lineage something out in her voice, giving him another sharp blow for good measure. "--and please pick your jaw off the floor. It's unhygienic. You've seen Man-of-War before, and you've seen a pretty girl before too, I dare say. You're a grown man, not a hormone-ridden teenager."
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