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  1. Hey, well, the description describes all. I've always been a fan of relationships with two boys, mostly because of how brave these boys are, so I decided that this would be a good plot.
    So, really quick, please don't come here and hate on my idea, okay? Don't like it then please don't even say anything about it. Thanks. One more thing, please try your best to write nice paragraphs. You don't have to but if you could that would be great c:.

    -- Our Two Characters
    xx; Riley [ Me ]
    xx; --
  2. Hey! This looks interesting. Mind if I join you? Do I need to make a character bio, or should I just give a short description?
  3. Of course c:
    And you don't have to post a description, you can just describe your character as we roleplay.
  4. Awesome! Do you have any prompt ideas?
  5. No, not really. I was just thinking they could somehow meet at the school, like, for example, Riley paints and your character could stumble upon the painting in the art room ... ?
  6. Alright! Should my character have his first day at Riley's school, and he was just walking around the school? I might name my character Rufus, and all I can say so far is that he writes! hehe
  7. Sure c:
    Would you like to start or should I?
  8. Could you be so kind? I think it might give me some more time to plot out my character. In this thread or in a different one?
  9. I'll start then c: and we can do it here.
    Now just give me a moment to type it up.
  10. A gentle stroke of his paintbrush, that was all it took for Riley to create a streak of paint, to let out all of the emotion inside of himself. Being who he was, this boy was often bullied for his gender preference when it came to a partner, as in he liked males instead of the females that most males would probably choose.
    Back to reality, this small boy continued to paint with dark colors for the background, as if describing the darkness that haunted him in real life. This being the people and all those other problems that bothered him way too much. Way too much. Let me repeat that one more time: way too much. There, now I'm satisfied. So, Riley painted his hidden emotions into the painting, putting all of those dark colors misted together to crest a fogish kind of affect. The main center piece was a dark hole, having the whole abyss feeling, with a hand reaching out and grabbing the ledge that was now available. It said one thing to this artist's mind: I'm in all this pain but I'm still going.

    [ Sorry for short post :c ]
  11. It had been raining. It had been thundering, and also blowing wind his way, but it was mostly raining. Because of that rain, it had ruined the thing that he loved most of all- his notebook. Great way to start the first day.
    Rufus ran into the building and sighed. He was soaked, and he could guess that the rest of the day would be a drag, as well. And, it was. He was completely invisible all through the day, and it was hard to make him visible. The lengthy boy made it through the long day without a single thing exiting him. Which was odd, because most of the time he was a literal motor mouth.
    During his free-time, he sauntered to the art room- surely he could find something to fix his writings with, right? Well, as soon as that time rolls around, he wandered in on a fellow student painting.
    Rufus, feeling that he might be ruining the 'aura' of the room, simply walked in, got slightly flustered, and found himself out. Well, tried to, atleast. " O-Oh, I'm sorry, " he started, " I thought this room was empty. My bad. "