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  1. Being the Dark Lord sure was boring. Being stuck in a castle with just your small familiars and no visitors save for those who want to kill you and "Save the land!" or "Complete the ultimate quest!"...sigh...what a sad life...
    But being the Dark Lord did have it's advantages. Power, for one. And magic that could transform you into...wait...
    "I got it..!"
    In the morning the demon, in her new human skin, headed out on a quest! A quest for what exactly?
    Who knows?

    In a nutshell, everyone meets up in a pub or something and decide that they could kick ass and decide to create an adventure party. Then shenanigans ensue.
    Please give suggestions.
    1. No god-modding.
    2. Be respectful ooc.
    3. Keep swearing to a minimum. A fuck or two here and there are fine but not 5 swears within the first sentence.
    4. No nsfw content. Minor blood and violence is okay but no smut, please. If you absolutly /have/ to, take it to your own thread.
    5. Only one of each class allowed. If someone picks a Gunner, you have to pick something else.
    Current Players:
    1. Hunzii (Me) - Dark Lord/Rookie Flandre
    2. MissChoco - Gunner Yang
    3. Crono - Bard Nev
    Character app:
    Class: (Bard, Gunner, Dancer[P much just dances around and stabs people I guess?], Bartender[Lets say it's like an alchemist], or Merchant[Like a rouge])
    Face Claim: (Not needed but greatly encouraged. Anime preferred)
    Extra Info:
    First come first serve for spaces. I'm not expecting this to be a top notch RP, so just have fun!
    This is all based off of the vocaloid song Party x Party. Search it up on Youtube if you have a minute to spare, it's a good song.​
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  2. Edit: Didn't like the character so I'm using one of my own characters rather than one I just made up on the spot + changing a few things. Okay? Okay.

    Name: Flandre
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown, appears to be an older teen
    Class: Demon/Rookie
    Appearance: Tall, pale, and surprisingly well kept. She has long and thick dark teal-ish hair and bright yellow eyes. Flan often wears a thick wool sweater and baggy pants along with an over the shoulder bag filled with books and things she might need, like food.
    Face Claim: Kisa Tanigawa from Absolute Bay
    Personality: Fairly neutral and quiet. She may seem quite cold and distant, but when you get to know her she can be quite a nice person to have around. She loves to talk about books and could go on for ever about anything she has an interest in.
    History: Unknown. She was stuck as the "Dark Lord" as long as she could remember. She hates it tbh...
    Extra Info:
    -In reality she has horns, a large pair of ears (think Fennic Fox), and a large fluffy tail.
    -She has the ability to summon small familiars, though they're all at the castle and she doesn't really like summoning them away incase they're doing something important.
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  3. Name: Yang
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Class: Gunner
    Appearance: Quite tall, slightly muscular, and pale. She has thick, messy blonde hair which goes slightly past her waist, and light purple-ish blue-ish eyes. She normally wears a tight brown jacket with a black tanktop underneath, some tight black shorts, and some military boots with a more fashionable form.
    Face Claim: [Example] (She's based off of Yang from RWBY, but not completely like the original character.)
    Personality: She is very tomboyish, except for when it comes to her hair. If you mess with her hair in any way, shape, or form, expect to not live for too much longer (to put it nicely). She loves fighting and action, and can have some pretty brutal jokes and nicknames. She'd rather not show her caring side, so instead she puts a strong look of confidence, which can sometime be intimidating though most times she is just trying to be nice.
    History/Biography: She was born to two normal, loving parents... Until they decided to throw her into a fighting class when she was only 5 years old. Since then, she has been obsessed with using heavy artillery weapons and powerful guns. She was shaped into a natural fighter, though she still knows how to be lighthearted and have fun.

    (Let me know if I didn't fill out anything correctly or need to change anything. :P)
  4. Congrats, MissChoco, you're in!
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  5. *Crashes in though window* TOTALY IN!

    Name: Nev Fernlon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21 (or so he says)
    Class: Bard
    6'8" in hight and rather light. His right eye is a emerald green while a claw scar tares though his left eye leaving it milky white. His left ear is missing.
    Face Claim:
    See above.
    Personality: A friendly and jolly guy, Nev always wants to keep spirits high and smiles true. People often call Nev Never because you can be the devil for all he cares and he never gives a shit. Nev loves hear and tell stories, true or not.
    History: Born in a traveling carnival by two musicians, Nev was trained from birth on how to play the finest songs anyone will ever hear. In his teens, a pack a wargs attacked the carnival and he was forced to flee by his parents, but not after having his face slashed by one of the beasts. He travelled down road for years, perfecting his trade to a magical extent. He often stops at bars to get wasted and gain some coin.
    Extra Info: His music is so enchanting that some monsters can be calmed by it. It also can strengthen his allies in several ways. Due to his past, the only thing that truly scares Nev is wargs.
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  6. Congrats, Crono, you are also in!
    3/6...maybe if we can get one or two more I'll make the starter or should we wait until we have 6/6?
  7. I think we should cut our losses at 5 or 4. People tend to want to join more after seeing how a RP will work.
  8. I think that when Flandre leaves to find some fun her castle is cast of to the other side of the world (for reasons) So the fellowship of the party have to journey there, taking quests, owning dungeons, and fighting monsters. Just a idea.
  9. Yeah, I was thinking about something like that too.
    And if we can get 1 more person I'll make the starter then.
  10. I think the IC should be in Fantasy btw.
  11. ^^^ Yeah, I also agree that it would be fine to put it in Fantasy. It would probably gain more interest as well.
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