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  1. Uh. Yeah. There. Created a thread~
  2. (character One)​

    Name: Marrik
    Age: 17
    Appearance: He has bright red hair, and emerald green eyes. Marrik usually wears dark clothes, mainly black, but can stray to a dark grey or blue. He has two tattoos, one on his left arm, and one on the right side of his chest. The one on his arm is of two wolves, fighting. The one on his chest, of a rather elegant looking dragon, red with gold specks and piercing icy blue eyes. Other than that, he had a lip piercing, a small, golden ring, on the left side of his bottom lip.
    Personality: Marrik can be aggressive towards others, apart from those who he is friends with. He can get easily agitated. When he's not being a grumpy so-and-so, he can be kind, and seeks to help those he likes. He's very loyal, and will try his best to do as his friends ask.
    BIO: He grew up with his foster carers in a small apartment, after his family mysteriously disappeared. He lived there with his brother, and pet dog Koko. He got kicked out of school when he was 16, because he kept getting into fights.
    Other: He has a cuddly duck toy which he keeps in a bag, he calls it Quackers. ^^
  3. (Character Two)
    Name: Alex

    Age: 15

    Appearance: he has short mousy brown hair, and deep chocolate brown eyes. He likes to wear red and green clothes, for some reason. He has one piercing in his right war, a small golden stud. He wears a dog tag round his neck, with his name on it. He's pretty small for a 15 year old.

    Personality: Alex is pretty outgoing and can be pretty childish at times. He's pretty adventurous, and it's as it he has no fear. He looks up to his brother, and will usually do as he is told to by him, unless he really wants to do something, in which case, he will go ahead and do so, anyway. He's a pretty optimistic guy.

    Bio: Pretty much the same kind of Bio as Marrik, except he is still in school. He gets bullied alot though, because of his height.

    Other: He always carries several bags of jelly beans with him wherever he goes. Sometimes, it's as if he has an unlimited supply.
    (Marrik's brother.)
  4. Klarissa
    Age: fifteen
    Appearance: she has dark brown hair that reaches her shoulders and are cut in layers. She has blue eyes. Klarissa stands at 5'1 and weighs only 102.

    Personality: Klarissa is a bit short tempered and sarcastic. Though when she is with people she loves, she can be a bit energetic and fun.

    Bio: loves to play guitar and draw. Is always by her twin brother. They do fight sometimes but always make up.

    Age: fifteen
    Personality: strict, uptight, has self confidence as though he was born a leader. A lot of times he does seem a bit serious, but he has a good sense of humor.

    Bio: plays drums, which is the only way he releases anger and stress without causing a scene.

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  12. Klarissa and Kyle IC

    The last bell, signifying the end of school.
    It was the last day of school for the students, which meant summer break.
    The twins, Klarissa and Kyle, were going to hang out with a couple of friends after school. They weren't sure what they would be doing just yet, but knew they should make the best of it. They wanted this summer to mean something.
    "Where are they?" Klarissa asked Kyle, beginning to get a bit impatient.
    "Give them time Klar," was his answer.
    Klarissa sighed and rolled her eyes. She knew to give them time, she just didn't want to have Kyle remind get of that.
  13. Marrik had been lying around the house, watching tv and gaming mostly. His eyes flicked towards the clock for the umpteenth time, checking the time once again. Crap, he was late again. He saved his game, and shit down the console, before rushing out the house, followed by his springer spaniel Koko, who was jumping around at his heels in excitement.

    He was supposed to meet his younger brother and his friends outside the school. His brother and friends were two years younger than him, but that didn't bother him, he still thought they were pretty cool, all things considered. He locked the door behind him, adjusting the small black bag slung around his shoulder. His foster parents were gone for the week, so that meant he and Alex could do whatever they wanted, within reason, of course.

    Five minutes later, he arrived at the school, Koko right beside him, panting. "Hey." He muttered, waving an arm lazily towards the twins that were waiting there. "Still waiting for Alex?" He guessed, glancing towards the school doors.

    Meanwhile, Alex, who they were all now waiting for, was stuck in a locker. Some idiot had stuffed him in there, again. He banged once more on the hard blue steel, there had to be someway out. That's when he remembered, there were usually a release button on the inside of these lockers! He fumbled around in the dark, searching for the small button. Finally, he found it, and the locker door swung open, sending him toppling out onto the floor. He sat up, shaking his head, messing up his hair further. He didn't care, though. He was out of the locker, and that was what mattered!

