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Anyone play this? Its a derivative of 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons. I'm trying to gather a new online chat-based gaming group.
I'm just learning how to play 3.5 thanks to Frosty and a few of the games here. As a consequence, I downloaded every single D&D book I could get my hands on. I actually have Pathfinder, but I've yet to read through it. I honestly wouldn't mind giving it a try, but you'd have to be patient with me; I'm still a newbie.
Pathfinder is a streamlined 3.5 D&D. Where 3.5's system encourages multiclassing for optimization, Pathfinder does a great job of encouraging single-classing (i.e., extremely powerful abilities are spread throughout all 20 levels).

In 3.5, a level 20 fighter was useless compared to a multiclassed fighter with multiple prestige classes.

In Pathfinder, a level 20 fighter is THE best class at fighting--not much else its good at, but not even a raging barbarian can outdo a straight fighter's damage output.

Conversely, Pathfinder does pigeon-hole you into certain roles. Rarely will you multiclass more than 2 classes (including prestige multiclassing).

Why don't you email me and we'll talk something out? I'd really like to try out a campaign I've been downloading.

Email: [email protected]
AOL Instant Messenger: Razilin
Still looking for player(s). Last one was gonna play, then dropped.
I could learn, i'll take a look now that I'm more comfortable with DnD
Cool. Alternatively, I could teach you as well.
I've found a whole lot of pathfinder books, but help learning is always welcome.
Well, i'm on AIM as Razilin

and you can email me at [email protected]

if you got any questions or need me to roll through the whole process