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  1. Hey everyone, Fox here! so, I have been wanting to start a game of Pathfinder for my online friends, and I thought I would reach out and see if the Iwaku community would be interested in such a thing! I would like to do at least once a week gaming, and would like at least a group of four players to start. I have a campaign ready, and I would be willing to play with just about any skill level. I have taught many people how to play Pathfinder, so if you would want to learn, this could be your chance!!

    What I need from players:

    Communication. This is huge! I am probably going to make a thread on Iwaku once the game gets started for OOC talk and planning, but if you start getting too busy and can't make a dnd night, let me know! I have gotten a lot of requests in the past when I do this, so if you feel you no longer can play, just let me know.

    Or, if you are not having fun, tell me! I can try to change some aspects of the game if I can to make it more enjoyable for you guys!

    Access to a Microphone. I don't need you to have a Camera if you don't wish to have one. I know many people can be shy at times about how they look, and that is fine! I want you to have fun. BUT, I do need to hear and communicate with you, and for you to communicate with your allies, so a Mic. is gonna be required.

    An Account on This is a free account and it is where we will be playing Pathfinder. This allows me to do a lot of things, and just works perfectly as an online table top. It also has a character sheet generator, dice rolling, it has everything, and will be perfect for our gaming experience. This will be the first time I run a campaign using this software, but from what I have learned about it and used of it so far, its quite amazing.

    Access to the Core Pathfinder PDF's or actual books. If you don't have them, I have them all uploaded to my personal GoogleDocs, so I can share them with you if you're interested in playing.

    Information About the Game Itself

    The adventure will be in my homegrown world of Astreal. I will be providing more information about the world as the game gets underway, however I like using this world rather than a precreated world that some gamers know more than others about. I want everyone on somewhat of an equal playing field, so when you go to a new town there isn't the one player who already knows the lay of the land, special areas, ect. Astreal is a very magic heavy universe, so all the spell casters will be available and encouraged to play as. All the races will also be available from the Advanced Race Guide, but the highest density Races in this world will be: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves Dwarves, Halflings, Orcs, Half-Orcs, & Gnomes.

    Player Characters for this Campaign will be starting at level 3. We will be using a 20 point buy. If you are unfamiliar with the Point Buy System for Pathfinder, it is on Page 16 of the core book Table 1-1. This is going to be a high fantasy setting, thus we are using the high fantasy point buy. (Here is a website that helps you use said points!)

    Anyways, if anyone is interested PLEASE let me know, I'd like to start next Monday at 6pmPST If possible!!! Looking forward to your feed back. <3

    Useful links
    Roll20's Home Page
    Iwaku DnD Page on Roll20
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  2. In there like swimwear~!! <3
  3. Reasons to be annoyed at my busy schedule.

    Maybe next year :3
  4. Edited time to be 6pm Pacific Standard Time rather than an unknown 6pm. XD
  5. I'm about this
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  6. Sweet!! Can you add me on Skype or PM me so I can get more details from you? :)

    Also if you have never used Roll20 before I can show it to you as well.
  7. Angry GMK on skype. Haven't used roll 20 before
  8. Added you on Skype!
  9. Alright, so we are now at 2 locked in players. We have @Beatrix playing a Druid with her wolf companion, and @Gypsy_Spirit playing a Bard. We'd love to get some fighters/Barbarians/Paladins/Rangers.

    We may also have @Clementine_x playing as a Cleric, and I need to hear back from @Angry GMK about playing as well. Let me know guys, Monday is around the corner!

    If I need to push the time back for those on the East Coast, let me know! I can do as early as 5:00pmPST for I am working until 4:30-4:45. Looking forward to hearing if this interests anyone.
  10. I should have my character completed by tomorrow. I will send you a myth-weavers link to you of both Silendia and Matias.
  11. Sounds great Bea!
  12. Alright, the game is right around the corner, and we still have open slots! We have 2 locked in characters, and could certainly use a few more!
  13. Ahhh! Perfect!

    I have had an itch to play my favorite character Roscoe!

    I will have the character up and running within two hours.
  14. Sweet!! Just sent you a PM <3
  15. So, @Samfool @Gypsy_Spirit @Beatrix , I would like your characters backstory/current character sheets by 2pmPST if you can manage that. This way I can create logical places for everyone's characters to hail from, as well as why they all came together. :)
  16. Sounds fine by me.
  17. Great!

    I have it all in my head, but I just need to transcribe it to the internet.

    Almost done actually..
  18. Aye, aye Captain~!! That can be done ^.^ It will be done >:3
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