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  1. Up above the hills of Jade Town, a house stood nearly shaking from the loud music and teenager's all inside of it! The house is already nearly full, but yet more people plan on coming! Inside the house a makeshift stage is being made for a local band, and already speakers around the house are playing Timber- Pitbull feat. Kesha. In the basement and next to the pool, two seperate games of beer pong are being made, and several people are already jumping into the pool with their clothes on! It's a nice night, not a cloud in the sky, and not a cup empty! Enjoy your stay, and party hard ;D

    (The party is at Cheshire's house, but Drake lives right next door. There is a string on teh stair case leading upstairs that reads "Stay Out!" but would that really stop a group of parties?)
  2. Tonight was the night. The huge party of Jade Town was about to happen, and the one and only Ted Wilson was going to be part of it. The head goalie of the varsity soccer team checked himself once more within his car. He wore his classic blue Adidas shoes with cargo shorts and a black Nike shirt with just the usual logo swoosh. He slipped a piece of Dentyne gum within his mouth, chewing it soundly. His hand went into his pocket, checking once more to see if his wallet was there, and indeed it was. Ted pulled it out of his pocket before opening it, grinning at the contents. There was fifty bucks and a condom. The fifty bucks was if anyone else within the party wanted to withdraw and do something else for a moment. The condom was self explanatory. Ted was known for his skill of getting women and he has never once been to a party without at least getting with a girl. He then applied the finishing touch, a spray of Old Spice around his body. He had to smell good for tonight or he wouldn't be able to approach anyone.

    Ted turned on the radio before switching to the rap and hip-hop station. Childish Gambino's 3005 came on and he decided that he would chill to the song, waiting for it to finish while seeing who else would arrive. He knew the party was already going but he decided that he would not enter the house yet.
  3. Darren's van stopped in front of Cheshire's house that was already pretty alive. Three modern Musketeers took their time to listen to the wrecking music and voices coming from the pool in the backyard. Darren turned off the engine and raised his nerdy glasses, looking at his watch. Honestly, he had to be one of rare examples that still seriously used watches and preferred to nurture his time telling away from cell phone, radio and every other thing that had clock on it.
    "Wow," He spoke, causing Skylar and Richard to pay their attention to him. "It is still pretty early, and yet there are so many people already." He felt a bit nervous. It was the first time he would preform in front of so much people. Dempsey siblings already did it before, but it was all new to him. He jerked when long bony hand slapped and grabbed his shoulder. "Day-Day, please. It's Mr. Craze. Every second of his party is valuable." Rick groaned lightly, pulling up in a sitting position. He tended to use the back seat to take a nap. He was usually pretty tired after the practice but hey, it was the most anticipated party by far. He couldn't possibly miss it out and let Cheshire down.

    Darren rolled his eyes, partially on being called Day-Day, and partially because Ricky could never understand him. How could he? He was popular, good looking and constantly on the basketball court as true star. Not to mention this whole band thing.
    "Yes Ricky, whatever. Just go back to taking advantage of my van's back seat." He smirked, looking at Richard in the rear view mirror. "If you abuse it for a purpose other than just snoring on it, I might go easy on you for that." He barely sustained his laughter as Skylar burst out laughing herself. "Oh god damn! Such burn I don't even..." She laughed again. Richard scratched the back of his head, and used van's rear view mirror to fix his hair. "You know what? Laugh all you want. I bet there will be some pretty cute girls there tonight. Even nerds enjoy this shit. They just won't admit it."

    Richard made last checks, before he slide opened the back door. Before jumping out, he remembered. "Oh yeah!" He reached back in and all over Darren's hair, messing it up. "And you can't have any, Day-Day." He laughed out loud and got out, opening the part that contained instruments. Darren did his best to fix his hair back the way it was, mumbling along the way. He turned to Skylar. "Do I look fine?" Skylar chuckled and kissed her palm, before slapping it against Darren's cheek playfully. "As a god damn cupcake."


    Once they managed to pick up all the instruments, they moved towards the entrance doors. Skylar was chewing on toothpick instead of the cigarette since she tried to give it a break with those crappy things. She carried electric and bass guitar, while Darren and Richard were stumbling and swearing over the parts of drums they carried. Not waiting for them to catch up, she stood in front of the doors and rang few times with addition of maniacal knocks, just to make sure she is heard through all that noise. "Son of a...ugh!" Richard stumble beside her, putting down the bass drum. "If I play sports it doesn't mean I'm a freakin' Hulk."

    "Come on now. It ain't that bad, Ricky boy. Stop being miss sissy." Darren teased, as he put down the cymbals. He looked around. "Say Sky, you rang already?" Skylar turned to Darren, raising her dark eyebrow underneath the hat. "Can't you see the perfect dent that my fist made in the doors?" Richard laughed and poked her biceps. "Aye, aye, so strong. She beats me up every day Day-Day, be careful." Darren nodded. "No doubt about it." Richard stared at him. "What?! No, no, no man, we're dudes, we stick together, alright?" Skylar interrupted. "Aye, exactly. That is why you fail." She waited a bit longer, before she threw away the toothpick and grabbed the door handle. "Screw this." Unsurprisingly, it was opened. She got in carrying the guitars, and the boys followed. "Helloooo! Someone ordered the three jesters for the king?!"

