Pathfinder - Seeking a GM and Additional Players for PbP Wrath of the Righteous


Khan of the Mardu

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Hey there, everyone, I'm Khan of the Mardu or Pike, whichever you prefer to call me. At the moment, I'm trying to put together a group for a play by post Pathfinder campaign that will focus upon playing through the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path, a published campaign that runs the full gamut of levels from first to twentieth. Additionally, the campaign is also built to use the Mythic optional system of Pathfinder, which is essentially the game's equivalent of Dungeons & Dragons's Epic Level system - thankfully, it's somewhat more balanced/playable than the Epic Level system, all while maintaining the feeling of becoming legendary figures akin to Heracles, Cu Chulainn, Merlin, Sigurd, and King Arthur. In any case, I have one other player who has signed on for the game with two other potential players in mind that I'm contacting over Discord, so we have a sizeable group as it is. However, we do need a few additional members which I will list off.
  1. A game master who is well-versed in Pathfinder, is experienced with or comfortable learning the Mythic system of Pathfinder, is interested in running the Wrath of the Righteous campaign for a group of anywhere from 4 to 6 players, AND is for a narrative writing experience through a tabletop role-playing campaign.
  2. One to two additional players, with the potential for upwards of four spots being available depending on how the two potential players I've already contacted respond. You must be experienced with Pathfinder, comfortable with using and/or learning the Mythic system, interested in being a player in the Wrath of the Righteous campaign, AND is for a narrative writing experience through a tabletop role-playing campaign.
The reason I emphasize a narrative writing experience is that, for all intents and purposes, this game would be based heavily upon the writing of the players and the GM as there would be no face to face time or regular group play through voice chat. While you certainly wouldn't need to cobble three to five paragraphs each time you post, some meat to your posts would always be appreciated as your description will be how your character and the story as a whole is visualized - if you're a role-player, then you're a writer striving to put together a great story, and when you're planning to play a Mythic campaign of Pathfinder, you're planning to write an epicly great story as a group. In addition, please be able to post fairly regularly, even multiple times a day if possible, so that we can maintain a good clip of working through the adventure path.

In any case, besides that, there's simply some guidelines that I would like to post for GM and player applicants regarding what should be allowed in player characters, whether from the start of the game or added later on through leveling up. Characters won't be fully created till we have a GM and each of us have run our concepts by him, but general ideas, builds, and concepts can be worked on in the meantime. They are as follows;
  1. For the sake of commonality, all players and the GM should retrieve a free copy of the Wrath of the Righteous Player's Guide from the Paizo website. As we will each need a campaign trait with our characters and those will be in the Player's Guide only, it would simply be better for us all to have convenient access to the PDF. Make certain that you read the guide to understand the potential contents and expectations of the campaign. In addition, if you have never used it, familiarize yourself with the Pathfinder System Reference Document site, aka, the Archive of Nethys site, aka, and PathfinderWiki, aka Both will help you greatly in playing the Pathfinder system, as any and all non-Golarion-specific mechanics and generalized versions of Golarion-specific mechanics can be found on the System Reference Document site, while Archive of Nethys and PathfinderWiki both can inform you of the setting and its specifications, helping you to understand it and build characters that can exist within it.
  2. All players should be comfortable, if they select the same campaign trait for their characters, to have connections with each other's characters through the campaign trait. Each of the campaign traits come with some sort of explanation for why your characters would be connected in an appropriate manner, so that should help you.
  3. All characters should be Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, and Chaotic Neutral in alignment - the campaign is built to be experienced as Good-alignments, and even Neutral alignments on the good-evil scale is pushing it, especially with Chaotic Neutral given the reputation of CN being played as Chaotic Evil.
  4. Speaking of traits, as a suggestion, I would say that players should have the option to take two traits for their characters, or three traits if they also take a drawback AND realistically play that drawback out during RP.
  5. Given that the campaign is Mythic and there will be numerous tough customers, I would strongly advise that players be allowed to use 25 point buy to generate characters with. If our GM also enjoys allowing you to gamble on your stats, I would suggest a 4d6 drop the lowest array that is rolled in a public place, whether here on Iwaku in a thread or on say Roll20, with the option to reroll the lowest value.
  6. Any and all races that are 15 Race Points or under should be allowed - this places at the top end of the spectrum Aasimar, Drow, and Tiefling, in descending order of value. No character likewise should be banned for the behavior of an average member of their race; while rare, there are some good-aligned Drow that were raised away from their society or redeemed, and Tieflings are typically raised in human societies where they vary wildly in alignment and culture.
  7. Unchained classes, for the most part, should be allowed as they serve as balances and buffs to bring certain classes into line with others in terms of power.
  8. However, neither Summoner or Unchained Summoner should be allowed; while Unchained Summoner was a nerf to the original overwhelming and game-halting power of the Summoner, it is simply not a fun class to play with mechanically for the rest of the party as a flood of minion monsters requiring micro-management enters into every combat.
  9. Leadership should be an allowed feat in this campaign, as members of the party are expected to be commanders of the crusade to reclaim and cleanse the Worldwound of demons. However, besides the cohort provided by the feat, its mechanics should be a background detail that doesn't take up an overwhelming portion of the story in terms of bringing dozens of followers to be slaughtered as meatshields. While a cohort prepared for battle and ready to support the party is fine, the details of your followers should be an organization that helps manage non-story-essential details such as supplying the army or providing healing and support to the crusaders and such.
  10. Max starting gold for a character's class at level one is generally the best way to go, but this is a detail that can definitely be discussed with a GM.
  11. There are a few ways we can handle HP - The first is to receive the full value of your first level's hit dice, then roll at every level-up to see how many HP you receive with a potential rule for always receiving half if you roll under it. Second is the same, except you simply receive half HP at every level-up rather than roll for it. Third is to simply receive full HP at each level-up, which might be best given the Mythic nature and challenges of this campaign.
For now, that's all the details I can think of that should be discussed/kept in mind. If at all possible, I would like to arrange a Discord server or a Discord channel in a tabletop server I'm a part of so that we might keep OOC business in one location there, as it is my simple preference over having an OOC thread on the site in addition to our IC thread. As such, I would appreciate it if you would, after applying and being accepted as a GM or player, send your Discord contact information to me by PM. Otherwise, please post in this thread to state your interest in the game and even a character concept that you have in mind that you don't mind sharing. Just so that you are all aware, I plan to play a Drow Monk that I will share the details of with the GM once we have one and with fellow players as necessary/the time calls for it.