    "Finally!" He shouted, maybe too loud. He hurriedly slammed the locker door closed, and grabbed his stuff up off the floor outside, before rushing to meet his friends outside the school gates. "Sorry I'm late!" He called, skidding to a halt as he reached the three others, reaching down to pet Koko softly, a smile etched onto his face. "So, what do you guys want to do today?"
  14. The twins, Klarissa and Kyle, continued to wait patiently.
    Marrick most likely is running late, which wouldn't be new.
    Kyle then got a thought, "you think Alex got himself in more trouble again?"
    Klarissa looked up at her taller brother. If it the difference between them weren't obvious by gender, it was definitely obvious through height.
    Klarissa was a short girl, whereas Kyle was a tad bit taller than the average height for males his age.
    "If he comes any later we'll look for him," the girl stated. Just as those words left her mouth, Marrick arrived.
    "Hey," Klarissa greeted his arrival.
    Kyle sent a small nod towards Marrick, his way of saying 'hey'.
    "Just waiting on Alex," Kyle clarified Marrick's statement.
    A couple minutes late, the teenaged boy finally made his way out.
    "What happened to you?" Klarissa asked him once noticing his messy hair.
    It was easier to look at Alex than the other two for Klarissa, he was closer to her height whereas Kyle and Marrick towered over them.
  15. Alex looked up at her, before standing up, shrugging. "Got shoved in a locker. Again." Marrik rolled his eyes, snorting. "Hey, it's not my fault!" He countered with a huff, glaring up at his older brother. "Whatever..." He shook his head slowly, scratching at the back of his head, ruffling his bright red hair. "Any way, what are we doing?" Marrik asked, changing the subject, as he fiddled idly with his lip ring. Alex shrugged, looking at each of the twins, taking a packet of jelly beans out of his pocket, and popping one in his mouth. Alex hoped they'd pick something fun, and exciting, because he liked fun and exciting things! Whatever it was, he could't wait, unlike his brother, who looked as if he couldn't care less.
  16. Klarissa looked towards Alex and back up at Marrick.
    "Um I saw this strange looking place in the woods the other day," she said, almost shyly.
    Kyle looked down at her. "What were you doing there?" He asked his twin. Unfortunately, they couldn't always be together, therefore Kyle didn't know Klarissa's whereabouts at all times.
    "Thought I saw something and decided to check it out...but I found some sort of passage instead," Klarissa shrugged as her brother sighed.
    "You guys up for a little adventure then?" He raised an eyebrow at the two brothers, waiting for their answer.
  17. Alex's face lit up, and he started jumping up and down on the spot in excitement. "Yes!!" The dog started barking, tail wagging furiously as he ran around the small group, brushing against each of the teenagers legs, rowed up by Alex's behaviour. "Yeah. Yeah, calm down." He chuckled quietly, placing a hand on Alex's head to calm him down. "Yeah, sounds good, Kyle." He confirmed, nodding his head.

    (My posts shall get longer when I get home and on my iPod.)
  18. Klarissa giggled slightly as the little dog brushed against her leg.
    She loved dogs, but never showed it much.
    Kyle nodded once seeing everyone was in on Klarissa's idea.
    "Looks like we're exploring today folks. Lead the way sis," he said to the short female beside him.
    Klarissa nodded and began to walk ahead.
    Right before they left school grounds, Klarissa stopped. "Should we bring anything?" She didn't want to go in done strange place in the woods and up getting lost with nothing but the clothes on their backs.
  19. "Yeah! I might run out of jelly beans!" Marrik snorted, shaking his head. "You? Run out of jelly beans? Hah. I don't think so." He then turned to Klarissa, ignoring his brother, who was now ignoring him, shoving jelly beans into his mouth. "I think we probably should. Ya know, we don't want to get lost out there, with no supplies." Alex raised his hand, swallowing his mouthfull of jelly sweets quickly. "We could go to our house and get some stuff! Mum and Dad aren't back until like, next week, so we can take whatever we want!" The younger brother was now jumping up and down on the spot, clapping his hands together in excitement.

    Koko continued to run around the group, nipping at the ankles of each of the teenagers, as if telling them "hurry up already! Let's go go go!"
  20. Kyle shook his head at Alex's actions. He was more of a five year old than a fifteen year old.
    "Alright, your place it is,"he stated as he jammed his hands in his pockets.
    Klarissa nodded and turned to walk to Alex and Marrick's place.
    They've been there plenty of times for her to know where to go without having to be shown by one of the brothers.
    "Let's not take too long," Klarissa stated, wanting to hurry and check out the strange passageway.
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