  4. Foka Alcatraz stood at the side of the pool with bare feet. He had left his shoes by the door, a pair of slip-on, black Marrells. For the moment, he stood facing the house, watching silently as the windows vibrated. Upon entering nearly ten minutes earlier, he had found himself almost overwhelmed, and had retreated to the pool where there were a few less people.

    "Ah, America," he muttered, flexing his bare toes on the tile. He figured he could take a few more minutes to finish his break. There were a few things he had decided to ponder anyways. For instance; how many people were really going to show up? It was only his first year as a transfer student from Russia. Barely any experience, not too many friends, too many fistfights - none of which he regretted. Aside from the feeling of his knuckles meeting someone's bare face, the adrenaline of beating the shit out of something was exhilarating -- much better than any high he had ever gone through. It was an addiction, but Foka had no fights planned for the night. Nothing he would start, at least.

    One last sigh left his lips, a side glance to the retards in the pool before he walked back to the glass door that led back into the house. Marrells were slipped back on once he was inside. He didn't feel like having his bare feet tred on. On a separate note, it appeared as though the live entertainment had arrived for the night, and he observed with interest while the three hauled their equipment inside. The woman had decent breasts, something he could appreciate in a female. Go introduce yourself. He strode over to the trio confidently, passing the female to offer to take one of the instruments from one of the boys instead. Beat around the bush.

    "'Vould you like help?" He asked, smiling a metal-studded smile at Richard. "'Vith your hands free, you can help your lady friend." It was strategist logic straight from where he was raised. Pray to Mary to get to Jesus.
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  5. Maia didn’t know exactly what she was doing here. One minute she was sitting at home doing the extension Math homework the teacher had assigned and then she was unconsciously putting on clothes and walking out towards what was rumored to be Jade Town’s biggest party.

    She was, by no means, a party girl. The only party she had been to were when she was in 16 and dumb enough to believe the cheerleaders who talked about them non-stop. It had been horrible. Everyone and everything had gotten trashed – except for her – and all in all, Maia felt like the black storm cloud weighing down everyone else on a warm, sunny, cloudless day.

    So it was pure stupidity – or curiosity which to she would never admit – that brought her to Chesire’s house with the windows vibrating, music playing so loud that it could be heard two streets down and the screaming, moaning and laughing of too many teenagers in the one place. It seemed the biggest party of Jade Town had already was already in full swing - loud blaring pop music and all.

    Maia already wanted to forget she had ever come here, wanted to hide behind the stacks of books and homework like she already did, but she knew she wouldn’t forgive herself the next morning when everyone was talking about a party she was too chicken to go to.

    Taking a deep breath, she walked into the house, trying to blend in with the skinny teenagers running around with bottles of beer in hand. She winced, feeling sorry for their livers. That was going to kill the next morning.

    As she stepped into the house, immediately she was overcome with almost the whole school and some other people she did not know dancing and mingling around the house. Recoiling, she wandered if coming was a mistake after all. Keeping her nerve, she walked (in what she hoped looked confident) and leaned against the wall, picking up a small bottle of beer along the way.

    Already feeling quite lonely, Maia assigned herself to the methodical task of picking out each person in her class, already oblivious to those bumbling around her.
  6. Just as Skyar prepared to yell out once more, this time probably louder over the music, a strange guy popped out of nowhere. In reality, he was probably observing them for a while, but they were too focused on the equipment and calling out that they never really gave a damn. Indeed, before he was literary in their face. One could not simply ignore him, mainly because of his looks, and then well...because he was right there, duh. Skylar smirked, as the guy passed and spoke to Richard. At least he wasn't all over the first (in this case the only) pussy cat that walked in at that moment. Gladly, not like she considered herself one, but she was the girl.

    Richard stopped suddenly, almost running over the guy, due to his blindness cause by a bunch of drums stacked in front of his face.
    "The what now?" He peeked behind the instruments, and grinned with his wide grin that was a true chick magnet from time to time when it was actually just friendly. He nodded, accepting the guy's offer. "Dude, that would be much appreciated. Thanks! If you could just take these..." Richard stuffed small drums stacked on top of each other into the guys hands and stretched letting go of the bass drum for a moment. "Really nice of ya." Darren nodded and chuckled. "Good, now you can help the lady as the guy said." Richard turned around and nodded. "Right, sorry. Didn't see ya there." He grabbed the cymbals Darren was carrying. "Allow me, miss." Darren growled and snatched cymbals back. "Really funny." He moved forward towards the piercing guy. "Hey there. Russian, right? Welcome."

