Patience is a virtue (looking for a female charact

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  1. This rp is a rape rp but im only uncomfortable with rape if im playing the rapist but in this rp the female is going to be the rapist (although gradually as things go along my character will start to fall in love with her because of his new found perversion)


    Genres this can be

    Demon related (your character would haveto play the demon)



    Fallen angel x normal angel or human

    No futa for this

    Also i prefer to use anime pictures
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  2. Still looking here but im adding one thing

    No other male is to he involved so no yaoi i prefer to rp with just one character(or mxm)

    Also if multiple people want to do an rp with this if they want ill allow it to be multiple girls having fun with my character (or if solo participant wants to use multiple characters)
  3. *raises hand*
  4. Alrigt would you like to discuss the rp here or over a pm?
  5. Pm if you dont mind
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