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  1. Setting (open)

    Realm of the Mammoth Lords
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc99] Lost Land of the Distant North [/BCOLOR]
    "In the far, central north of Avistan stretches an ancient land where prehistoric beasts still roam. This region, the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, is a savage no man’s land, a wilderness as yet unclaimed by would-be conquerors. The hostile nature of the realm and its natives has so far kept those who would seek to invade at bay. As befits its name, the Realm of the Mammoth Lords is best known for its great beasts. Here, explorers can find several varieties of mammoths and mastodons, as well as herds of aurochs, bison, and stranger beasts grazing on the windswept prairies. Armored glyptodons and giant ground sloths browse on the tough, woody brush, stalked by cave lions and smilodons. Even dinosaurs occasionally range the Tusk lowlands, for many of the canyons in the Tusk Mountains are freakishly warm, creating perfect, albeit isolated, environments for the great saurians. Incredible rumors suggest that the beasts that make the realm famous somehow emerged from an impossible underworld with its own false sun, a savage microcosm of dinosaurs and primitive humans. The Pathfinder Society has mounted five expeditions to this rumored inner world, but none have ever returned from the country alive."

    More specifically, you guys are being plopped....

    "Gullik River: The western portion of this river marks the border between Irrisen and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. The Kellid tribes frequently clash with the witch-guided Ulfen warriors in this area, making this place bloody, lonely, and prone to hauntings by the ghosts of dead warriors unready to give up the living world. Furthermore, packs of trolls—both of the common and ice varieties—range the low country along the river, picking off Ulfen and Kellids alike, though more often than not, the creatures are in the service of the sinister Winter Witches, acting as a regenerating bulwark against the barbarous Mammoth Lords."

    Map (open)

    Character Creation Rules (open)
    Story so far: Your background (whatever that may be) has lead you to be currently be involved with an independent trading caravan traveling from Irrisen making it's way to Tian Xia by way of Icestair and across the frigid Crown of the World.

    Character Sheets: I will be creating a Roll20 for all your rolls, so I can keep track of them for evil purposes DM things.

    Starting Level: 1

    Stat Rules: Roll 2d6 and add 6 to that result. Roll up to 5 sets. Use Roll20 for this as well.

    Alignments: No real alignment restrictions. (Unless you can't play well with others. Chaotics Stupids need not apply.)

    Deities: All Golarion deities

    Crits & Fumbles: I will be using a generator for this. When you roll a natural 20, it adds an additional 20 on top of the check (Meaning a Nat 20 is a 40 before adding other modifiers). This is to head off shenanigans such as a goblin being as to pin the Tarrasque (which is possible, rules as written. But I am calling bullshit on that. xD) A natural 1 is an autofail BUT you don't automatically fumble. You get a reroll to keep from from something really bad happening, but another fail results in us going to the generator.

    Starting Wealth: Take the average of your class.

    HP: Max at level 1. Roll for additional levels. Reroll 1s and 2s

    Carrying Capacity: No need to worry too much, but if you are just lugging around 2 cannons, a Roc, and several pounds of coffee, there is going to be a problem.

    Character Background: Go ahead and get a image and type a little blerb about your character. I will be providing a character sheet for you on roll20, once I kick its ass get it up and running properly.

    Traits: You can get two for free. You can take one additional, if you take a drawback.

    Funky: Because I am a man of terrible ideas, I am giving you guys a free wish. Now, while I will not be trying to twist anything you say, I do have to approve what it is you would like. So please be relatively reasonable.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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  2. I'm here 8D
  3. Indeed you are! Sent you the link to the Roll20 thingy.
  4. *Opens the floodgates*
  5. Depending on when we play, I may be interested.
  6. It will be a thread, so post whereever you feel like. (Within reason)
  7. Still got spots open.
  8. I would be interested in joining in if you still got some space.
  9. Hah! We don't officially have a full party yet.

    I'll pm you the link to Roll20.
  10. Now I have done in person campaigns, I have done roll20 campaigns, and I have done a butt load of forum rps, I have yet to have done a forum based pathfinder rp so I just had some questions about some of the game mechanics.

    First off is how are you going to handle combat as we are going with the traditional back and forth posts but you talked about having us roll so I wasn't sure exactly how you wanted to keep that flowing as I know it would be touch having us each take one turn for that six second round.

    Second is, you are giving us each a Wish, do you want us using this before the start of the rp or is that something we can save for later use?

    Last is are we getting class starting equipment or just taking the average wealth and buying from there?
  11. I was actually thinking about the first one today. I ended up with the conclusion that we can use the normal initiative system. Once it is your turn you will have at least a couple of day to a week to get your post. If not, then onto the next person It will be.

    For the wish, It's for use at character creation only.

    And average wealth. You will get your loot, in time. I'm not stingy. XD
  12. Interesting, I suppose I wont get to use my Wish as a get out of jail free card then hahaha, but anyways I have mostly finished my sheet except for the Wish, still need to think on that. Can't wait to see what sort of fun items you throw our way!
  13. Nope. lol

    And make sure you get your traits and things.
  14. Knew I forgot something, should be good now. How much of a history do you want by the way, if you want a history.
  15. A little blerb about your background and how you ended up with the caravan is fine.

    Also, you can only have one rank in a skill at level one so you will have to redistribute some of your points.
  16. I'd be interested if you got spots. i love de pathfinder
  17. I have maybe 1-2 left. (since about 4 people have started plotting and things.) I didn't want it too big to scare people away, but you can join up.
  18. har har
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