    Darren smirked knowing he was damn right about it, as he moved pass the guy and towards the stage to set the cymbals. Richard yelled after him. "Oh come on baby, I didn't mean it that way! You're strong independent woman, I was just..." He chuckled as Darren went on without hearing him "Best friend ever." Darren felt a bit nervous when he saw that quite a few people were already there and looking at him, chatting in between themselves. "Well! This should be fun..." He mumbled nervously, as he set up the instruments. Richard picked up the bass drum. "Alrighty then, let's set this baby up." Before he could move forward, he was stacked by two guitars over his neck. "H-hey, what gives?"

    Skylar chuckled. "Well, the guy said you should help me so... I'm helping you in helping me, since you seem to have a really hard time doing that." Richard stared at her, acting as if his feelings were hurt. "Sis, I thought you loved me." Skylar smirked, teasing back. "You thought wrong. I am just forced to know you and live with you, and I just did my best to maintain a healthy symbiotic relationship." Richard gasped. "Well that's just nasty." Skylar laughed lightly and shrugged. "Well hey, you wanted to know, bro." She moved forward, fisting the piercing guy's biceps gently. "Thanks, cool cat. You're awesome." She walked into the room, making a casual hand movements towards a few people that she knew, before she took the beer bottle and open it, with the gentle hiss coming out of the bottle, on the edge of the table. That was one of her many useless talents.

    As she took a sip, she spoke something to Darren, and he moved cymbals and other equipment around, following her instructions. Richard chuckled, and straightened up. All those instruments weren't heavy for him, he just loved to joke around.
    "Alright." Richard spoke to the Russian guy. "We better get going, before we get blame for not setting all up on time." He moved forward. "Oh! Name's Richard, by the way. But you just can call me Ricky. Everyone does." He moved to the room, yelling his hello's to his buddies and a couple of girls that instantly hung themselves all over him. Even though he didn't seem to mind, they were god damn heavy for him including all what he was carrying.
  7. [​IMG]Carter pulled up to the party knowing that there was already going to be a bunch of people there. He could hear the sounds of other people talking, laughing and shouting inside. He shook his head and then walked inside to see tons of people from his school and some people who were just known around town. As Carter slid his way through some people to get to a decent free space he spotted some of his friends and people he talked to on the regular. running his hand trough his hair he watched as the band members get ready. He looked up and saw his good friend Richard, Skylar and Darren. He became good friends with Rickey from being on the same basketball team, Skylar because he liked the band and the music and he was introduced to her from Ricky, lastly Darren since they had a couple of classes together. Carter got himself something to drink and then placed his arm over Skyler's shoulder for a moment. " Well miss rock and roll I'm ready to hear that music". He flashed a smile before getting a few people that called out his name as they passed by.

    He made sure to chat with Darren and Ricky real quick before he wandered around. All the bodies in one place was fun but he needed some space as well. Carter knew that this was only the beginning and that even more people would join. This was going to another talk in the school for weeks to come. Craze always knew how to throw the best parties and he knew everyone in town from the inside out. Carter stepped outside and was surprised to see that their was some people outside as well. It felt so much better being outside for the moment and getting fresh air because he knew going back in was going to be a war. People were drinking and some were outside down the far trail smoking.

    After a couple of minutes he walked back inside and smiled and chatted to a few girls that had approached him. He grouped up with some of his friends who were always up to no good. Grabbing another drink Carter leaned against the wall and looked around waiting for the band to start playing.
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  8. Ariana had just gotten to the party in her older brother's red and black 2011 Ducati Daivel Carbon, the engine purring in content after not being used in so long. Her brother Thiago used to ride this baby, properly called Reba for her fiery personality and smooth handling, all the time when he was dating Jason but after a bad break up he just left her in the garage to sulk over the cheater. Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Ariana decided that if he wasn't gooing to use it, then she would.

    After getting off of her bike, she gingerly removed the helmet as to not mess up her hair and locked it up before placing her helmet in between the handle bars. "The queen bitch has arrived!" she said enthusiastically as she walked toward the house, her blue Constance - Nubuck Klein Schutz heels clacking against the hard concrete of the drive way. Not bothering to knock, Ariana walked right in seeing just how packed the party was. She knew Chesire was always throwing huge parties, having been to more than a few herself, but she had to say that this was his biggest one yet.

    Walking into the kitchen she put her keys on her side belt loop and removed her leather jacket, she was quite pleased with the responses several guys and a few girls made as she showed off her abs in a sinfully tight blue belly shirt that seemed more like a cloth wrapped to just cover her more than generous bust. The top went perfectly with her heels and belt, and the tight black skinnies she wore helped to complete the ensemble.

