Pastas Come Out At Midnight

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  1. Feel free to use already existing Pastas or your own

    "Remember honey, children who aren't home by midnight get bad things done to them!"

    "I know mommy, I'll be back soon."

    The little girl then took off running with her doll in tote. She ran down the road tand towards the forest to visit her grandmother.

    The forest was large but she knew her way.

    But when she left the home if her grandmother it was dark near the midnight hour....

    She shivered due to the thick darkness.

    She used the flashlight her grandmother gave her and proceeded through the scary woods.

    She occasionally heard the sound of someone or something following her and would spin around only to see nothing!?

    This continued for a while until the only time that she spun around she saw something that she hasn't expected.

    It was a dog!

    Being a child she was excited to see a dog it made her feel safe, she approaches the beast which looks a bit like a husky.

    "Hey doggy! Come here!"

    She was now inches away from the dog and as she reached her hand out to it, it's lips curled into a smile showing off human like teeth!

    Its fur changed to stringy black hair like fur, the ears were now gone, there wasn't any fur on its face nor did it have fur on its sides of its stomach or paws. Its snout was long and its eyes wide.

    "You should've listened to your momma!"

    With that the creature lunged forward!

    And screams filled the forest.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.