Pathfinder: Blood and Gold

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    • On a continent with no name in a land with no king, you find yourselves together at the motley village of Död. Some of you may call it home. Some of you are just roaming. Some of you may have found decent work, though not many, considering how many jobs pay too little to live off of. Some of you might not care enough to. Some of you are just waiting for the right moment to strike out.

      Whatever your place and whatever your motivations, you something is wrong in this little village. People have begun to disappear, only for their bodies to reappear days later, gruesomely mauled. Some are simply beginning to leave out of fear, but not all can abandon what they have that way. Looking about, you know they need your help.

      Maybe you don't care about helping others, though. Maybe you're considering getting out of there yourself. Whatever it is, you likely can't take it alone, no, so why bother? Well, the two-hundred gold an employee bounty placed by the local big landowner catches your eye. Just have go go visit him first.

      Now get in gear. Time to earn your keep.​

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      2. No total psychopaths.

      3. Have fun.

    Yo, mothafuckas. CS gon' be complicated and shit.

    Basically, make an actual Pathfinder CS and include it in your CS below.

    Now, some stats will remain pertinent (like skills). But things like BAB, AC, damage, health, etc. will just affect how you roleplay out combat. Combat will not have rolls, nor will it be the main event.

    You will not roleplay out a wizard with a strength of 10, a BAB of 0, and a staff beating up a barbarian with 18 strength, a battle-axe and 19 AC. It's not happening.

    Skills and saves, however, will still be made with a D20 and the appropriate modifier.

    Now. The Character Sheet. I'll get to work on my own ASAP.

    Character Sheet





    Short biography:


    Proper CS:
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  1. Character Sheet

    Name: Jokoff Spengler, Cleric of Sarenrae's Faithful

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Race: Half-Elf

    Add eyeglasses (open)

    Also, get rid of the dragons and dragon symbols, and change the orange to various shades of red, blue, and gold. Oh, and add a white scarf around his neck.

    Short biography: Raised as a ward under a group of clerics who traveled from temple to temple to pastor, the young half-elf named Jokoff was a born student of Sarenrae's teachings, having a keen mind for theological discussion while also making a good field hand and healer in helping impoverished farmers and the sick. As such, he was set to be inducted into the priesthood, charged with carrying the word with both a gentle voice and redeeming the evil with a sharp scimitar. With an honest tongue, Jokoff pushed himself to never betray the Dawnflower's beliefs and serve as a servant to the people.

    Personality: Raised to be a servant of the faith, Jokoff carries himself with an air of humility and does his duty to the people without boasting. He does not ask for more than his fair share of a reward, though he does ask that any items of religious importance (holy symbols and texts) be given to him to either return to their faithful unless the item is of an evil god (which would result in its destruction). He tries to always believe in the good in others, seeking to better his community through hard work. However, if an individual proves to be evil and unrepentant, Jokoff will not hesitate to incapacitate them and bring them to justice, and if he faces a necromancer of any kind, the half-elf will have little mercy for such a foe as the undead are a true blight in the face of his goddess's life-giving love and those who create them believe themselves to be gods among men.

    Proper CS: Myth-Weavers Online Character Sheets
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  2. Looking good.
  3. Of course he's looking good, Jokoff's a sexy bitch.
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