    Grabbing a cup of rum and redbull some guy had just finished making, sure he got mad for a second then he saw it was the Italian Asian and let it slide, Ariana headed toward the back where she could have sworn she saw her favourite toy go. Realizing she was right after seeing Sky and Ricky, Aria tiptoed behind Darren, her drink long gone, mouthing to the other two to stay quiet. Placing her hands gently, but quickly under the nerd's glasses, effectively taking away his sight temporarily, she whispered into his ear just loud enough for him to hear her over the blaring music. "Guess who?"
  9. Foka took the stack of smaller drums easily enough, and took to following behind the group. He looked to Darren when he spoke, nodding and replying with a very Russian "da", before he continued with his task of carrying the drums to the stage. He watched the interactions happen, which indeed centered around the band. He watched as Skylar picked up a bottle of beer, and sighed to himself quietly at the antics of Americans. They didn't know how to drink. Practically none of them. He would watch as just about everyone else would get super shit-faced, and eventually he would find himself as one of the few completely sane people left in the entire house. Skylar came came closer and gently punched his arm, playfully, he knew. He turned to regard her, smiling softly as she spoke her compliment. "Da, thank you. I look forward to performance." His accent was showing through. Blatantly. "I will be watching, enthusiastically." With that, he stepped off to the side, where he was out of the way while the band continued to set up.

    Everyone seemed to know these three personally, which Father Russia couldn't exactly be surprised about. They were a teenage band with an attractive lead singer. He watched as Carter came up and casually placed an arm over Skylars shoulder, and it was quickly decided that this particular target received too much attention. Don't waste your breath flirting with her, she's taken by at least two other men. Foka shuddered internally at the thought of polyamory. Or course, he realized that he was likely getting it all wrong. Richard had called her sister, after all. But, such information didn't change much. So, Foka moved on, taking note of the woman who had just walked through the door, reeking of vanity and confidence in her tight, blue dress. Perhaps later. There was so much attention to go around, something he himself was not entirely fond of.

    He continued to wander around the party, reaching a cooler full of beer some time and taking a single bottle for himself. He reached for the bottle-opener, and popped the lid off and reached down to pick it up. No, Americans did not know how to drink. As a matter of fact, his own father didn't know how to drink. It was a talent Foka had picked up during his research into the culinary arts. Sure, he had grabbed a bottle of cheap beer, but that particular bottle of cheap beer was going to last him the whole night. A drunken Foka Alcatraz was something no one needed.

    There were few people that Foka really knew at this party, despite the mass amounts of people in attendance. He took to looking about, standing in the doorway to the kitchen, taking a couple sips of the cold beer throughout the course of roughly five minutes. He eyed the other adolescents on this floor of the house, picking out a few women who may have been worth his attention. He avoided the obviously popular ones, his blue eyes passing over them as God would pass over the sinners on the last day of Earth, the way he had been taught as a young boy. Eventually, his cold, blue eyes came to rest on another figure who looked as though she was sitting back and observing. Great minds think alike. He weaved his way through the crowd, his brown beer bottle hanging between his middle and index fingers as he walked. He eventually reached her, with a fair amount of effort, and looked her up and down while he still stood a few feet away. He took in her appearance like an artist before finally approaching her the rest of the way, offering a warm smile. "You do not look entirely comfortable here," he stated, attempting to start a conversation.

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  10. The song that was blaring within Ted's car ended and he switched off the radio station once it did. He pulled the key out of the ignition before opening the drivers seat door and exiting his vehicle. He pressed a button upon his keys, locking all the doors of his car before walking down the sidewalk towards the house. Every step he took to get closer to the house, the louder the music from the speakers became. The song was Timber by Pitbull featuring Kesha. The song had a good beat to it, but it wasn't one of his favorites. As he approached the door, he contemplated knocking but pushed that thought aside. The door would have been open anyways and he pushed on it to confirm his assumption. It was true, the door opened easily to reveal a mass of people within the house.

    There were a ton of people from his school, and even a few faces that he had never seen before in his life. He could tell that this party was going to be quite fun. He took his time walking through, flashing smiles at friends while being blown kisses from girls. Others within the party would probably notice the cocky aura about him. He turned to his left to notice the band which was composed of Skylar, Richard, and Darren. Ted knew who they were but he was unsure if they knew about him. People constantly talked about the band within school and he had never listened to them play before, so seeing them at the party was slightly exciting. Ted walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bud light out before popping the tab on it. He took a sip before sighing in pleasure. Some may have thought that beer tasted gross, but he enjoyed it. He decided that he would converse with the band crew and he walked over to the trio. At that moment, he noticed yet another person. Oh, he knew the girl - scratch that, about her. It was the ghetto girl or whatever people called her. He didn't care what people called her. The only thing that mattered was that this girl was H-O-T. Ted decided that he would try and "woo" later. He tried to give her a nonchalant wink before looking back to the band.

