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So I just recently was introduced to that terrible Rebecca Black song, (listen!) and I felt super bad for the girl. XD Who DIDN'T make up stupid songs and do ridiculous things when they were a tweenager?

When you were a young and dorky kid/tween, what are some things that you did back then, that now you think are totally stupid?
Nothing... Well, I listened to Metalica... And Nickleback.

I suppose those count.
Stalked a girl and projected an entire fantasy persona into her that I fell in love with and was willing to die for.
I prank called people.

*waits for the gasps to finish*

With a sexy husky voice thanking the guy for a good time.

Stopped that game quickly when my friend who was giving me couple's phone numbers to call gave me my aunt and uncle.
Oh ho ho ho. . . >_>

School creative writing magazine! *Snortsnickersnort*

I used to tag with this dumb cupcake stencil. It was horribly placed and always sloppy. I also used to have pink and teal hair and wore big geeky glasses that I didn't have a prescription for (now I do need glasses, O THE IRONY).

Damn, I was fly.
My friends and I used to burn action figures > <
I'm still dorky. c___c Always will be.

When I was a kiddo, though? Umm... Nothing too different from what I do now.

Only thing that comes to mind is I played the Pokemon TCG. Not the video game... The actual cards. I collected thousands and won actual badges that put me at the top of the list. When I made those achievements, I trained rookies. :|

I liked to 'pretend' a lot, too. Since I was [and still am] socially challenged, I was stuck being my only friend. So I'd pretend to be Batman and used the sandbox as my bat mobile... Occasionally, my little sister would be my Robin.

<3 Those were the days...
Fell in love with a girl I hardly knew.

Three years of stalking later......
Started smoking Weed, which eventually evolved into worse.
I joined Iwaku. O:

Seriously, it got me into lots of shit, when that kid Johnny was still around. <.<

Let's not talk about it.

I was also a ridiculously hopeless romantic and loved fluffy fluffy love... Ummm... Hmmm. I can't think of much else I did. I went to Gaia. D: I spent all my time on the internet and though it was torture to be without the internet.

Now that I've shed the 'w' in 'tweenager', lovely fluffy love is okay, but honestly I care more about the sex. *cough* And I would kill to get out of this dumb house and hang out with friends all day. I'm only on the internet because if I go out too much, my mom accuses me of 'partying' and I have to be careful how much time I spend outside...

In middle school I spent an entire week talking with a bad British accent and pretending like I was my twin sister from England. o___o EVEN AT SCHOOL. My teachers were oddly patient with it and everyone played along.