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  1. How do you improve your roleplaying? What techniques do you sue?

    The goal here is to gather a resource of methods others use, so that maybe if no one has a method they can find one!
  2. 1 - Challenges in these Content Forums!

    2 - Pay attention in English classes (Not in school at the moment, so for now I read articles and writing websites and try to keep what I learned in said classes handy)

    3 - I don't rely on spellcheck. Spellcheck doensn't understand tone; it doesn't understand pacing; it doesn't catch mangled phrases such as 'waist of time' instead of 'waste of time', because it only wants the words to be spelled right. I read posts out loud to catch these things myself.

    4 - I read. A LOT. "Not every reader writes, but every writer reads!" and while I'm reading, I notice writing techniques and styles that I like, or that evoked strong responses, and I try to imitate them in my own style

    5 - I continually try new things to avoid getting stale
  3. Well, I study lots of different content like books, movies, series, games, songs, comics and the like. A lot. I mean really a lot. Everyone has their own major genre of what they love to play, watch, listen or read. Study everything that interests you, then try out something new to broaden your interests. Once you find another genre you're interested it and study the things that interest you in it, you already have new ideas. Do the things you like to do, try out something new, and then share it with us as a form of a roleplay. But don't ever use everything you learned in that single roleplay, because then you can and will run out of ideas very quickly for your next possible roleplay.
  4. Sources. Whenever I want to include some fancy words in my posts I always check on for word synonyms and antonyms. Another useful site you can consult is You can even subscribe to a special service, which sends you by e-mail a picked word of the day. These words are always interesting to check out. These sites can be of extreme help when you don't speak english as your first language like myself, so some new words are always good to add in your vocabulary.
  5. I firmly believe that the best way to improve your writing and roleplaying skills is to roleplay and write with people who are better than you.

    Not only do they set a good example and give you a very tangible goal to strive towards while at the same time giving you practice, but they also challenge you and give you a reason to try and measure up. Role models are very inspirational. If you can't find roleplay partners to inspire you, find something to read. Reading and exposing yourselves to talented writers (and to a variety of writers) will help you to diversify your knowledge of writing styles and to carve out your own niche.

    It sounds ridiculously simple because it is. Reading and writing more will help you to become a better writer.