    "So, I don't know if you guys know me but I am Ted. You're that band that everyone talks about at school right? What type of music do you guys play?"
  11. Heidi didn't have much else to do that day... She didn't have a car to drive there yet, or in fact any source of transportation to Cheshire's house, so she took the bus there. The long and quite awkward bus ride there was a little stressful, but she knew she'd feel bad if she didn't go to the party her friends were practically egging her on to go... She finally arrived at the front door, hearing the blaring music coming from the building already, it hurt her ears since she wasn't used to music being turned up this loud... She quietly slipped in through the door and looked around, realizing practically none of her friends that invited her were around as of yet. "So I'm alone yet again..." She thought to herself, it wasn't really surprising her so called "friends" would be the ones not to go even after bothering her for hours on an end about this very same party. "Oh well, I guess I'll make do with what I have." She thought she tried to ignore the stares she got from a few of the participants in the party that noticed her and walked towards a quiet spot, away from most people gaze, she didn't feel like drinking at the moment... So she just daydreamed for a bit, hoping no-one would notice her too much...
  12. A white Nissan Skyline GTR 2013 rolled up and parked swiftly. The blue headlights shutting off. Some people outside the part stared chuckling, and girls rolled their eyes. Soon a male came out, jet black hair simply wearing a black long sleeved striped shirt with thin white lines printed on it. He walked over to the other side of the car, politely as a gentleman would opening it and stepped aside helping his female passenger up... His childhood best friend, dressed to the occasion in pin-up fashion to match him.

    Now she was different. Her style being retro fashion and her hair naturally being a firey red color. Once the male closed the door behind her he held out a arm to her, in which she wrapped her arm in his. To those who werent familiar with the relationship between them, they seemed like a fashionable couple. But in actuality were bestfriends. Who could not know them? They were the 'popular' kids more well known then the 'popular kids' themselves if they were naturally known. Their names were Ariel 'Caesar' Holland and Cherri 'Cherry' Valance.

    As the two former friends made their way in, Caesar chuckled down at the redhead Cherri and looked at his group of friends."S'cuse me." He mumbled politely as he left her and soon walked towards his gang grinning and socializing. Cherri on te other hand was grabbed by her hands by a female blonde, her friend and dragged inside and soon the two found themselves already having a good time. Caesar outside smoking from his e-cig, and Cherri inside talking to her girl friends.
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  13. Maia watched as the band arrived, wincing with her throbbing eardrums as the crowd cheered louder, and the music thundered on. Why had she come here? None of the others who were classed in the social group 'nerds' were even here (yet). Those from her school, eyed her, as if to ask what exactly she thought she was doing here. Maia didn't know herself.

    The cold beer in her hands slowly disappeared down her throat, but still, she didn't feel loose or intoxicated. Despite the cold liquid pouring down her throat, she still felt thirsty. Not willing to forfeit her spot on the wall for a beer, Maia stood her ground, empty beer bottle in hand.

    Suddenly, the tiny hairs on her nape prickled, and she felt like someone was looking at her. No, looking was too tame a word. Someone was studying her, watching her critically as a teacher would a student's homework. Maia wasn't sure she liked the feeling and slid a few inches down the wall, trying to find who was looking at her. But she could only see the thick throng of people, rushing past her, oblivious to others, in their own tipsy world.

    Satisfied, Maia slid up the wall again. Her back was stiff and already felt sore from leaning against it, but it was the only place where she could observe the party without feeling like an outsider.

    A voice floated dangerously close to her, and Maia didn't give it a thought, thinking it was just another teenager trying too hard. Then her head whipped back to her left to see cold, blue eyes staring straight at her.

    The first thing she realized was his piercings. There were just so many of them. She let her eyes run over them, the words already caught in her throat.

    Gulping when she realized she was staring, Maia forced the words out of her mouth. "I'm okay" she attempted what she hoped looked like a smile, "It is not that bad once you get used to it"

    The sentence ended kind of abruptly and flat. "Hey, your that transfer student right? I'm Maia."
  14. Skylar smirked at Foka, as he put down the equipment and moved away, saying that he was looking forward to their performance. Raising the thumb up to him, she yelled over the music, without changing her face expression. Her voice was simply easy to turn up, without stressing her vocal cords too much. Even so, she preferred being quiet. She joked. "Got it. Let's just hope you still think that way once we start." She took another sip from the beer bottle, and turned back around to the set. Richard nodded and yelled. "Aye! Thanks again man! Nice to see you around here!" Soon after that, he was seen arguing with Darren about the set.

    "Well miss rock and roll I'm ready to hear that music" Skylar heard Carter saying, as he leaned his arm over her shoulders. She laughed lightly and returned with taping his lower back firmly. "Hehey CJ, we're working on it. You will hear it alright. No doubt about it." She was talking about giant speakers that were now plugged in. As Darren and Richard paused their set up activities, to have a brief chat with Carter, Skylar couldn't help but wonder whether that much of sound boost was really needed. To tear the house down...maybe. She shrugged off, drinking her beer. It was none of her concern anyway. While drinking, she noticed Ariana sneaking up on Darren, and with Ariana gesturing them to be quiet, Skylar winked lightly at her and continue drinking. That girl simply enjoyed teasing Day-Day. Not like he minded. Who would ever turn down a girl like Ariana? Especially a guy who had a thing or two for that girl. But then again, who didn't?

