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  1. Sleipnir's Summit
    Starting level: 7
    Allowed Materials: PF SRD Materials, no psionics, no third party material without approval.
    Expectations: I inject a healthy dose of realism into my campaigns and don't shy away from PC death. To keep us moving at a decent pace I do ask for 2 posts a week roughly.

    I welcome newbies as well, but death isn't picky about who it claims ICly. If you're active and want to continue then I welcome you to re-roll.

    My DMing style: I can be brutal, but also am a big fan of role playing and puzzles. Expect a balance of the combat, puzzles, and RP. I reward XP per objective completed so if you talk your way out of combat or sneak around it I give the same XP as wanton slaughter.

    Other information: For my convenience I do require the use of for character sheets.

    Setting: Sleipnir's Summit, Island of Whitestone, Territory of the Kingdom of Silverfield

    The Kingdom of Silverfield has a long history of conflict with the Horse Cult of Sleipnir, a Cult of Evil Druids who seek to influence the nature of the forests of Whitestone Island to their own twisted means. This has been true for as long as Silverfield has claimed Whitestone as its territory. Silverfield is a thriving nation rich in ore and now lumber and rapidly expanding into the Silverfield Woods to the east and Whitestone Island, a mere 2 miles to the west across a vast ocean.

    A recent act of sabotage, believed to be cause by the Druidic Cult, has seen the construction of a bridge connecting Whitestone to the mainland come to a halt. A witness claimed a giant squid is to blame as tentacled were seen tearing the support beams apart.

    The King has enlisted heroes of Silverfield and its neighboring kingdoms to find and eliminate the cult, but you are not the first or even second party to be sent on this expedition. Last month a party was sent with no word from the Outpost maintained as a foothold.

    Your job is the same as previous parties. Find and eliminate the cult and you will receive a healthy sum of gold for your trouble.
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  2. You mean the party has to try? I'm down
  3. : )

    I look forward to it. Even if you're the only interest I get.
  4. I like playing Pathfinder. I still don't know how exactly the rolling works via the site yet, but I'm willing to learn. I'd be interested in playing. Never had a character make it to 7th level myself yet in my previous games, so it'd be interesting to put together. And I'm very familiar with myth-weavers.
  5. I will get the setting up tomorrow then and I think both of us will need to learn rolling here. Worry not however. I have been DMing for about 4 years now so I have the skills to kill the PCs make an interesting story together.

    I want to say I am looking for 4 to 5, but that may change and I could run it with two smaller squads or make two threads if I like all the character sheets. I am flexible like that. When the setting is up you may begin creating your character and even collaborate with your backstories.

    I will be opening more games in the future when my schedule opens up (student here) in a variety of settings and levels including an epic level campaign that is a dungeon crawl from hell.
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  6. Goblin. I'm deciding on magus or warpriest.
  7. Sounds like a plan. I'll look for the setting then, and think about some character ideas in the meantime so I can pick one when you post it. I'm probably going to either do a rogue, ranger, or a slayer.
  8. I'm liking this party already
  9. I regret to inform you that I won't be using myth weavers for my sheet as it refuses to save my progress
  10. You using the Alpha or original?
  11. It's forcing me to use alpha
  12. That's odd. I can still access the old one.

    Alpha makes it so that if you don't change something it won't save it. You also need to make sure you've got it set up to keep you logged in or else you'll get kicked.

    Have you used it before?
  13. There should be a sheets then sheets (alpha) in the sheets dropdown. If you're pressing the save after a change in Alpha, I don't understand why it's not saving it... I use the site a lot for games I play online.
  14. Setting updated. Specifics about the Island and Kingdom to be posted when I have a proper keyboard. (This evening ideally. ) Anything you need to know for your background we can collaborate about in this thread. Map coming soon as well.

    Message me your character sheets. I will be posting links in the OoC, but feel free to discuss and collab in the mean time.
  15. Still no success. Sites pissing me off
  16. If you wanna just send me your stats and stuff, I can try to put it together via my account just to get the initial sheet out there. Unless Esper would prefer I not.

    For the ability scores, is it determined by point buy or standard rolling?
  17. I have no opposition to my sheet being public.
  18. Ah yes I did forget that. 32 PB.
  19. Gotta redo my stats then. I rolled them
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