Past Becomes Present (mxf if possible)

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  1. Hello,

    So I had a idea for a story. It takes place in modern times. But also in the past. A demon (of my partners choice) fate and future are wrapped up in a young woman (my character), who doesn't know anything about who she is. But her and the demon, who is masked as a human, have a deep romantic past together. The young women is a reincarnation of his past lover. Who he needs to try and make the future and modern day woman fall in love with him. The young woman does have dreams of a past life with some demon, she does not who he is. But she feels the love he has for her.

    That's just a little bit of what I am thinking. Mind you the story can go anywhere and have many things happen. So if you think this is up your ally, let me know. I am fully up for discussion and what you would can to add. :) Character Sheets are not a must. But if you would like to have one. Then feel free.
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  2. I'd be up for it. ^^
  3. Sounds like a Plan. Would you mind doing it in pvt messages? Or which ever? And your call if you care to do a Character Sheet.. If you do one, I will as well.
  4. I'm up! I like it! Can I use my own demon?
  5. Sounds good. If you want. You can make a small background story on him and how he came to know her. If you would like too. or just a story intro on him.
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  6. OK, cool! Do we do it in Pm? I already have my character all set out. ^^
  7. Yes. We can fully do it right here in the PM.
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