    "Guess who?" Darren heard familiar voice, right after he was mercilessly blinded by the girl he would recognise even with his eyes closed, and a loud music filling the room. "Uh..." He knew very well to who that approach and voice belonged to, but wouldn't it be just awkward if he said it as soon as she came that close without acting like he thought about it? "I don't really...uh..." Richard rolled his eyes and almost ruined everything. "Oh come on! It is obvious. I thought you would recognise her instantly, considering you have a huge cr---oof!" Yes, almost. Skylar, poked her brother's stomach, not so lightly, and he stopped instantly. " really could have just said and I would listen." Skylar looked at him sceptically. "..Ok fine, I probably wouldn't. But still." Darren cleared his throat, daring to touch Ariana's hands. "Uh, miss Ariana, maybe?" Yes it was a bit cheesy, but he called her miss.

    Skylar turned around when another guy stepped forward.
    "So, I don't know if you guys know me but I am Ted. You're that band that everyone talks about at school right? What type of music do you guys play?" He asked at once. Richard laughed. "Of course! Ted. Ted Wilson." He made a "smack down" gesture with his hands and flashed his wide grin. "Dude, you are one insane goalie! Nice going on the last game. Just awesome." Skylar nodded. "Yes indeed, guilty as charged. People tend to talk about us for some reason." She finished her beer, and put the empty beer bottle on the nearest flat surface, observing the stage once more while still referring to Ted. "We go with the rock music, and the sub-genre depends on the mood." She smirked. "But no worries, we might make few butts sway. Be sure you grab a girl, partner." Skylar tapped her hat in cowboy-like manner and chuckled, even thought she hated everything about cowboys, even their music.
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  15. Foka wasn't bothered by her staring, and kept his smile warm and American-like, as best as he could anyways. He had realized that having so many piercings wasn't exactly the most welcoming sight a long time ago, but he didn't really care. It had been what he wanted to have done, and so it was.

    "Foka," he stated, if somewhat simply. He took her beer, having seen that it was empty, and offered her his instead, which was still mostly full. "Transferred from Russia, da. America is... Nice." In actuality, he really did like America. He loved how it wasn't super weird to smile and nod at people you didn't know. There was so much less 'stranger danger' here, and he loved it. Honestly, strangers were delicious. Says the sociopath. He stopped and looked her over again, then turned to see some of the enthusiasts who were already jumping up and down to the music that wasn't even coming from the live band. He thought they were a little silly, but saw their reasoning -- unlike the idiots who had jumped into the pool during the very start of the party. He watched for a while, turning and finding his own patch of wall to lean against next to Maia. He watched and pondered in his foreign little mind. How much of this cheap beer would one have to drink before they were as drunk if they had been drinking vodka? How drunk would this Maia have to be to get into the crowd and dance like the rest of them? Speaking of dance, how much talent did she even have? He gave a sideways glance to her chest, taking note of the size of her breasts. Don't get caught staring at her chest. Don't get caught staring at all in America. America, it was so... Quick. There was no time to stare.
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  16. Aria laughed lightly at Darren's appearant playfulness in the situation she put him in. However as he was thinking she leaned forward slightly, he breasts up against his back. "Come on now, you'll hurt my feelings if you guess wrong." She joked with a slight bout, knowing that he wouldn't be able to see it. That was when she heard Richard begin to say something, however before it could register in her mind another Guy walked up the group. The way he looked at her made her want to laugh, she was so used to that look that it didn't excite her like it used to. Deciding to humor him a bit, she winked back to him with a scarcastic smile.

    Then she felt Darren's hands on hers as he gave her his answer. Albeit a cheesy one. Laughing while she rose her arm to go over him as she moved in front of him in a teasing manor. "I knew you'd get it right." She said before gesturing toward the rest of the band, "So what have you guys got planned for these 'Uncultered masses'?" She asked in a tone mockingly similar to the advanced English teacher Mrs. Whittman. The obviously fake British accent making it clear.

    Ariana knew that some of the people eavesdropping were probably surprised that she even knew of the teacher, however they probably didn't know she was in the class. While the half asian might not be the brightest bulb in the box, she knew her way around a book as well as pen and paper. Although she may be known for being a bit brutish at times, a handful of people knew just how smart she could be.
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  17. After quite some time of talking and dancing for some, welcoming one another and whatnot--Caesar decided to walk back in from hanging out with his gang of followers -who were nobodies to him in all truth and honesty- and placed his e-cig in his back pocket. A herd of females came rushing to him and caesar gave them a false smile opening his arms around for some to hug him quickly and fawn over him. But it wasnt long before one in particular, who was holding a full bag of small puffy marshmallows caught his direct attention and a idea sparked in his mind. So, with a satisfied sneer of his idea, he silently grabbed the girl and small talked her. Once she gave him the bag of marshmallows--Caesar took the time to look for his red headed firecracker, Cherri Valance trough the dancing crowd and managed to recognize her--gently pulling her arm back when he outstretched his hand towards her.

