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  1. Hello, I'm looking for fun people to roleplay with. I prefer playing Male in MxF, but i am willing to give MxM a try as well as FxF (just know i will need to get use to it.).
    I dont really have any plots in mind but here are paring i'm interested in.
    Fandom (open)

    World of Warcraft [oc x oc]
    monster musume no iru nichijou [oc human x oc monster]
    Naruto [Naruto x Hinata, oc x ox]
    Fire Emblem:Awakening[Robin x Lucina, Robin x Tharja]
    Soul Eater [ oc meister x oc weapon]
    Pokemon [oc x oc]
    Digimon [oc x oc
    Dragon Ball Z [oc x oc]
    Willing to double if you have a pairing you want.
    Also may be willing to do other fandoms if i am familiar with it.

    Pairings (open)

    Time Traveler x Person
    Ummm... can't really think of any more but i'm an open person so just ask. I'll more than likely say yes.

    I am ok with having smut. ONLY IF YOU ARE 18+.
    Well thats it if interested please PM me.
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  2. i'd like to rp with you :) pm me and we can talk about pairing and plot :)
  3. I like your pairings. Any one you wanted to do more than the others?
  4. If you're still looking for a partner pm me. ^.^
  5. I would be interested in role-playing with you.

    I even have an idea for a role-play if your interested in listening to it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.