Pathfinder (without the dice)

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  1. I've never tried pathfinder before. I don't know about the world and about the rules. But if you would be willing to teach me, I am interested in joining this.

    As in no dice, this would still mean that all the injuries, success and failures of actions will be written by the DM, yes?
  2. Good. This means I can go back to playing a cleric right?
  3. No dice? NO DICE?! What blasphemy is this?!?!
  4. Oh lawd, here we go again.

    *blows dust off Garrick's sheet*
  5. God, no. I meddle enough without giving me that liberty too.
    Last I remember, Gorrack had come through to the Drow city with us. And old Cleric-face had been turned by the Death Knights and was taking over the Purple Ogre with Alastair.
    I have another LIVE-FLESH D&D group and I don't have time to run this as a dice-and-slice.
    Shit. Now I have to think up what the Serendark angels are doing. Also, Alaistor's probably a Death Knight or something.
  6. Okay, maybe on some plot-important things. >__>
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.