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  1. "We're gonna party, have a good time
    We're gonna live our life to the fullest
    No regrets, no rewinds
    Check your watch, its' party time" -Travis Porter

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    What up Iwaku Members! I got a simple roleplay idea that a few or alot can be apart of! Basically there is a party thrown by Drake Forester (My character) and his friend (Cheshire Miller- also me). This is one of the biggest party's of the year, thrown during summer break. This roleplay will include minor romance, drinking, drug usage, swearing, and possible fights and more!

    All sorts of characters can be made for this from a band member, a hipster, a jock, to a cheerleader! I'll go into more detail on where the party is thrown, city background, school background, and answer any questions!

    ANYONE interested :D
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  2. o-o Perhaps... So quick question, would an innocent guy/girl that was dragged into the party (or something like that) be allowed? XD
  3. o-o This will be interesting XP
  4. I want atleast five total before we start, but while probably put the OOC up tomorrow! Or today...
  5. Suggestion; put up a banner :3 that's how alot of people find rps o-o
  6. I was just doing that xD
  7. Lol this looks refreshing. Simple and could be pretty interesting. I'm in.
  8. -Raises hand and flails- GULLIVER WANTS!

    Do you want a CS?
  9. Yes Yes please. <3
  10. :D Sweet this got interest! haha I'll be working on a OOC, expect it up in the next day or two
    Any volunteer's for Co-GM?
  11. Okie :3
  12. I would say that myself is interested,but an OOC I said to be posted already so....just saiyan(yes,saiyan),I sense that this will be one of the funnest RPs yet. xD
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  13. Aye, so many possibilities for random situations :3. Just perfect.
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  14. Can there be murder?

    I think there should be murder
  15. Ooooh! I wanna join! Innocence is always fun at parties!
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  16. And Co-GM??? I can help with the aesthetics!
    (banners, icons, gfxing etc)
  17. Uh....No murderer please.....

    That would be great! I might need some help with all of that!
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  18. Well! I would be happy to be of service~
  19. -touches- This looks like it could be really fun. :o
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