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  1. Another simple, straight forward game: Paste whatever your phone/laptop/computer has copied in this thread! Could be a link, the last message you sent, a definition, I dunno. But I wanna know, so share that stuff here for all of Iwaku to see! 8D

    Here's mine to start things off:
    Rational Expressions are closed while division of integers is not closed.
  2. Ok, then.

    Chaos Dragon: Sekiryu Sen'eki Anonymous 9 hours ago No.122776186 >>122777489 >>122778310 >>122781666 >>122793184

    >Chaos Dragon is based on a RPF (role playing fiction) Red Dragon, created through TRPG (table-talk role-playing game) sessions by five character creators: Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Kinoko Nasu (Fate/stay night), Izuki Kougyoku (Garden Lost), Doriru Shima, and Ryogo Narita (Durarara!!).

    >Airing : Summer 2015
    >Director : Matsune Masato
    >Series Composition : Kodachi Ukyou
    >Screenplay : Aikawa Shou
    >Music : Hitoshi Sakimoto

    PV: [YouTube] 『ケイオスドラゴン』 AJ2015PV (embed)


    So, what to expect from this? The staff seems good outside the noob director, I glanced to the original and it looks really fun but it now there are some random changes like how Urobuchi's character is suddenly a woman. What is this about?
  3. Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video):

    I needed this for another thread. I'm glad it wasn't anything depressing.
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    Used this for the 10,000 posts thread from Raz
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  9. Love this game still.

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  10. so for plot reasons, i could use people picking up nappa, raditz, or vegeta, and i definitely need more Earth-based heroes

    plot-specific things we're going to need to hit during play are:

    1) Team Piccolo vs Team Saiyans
    2) Team Piccolo vs Earth
    3) Team Saiyans vs Earth

    and depending on how these battles end up, i foresee two potential ways this develops:

    4a) Surviving faction (Earth, Team Piccolo, or Team Saiyan) vs the other surviving faction
    4b) Any two of the factions teaming up against the third

    do you guys have further thoughts on how the Alterverse Saiyan Saga would play out?

    i imagine some optional things we could do in between these 3-4 major events would be:

    Option A: Players train with King Kai, Muten Roshi, Korin, Kami, or another mentor to gain strength
    Option B: Players search for other allies, perhaps even unusual ones such as Garlic Jr.

    With Goku out of the picture, a lot of side questing suddenly becomes viable options to take on opponents who are maxing out power levels in the 18,000s, like Nappa.

    ....its from a post for my DragonBall:Alterverse RP
  11. What's with all these images? O.o Isn't it just the URL that is technically stored in your copy-paste memory? I suppose that would be boring, though... Ah, well! Here's mine.

    The tattoos Tomas favored weren't Svetlana's usual cup of tea; maybe she was actually somewhat conservative deep down, yet she wouldn't dream of wearing something so ridiculously colorful and striking on her own skin. Her philosophy had always been that a tattoo should enhance the natural beauty instead of turning her into a walking canvas, but she did have to admit the design in itself was very... interesting, although in a peculiar way. Kinda like pictures hanging in galleries. Sveta almost wished to touch it. Did tattooed skin feel different? She vividly remembered her father telling her horror stories devised solely to discourage her from getting the procedure done; he had described it as an art of Satan that left the skin somewhat burned. Svetlana obviously hadn't believed it, mainly because it was a common knowledge that tattoo artists used needles instead of fire, but it did make sense that structure of the skin would be changed in some way. Hmmm. On a scale to one from ten, how inappropriate would it be to initiate a physical contact?

    As Quinn's reaction pointed out, the answer was 'over 9000.' Oh right, I'm supposed to act like his girlfriend. Molesting strangers out of curiosity would be dramatically out of character for me. What wouldn't be dramatically out of character for someone with slightly trollish tendencies like Sveta was, however, taking advantage of the situation and turning it into a joke. "You're such a party pooper, Quinn," the Russian exclaimed in a tone ringing with disappointment. "Don't you know all the great porn scenes begin like this? Come on, this set-up was flawless. We had everything including a weak semblance of a plot and an excuse for him to get naked and then you ruin everything!" She let the pure craziness of her words sink in for a while before erupting into laughter. "Sorry, couldn't resist. It was too easy. You know I love you, right?" Svetlana accompanied her reassurance with a gentle pat on his shoulder, secretly quite amazed how easily had the lie rolled from her lips. Shouldn't love confession be a bigger deal? Well, apparently not.

    Tomas and Quinn continued to chat until they managed to touch an uncomfortable topic. Few days ago, Svetlana might have reacted in an inappropriate manner, but pain was the best teacher and the experience from yesterday had been burned into her mind very well. "Yes, it's horrible to which extent will some people go just to hurt each other. I can definitely understand the desire to get away. Do you have any concrete plans? Have you thought about leaving the country? There's a big world out there after all," Sveta said, hoping the question would steer the conversation to a different direction. The fact she could hide her true thoughts about this matter did not mean she enjoyed discussing it.

    ... Err. I think that's the end of my friend's roleplay post, which I was copying into a different document so that I wouldn't forget to reply.
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