    Cherri immediately looked over her shoulder to see who grabbed her gently, but only saw the male harmless as it was just ariel. She shot him a glare upon eyeing the bag of marshmallows and glanced up at him. Caesar perked his eyebrows up looking down at the marshmallow and lets out a small chuckle to answer her possible wary question."Oh, uh. Don't mind this... These aren't for you." Assured the male as he let go of Cherri."Then.. Who exactly are those for?" She asked questionably. Caesar thought for a moment and shrugged instantly picking up his bestfriend and throwing her petite light weighted size over his shoulder and walked away to the front of the crowd.

    "OH! Ariel Caesar Holland! You put me down right this instant!"
    "Trust me! There's a 50/50 chance you'll be enjoying this little fun."
    "If you are planning something to do with me--you best believe I will kick you where the sun WILL NOT even shine!"

    But Caesar ignored his wolf-like friends threats. Upon putting her gently down he shook the bag of marshmallows now infront of the stage -not on- and shoved his hand in, taking one out and throwing it at Ricky. His other BESTEST friend in the whole world."BOOOO.YOU STINK." He jokingly yelled only for the band to hear but not the crowd and he looked down at Cherri with a triumphant smirk and pointed the bag towards her.

    Now Cherri was more pleasant and respectful than caesar. He was imprudent while she wasn't and standing there with arms crossed and eyes locked on one another she hopelessly gave in with a heavy sigh coming out and a small sneer and began throwing some marshmallows at Ricky. Ricky was also her friend--and the only person from caesar's side whom she managed to accept and with that the two little childish friends snuck behind the speakers where they couldn't be seen and found themselves behind Ricky -to which he was oblivious at their presence-.

    Caesar snickered and pushed the female forward towards Ricky but she looked over her shoulder constantly smacking caesar as shrugging. He was snickering and silence, and she was giggling foolishly."C'mon. Just get Ricky off guard!" Encouraged caesar as he held Cherri bridal style and helped placed her on the stage behind Ricky as swiftly and quietly as he can. Cherri covered her red lips holding in her giggles and looked down at caesar from the stage shrugging before caesar nodded and motioned a wave at her to do what he planned her to do to Ricky. It would be ok as Ricky wasnt the type to be easily off guard -trust me, it was hella hard to get Ricky off guard or stop in the middle of something, especially when playing for the band but it would slow him down the slightest bit - and hesitantly but quickly did Cherri poke his butt before falling back and bursting out laughing at Ricky's sudden reaction. As she fell back, Caesar caught her and put her down and he began snickering."Dude you fingered his butt!" He said to Cherri jokingly and Cherri's face was hysterically red from laughing as she covered her mouth and shook her head."No I didnt! I poked like what you told me to do!" She said in between laughs. Cherri was indeed a keeper and perhaps a cute girl to some.

    As the two laughed at Ricky's reaction, caesar stand next to Ricky the moment skylar gave them the usual devil glare and proceeded to casually throw marshmallows at her butt. Caesar was quite playful around certain people and Cherri sat at the side of the stage behind the speakers where she couldn't be seen and watched caesar grinning. There would probably be an accident waiting to happen once skylar stops singing for her break to bear beat up caesar. But nonetheless Ricky, her, caesar, and skylar were all friends. The only person Cherri was surprisingly now familiar with would be Darren as they were coincidentally never near or with each other.
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  18. Foka. The name was unusual but Maia decided she liked it. She thanked Foka for the beer, sipped a bit from the green bottle, wetting her lips. For some reason, his beer felt so much better, and she could already feel the boneless feeling spread in her body. As Foka leant against the wall next to her, she could feel the heat radiating of from him, warming her. She allowed herself a little smile, and with him looked at the band enthusiasts jumping up and down mindlessly.

    Looking back at Foka she was startled to see, he staring quite intently at her breast. Maia scrunched up her face. She never liked her chest. In her opinion, she was too short and her chest too large. But then, when standing in front of a mirror, Maia could pick out tens of mistakes that were wrong with her.

    As he was staring at her chest, she took the time to look over him more closely. His messed up chocolate, brown hair and he smelled strongly of cologne. Maia liked the intense smell. By now, she had warmed up to the many piercings he had.

    Feeling uncomfortable (but strangely fuzzy since Foka hadn't looked at her chest in disgust) so she cleared her throat, offering him back the beer bottle.

    "Thanks, do you want it back?"

    Her head felt strangely light, and she started tapping one of her hands against the wall between them in time with the music. "Do you like the music here?"
  19. First thing being first, Foka noted that she didn't turn him down. Either she had no idea at all what he was thinking, or she may have actually been okay with it. Then again, she had just downed an entire bottle of beer. She could be drunk.

    His side long glance at her chest ended and he turned his attention to her face, taking the bottle back and taking a quick swig of the stuff. To say the least, Foka was not germaphobic. Sharing drinks was something he barely even thought about.

    When Maia asked him if he liked the music here, he actually had to stop and think. There was so much different music. "Uhm... I vill always like Russian hymn, but, da. America has good music. It is... Different," he summed up, eyeing the crowd. He saw the popular ones who walked around, feeding off of their followers like leeches. On the inside, he sneered.

