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  1. Oh you know how much your parents used to 'lie' you when you were kids because of your age. But you also answered most of the questions by yourself and as you grew up, you learned that what you once thought was right became wrong.

    Don't judge but, I used to think babies came from watermelon. Silly me! I was way wrong about that but I know better now c:

    So, what were your beliefs back then? I'm pretty sure most will have a good laugh ^ ^ Oh, the good ole innocent days!
  2. I used to believe that if I tried hard enough, that I could get adult to do what I wanted with my mind. My mother was concerned as to why I always looked constipated when I was trying to get her to order pizza for dinner or something. LOL.
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  3. I had no understanding of banks or checking accounts when I was younger.

    So whenever I was with my parents when they dropped by an ATM to withdraw cash, I thought it was just like magically giving them money. I always asked why they didn't take out more lol.
  4. Chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

    Credit cards are magical items that produce money

    The tap water in the bathroom tastes better than the tap water in the kitchen

    The car signals tell mom what way to turn
  5. When I was a little kid, I was really mad that putting a sheet over my head didn't scare anyone. On TV ghosts that look like that scared everyone! It wasn't fair. :c

    After tasting my first McNugget, I legitimately believed that McD's soaked sponges in chicken-flavored grease, battered 'em up, and fried them. My parents could not convince me that it was actual chicken meat chopped up into little bits.

    There was definitely something living down the drain in the bathtub. Never did figure out what it was, but it smelled bad.

    I also thought that my cats were mildly telepathic. Since I couldn't communicate with them, they thought I was stupid and tried to teach me basic sign language. I spent hours figuring out how to "talk" to my cats. DISCLAIMER: we actually have a decent sign language going on now. They know about half a dozen commands by sight and I can tell maybe two dozen expressions of theirs. It paid off! Sorta.

    Oh, and this one's a bit more specific, but I was really confused when I first figured out that normal people are only attracted to people of the opposite sex. :c
  6. This in particular helped me as a child:

    Whenever I saw something scary in a dream or when I watched a movie that scared me I would close my eyes to make it go away. It was kinda lucid dreaming in some way when I did have a scary dream because I would transfer into another dream.
  7. You know I'm not sure you were wrong!

    The one that stands out in my mind was Abraham Lincoln was African American. I was dumbfounded when I was informed all US Presidents were white men.
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  8. When I was really young my grandfather told me that if I ever touched my belly button my arms would fall off. O.o

    He also told me that the reason he had a big gut was because he swallowed a watermelon seed and it just started to grow.
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  9. "Normal"
    You forgot the sarcastic quotation marks ;P
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  10. o .o I think most people can relate when I say...

    I still believe in the 'force'. I stare at my tv remote for hours and mentally will it to come to me... It'll work one day I am sure of this!
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  11. You remember those commercials for those Gushers fruit snacks? (I don't watch TV anymore so I dunno if those still show up or not.) When I was a wee Fluff, I believed that eating those really would make your head turn into a fruit. The idea terrified me and when my mom bought some for me, I screamed and threw the box into another room. o__o No matter how often she told me it wasn't a real thing, I still refused to try them until I was, like, 11 or something.

    I also thought that worms would bring me good luck, so I'd regularly collect them in buckets. I have no idea where I got such an idea, but my mom told me it's a thing I did as a kid. *shrugs* She also told me I'd 'give them baths' by putting the hose in the buckets of worms...

    ... Huh. Now I wonder if drowning all those lucky worms is why I run into so much misfortune. Damn you, karma. >>; I WAS YOUNG. I DIDN'T KNOW WORMS COULDN'T BREATHE IN WATER.
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  12. When I was little, I used to believe that chocolate milk came from a brown cow.
    I also used to think that everything that bounced on the screen was candy.

    Strange enough?
  13. I kept thinking severed heads would fall out of the cup board with the glasses when I opened it up. So I always opened them at an angle while standing as far back as possible.

    T-thanks, Sleepy Hollow
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  14. I used to think that being a 'grown up' would be this easy thing. I even made a checklist.

    -Move out into a college dorm
    -Get rich
    -Become a superhero and everyone will love you

    Now it's more like:

    -Move out
    -Eat peanut butter cause your dipshit roomies ate all the food
    -One word; TUITION. -.-
    -Rich? Oh my gawd my naiveness...
    -Superhero? That...would only be true if I had a dog that loved the shit outta me.

    I also used to believe that the creature off of Jeepers Creepers was real, and I was also convinced that it was out to get me so I started to sleep with my German Shepard cause dogs fix everything.
  15. I used to think my backyard was huuuuuuuge. Now it just looks normal.

    Also there was a vampire in the bathroom closet, which was directly across from the mirror so you probably wouldn't see it come out while brushing your teeth.
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  16. My mum used to tell me that there was a monster in the garage that would come and get me if I was bad.

    When I was little, I used to try my damnedest to use the Force. I still do.
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  17. May the Force be withing you @Seiji and everyone else, of course.
  18. I remember saying this before but my mother said I would wrinkle so bad in the tub if I stayed in the water too long she would have to use the hot iron to get them out. I started taking showers cause she said that :/ but now I love to soak in the bubbles for as long as I can. I remember truly believing it was true though, enough to have cried bout it. XD
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