Party Time

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    Let's say you are having this super awesome party in a super awesome house. You can invite five people. Which five people would you invite?

    This can be ANYONE. Family and friends? Celebrities? Authors?

    What would be the entertainment? :D
    Would it go well all the way through or would the police eventually show up?
  2. Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Nathan Fillion, James Roday, and my friend Leah.
  3. Police would show up - I tell you that right now.

    The entertainment would be Slipknot. Playing there older harder songs.

    We would than invite Anderson Silva, Cain Velasquez, Charlie Sheen (just to make sure everyone had more than just alcohol in there drinks) and my buddies Troy and Mindy.
  4. Four strippers and Bill F****** Murry!
  5. ... October, you worry me deeply.

    I'd invite Fluffy, of course. <3
    Then my only two lameass friends IRL.
    Dream Theatre's drummer and guitarist to keep us entertained.
  6. I'd invite my four besties and Khan from Kamelot.

    ...We'd prolly get arrested. >>;
  7. Tegan, Eva Green, Robert Downey Junior, Stephen Fry and Alanis Morisette.