    "Do you like to dance?" He asked after a rather long, awkward silence. Dancing like a baron was entirely appealing, but, this was America, and Americans did things differently. One had to be open-minded.
  20. Darren blushed lightly as Ariana teased him. Even though he got used to it by now, she was always too irresistible for him to ignore as he usually did to others. Usually he wouldn't pay much attention to female breasts as most of guys would. Hell, he had a female best friend that had something to show as well. Doesn't mean he got attracted to Skylar because of that. But with Ariana it was different. Everything she did, he found cute..even if it meant she busted someone's ass. Just a troublemaker that was too adorable. He got back to reality once Ted came and tried to get Ariana's attention. Of course, those were the guys that stood the chance. Handsome and daring ones. Darren knew she was just messing around with him, and he preferred having her as one of his buddies, than trying anything stupid enough to insult her.

    "So what have you guys got planned for these 'Uncultered masses'?" Ariana asked, and Skylar chuckled at her imitation, taking off her hat. It was already too hot in there. She stretched and went with her hand through the dark hair, tossing the hat at the stage. "Well, we were thinking something energetic enough. In case our songs don't do, we can always go with song covers. But either way, you won't fall asleep." She smirked. "We are capable of anything from alternative rock to all sort of heavy sounds." Finding an opportunity to get Darren into the picture, Richard jumped in, leaning on Skylar and grinning. "And our Day-Day buddy has some insane electro and keyboard skills. But since we only have 6 arms and 3 necks, Skylar had mercy and we got to bring the bass guitar instead of the keyboard and shit." Skylar sighed and landed her hand onto his face, pushing him away. "Yes, thank you. We got it! Skylar is an old hag that make you do chores. Now make yourself useful and go practice a bit."
    Playfully, Richard acted afraid as he stumbled onto the stage. "I will! Just don't...don't hit me again, please..." He winked to his sister's annoyed glare, and he sat behind his drums as Skylar chuckled. "Just gotta love that dumbass brother of mine." And she did. Even though both boys could annoy her as no one else, they were sticking together at all costs. Suddenly a "BOOOO.YOU STINK." Came out of the crowd, and Skylar looked at that direction. And as she suspected it was the two craziest people she knew, acting like they were always high on sugar, Caesar and Cherri. She couldn't help but laugh and yell back. "We love you too!" Darren as well looked towards them, stopping with guitar tuning for a moment. He didn't know them so well as Dempsey siblings did, however he thought they were just awesome. Once again he admired Cherri's clothes. With that body and style, she could have easily pass as a pin-up girl that would drag males attention all over the place. Laughing lightly, he got back to his guitar.

    Richard was just heating up his sticks on drums, when a sudden poke startled him and made him jump, hitting against the drums. "Ough!" He made a huge noise but luckily didn't flip anything over. Looking behind him, Richard noticed Caesar and his hysterically laughing friend, Cherri. He chuckled himself on their prank and yelled out to Cherri, teasingly. "Oy! If you wanted to feel my sporty butt honey, you could have just asked." Grinning, he greeted Caesar as he got up on the stage, followed by Skylar's narrowed gaze, as he bull's eyed her butt with one of marshmallows. But it was obvious that she was messing around. All and all, she never got mad at any of them. After she turned around to check on Darren and his guitar, Richard reached towards the bag Caesar was holding. "Dude! Let me have some!" He grabbed a bunch of marshmallows, putting one into his mouth and using others to join in "Hit the Skylar's fine rear" game. "Pin a tail on a donkey" was just too rude and overused. Luckily, Sky's rear end was a decent target. Not too easy, nor hard to locate.

    Skylar coped with marshmallows hitting her lower back and rear end for a while. Darren rolled his eyes.
    "Really mature indeed." Just then, Skylar got the idea. "Immature, ay?" She smirked mischievously towards Darren and he laughed. "Oh come on now, you're not really going to return it to them, will you?" Skylar cracked her knuckles and grinned. "Oh I can be immature alright." He explained something to Darren and the plan was made.


    "Hey guys!" Darren called up to Caesar and Richard. "Aye Day-Day, 'sup?" Richard answered. "And where's Skylar? Too mad to look at us now?" He joked. Darren shrugged indifferently. "Not really, she just went to the bathroom. Not a crime." He raised Skylar's guitar and smirked. "Tell me what do you think of this?" Even though he usually didn't play an electric guitar, he shred it. His solo was good enough to keep Richard and Caesar busy. A perfect diversion. As Darren played his role, Skylar came back with two ice cubes in her hands, and approached them behind the stage, showing a "shh" gesture to Cherri. As a girl, she should understand her revenge on male sex for what they did.

    She sneaked behind her buddy and brother, setting the cubes in the right position, and as soon as she was able to, she pushed the cubes down the back of their pants and into their underwear.
    As Skylar was laughing her guts out, Darren played a simple cartoonish sound used to state that something failed or got busted, before he laughed as well.
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