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  1. Hello there, everyone!

    I used to be a frequent user of this site, trying to join threads left and right. I ended up biting off way more than I could chew, dropped out of threads, and left after a while. It never occurred to me back then, but I was probably never put the blame on myself, even though I should have a long time ago.

    So, in an attempt to justify my, in my own opinion, stupid and juvenile behaviour, I've come back to give this site a member it doesn't need to be ashamed of anymore.

    So, what can you expect from a thread with me?

    * Be prepared for a long wait, probably a couple of hours between replies. My first mistake that I want to correct from here on out is that I never proofread my texts, making them jumbled, short and overall a mess to read through.

    * I will write out longer replies, usually a couple paragraphs. It'd be super kind if you could try to write about the same length.

    * A lot of flexibility. Usually I will only have a singular plotline, and it can go anywhere, as long as the context calls for it, of course.

    What do I expect in return?

    * I don't want to beat a dead horse, so I won't nag about proper English or two-line replies. I expect you to know this already.

    * Please, describe locations for me. It will help us both out, as it will provide a better picture of where our characters are, and will help keep the story vivid and entertaining.

    * I cannot stress this enough, but if you have something to say, say it. Think the plot is moving at a pace you're not comfortable with? Or is a character too two-dimensional to enjoy the thread? Just say it out loud. I'm here to learn from my mistakes, so I'd appreciate the effort of you pointing them out.

    So, what kind of content do you want to create?

    Remember what I mentioned about flexibility? Well, I'm down for pretty much anything that isn't with already established characters.

    Want to take a concept from a movie you thought was interesting? You got it.
    Want to mix and match mechanics from different medium to keeps things interesting? Sounds great.

    But as soon as characters someone else than the two of us wrote, it's a no go.


    Gradual Madness (open)


    These are all words that has been used to describe you during your criminal days. Days that are now behind you. Days you left behind you after you successfully finished your spree of slaughters. Nobody knows it was you. Nobody knows why you did it. And most importantly of all, nobody knows where half the evidence for the cases went.

    Except you.

    And your victims.

    But they can keep a secret, can't they?

    Supervised at all times. (open)

    The national government sure likes to keep secrets. Some are more devastating to reveal than others, and a facility where the military has been conducting experiments on "missing" individuals would most likely be ranked very, very highly on that list.

    From restoring destroyed body parts and organs to being turned into governing bodies of the facility, these experiments are kept under lock and key from the rest of the world, and the people who are taken there usually never see the light of day again. If they try to get their way to the surface, the most secret project of them all, nicknamed GOKaSS , will probably find them first.

    (So I thought this one could go one of two ways. Either one of us plays an investigator who's trying to find out what was happening in that place, only to be trapped by GOKaSS , or someone is trying to escape the facilities during a shutdown of GOKaSS. Either one works by me.)

    Let's see how you like it. (open)

    The patient has been treated for heavy head injuries. They should be singing prayers that the resulting effects weren't anything more damaging than loss of eyesight. This kind of injury usually leads to way more serious cases, but not this one.

    Yet, the patient seemes displeased. For one reason or another, they act like losing their eyesight is the worst thing in the world. We know that the patient knows a person who can tutor them in how to get by in life with these conditions, but the person in question seemed reluctant to help.

    We know that the two have had some kind of history together, but we don't know the specifics.

    Anyway, the tutor is on their way. There's only a matter of time to see how the patient reacts.

    Fallen from Grace (open)

    A long time ago, angels and demons were a common sight among the everyday townsfolk. Angles walked amongst them, their defining wings visible only to those who believed that they actually existed. Demons worked in a similar fashion, and usually worked in an isolated manner or were shunned entirely.

    As the belief in these celestial and infernal beings were starting to cease, so did the people's ability to notice them or their doings. Miracles and catastrophes alike started being write off as coincidences or natural causes, and the immortal beings themselves soon fell into obscurity.

    They started integrating into the modern society, at times "disappearing" in order to reappear as another identity.

    The angels sometimes wonder if faith has been lost entirely. Maybe there was someone out there who still believed?

    The Inner Voice (open)

    There's always that one person in the classroom. The kind that only keeps to themselves. This specific person stays alone more than would be considered healthy. They have some weird habits, like quietly mumbling to themselves, suddenly breathing heavily and erratically as well as screaming whenever someone makes sudden contact with them.

    The classmates of this person have already drawn their own conclusions that the person in question is afraid of people, but the truth is a bit more complex than that. The person actually has hidden murderous thoughts, manifested through a voice in their head. They're trying to hide it by limiting their exposure to others, but when a classmate makes it their mission to become a friend of theirs, hiding themselves would prove difficult.

    Other things I'll love to play are:

    * The kidnapper can be pretty much anything. Go nuts.

    War Times
    * Always an interesting and viable pick.
    * Can either be on the same side, i.e. a tactical commander and a soldier or something similar, or opposing sides, either by being a tactical prisoner, spy, or just secret love visits. It's all up to you.

    * Ah, criminals.
    * An example could be a simple hitman/target play, but if you have a good idea, just speak up.

    * Here on out is going to be odd, but interesting.
    * What this means is being stuck with only the other character. Where usually doesn't matter.
    * If you've seen shows like Danganronpa, it's following a similar concept. People are trapped, and are trying to get out. Twists happen frequently.

    Pretty much anything involving a blind character.
    * A bit of a weak spot of mine.

    Anything that gets dark and gorey is a hell to the yes.
    * Horror, mental hauntings, insane killers, you name it. Anything's fair, so bring your worst.
    * Includes, but is not limited to, characters dealing with trauma, experimentation as well as being assaulted.
    * If you feel like you have a similar concept but don't want to go into a specific region, tell me. I'll be happy to limit myself to your needs.

    I will write up a few more plotlines in this post over time, but don't be afraid to send me your idea, and we can work something out from there!

    For now, thanks for reading, and I hope you'll give me a chance!
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  4. Hello :) I'm interested in doing a rp with you if you would like to pm me :) I hope it's alright that I like to do pm one x ones!
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  13. Hi! I'm interested in Let's See How You Like It and Gradual Madness. :>
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