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  1. All right. I honestly have zero plots in mind besides a few one or two sentence concepts, maybe. I'm making this post up as I go.

    I wanna do modern romances mostly. I can do modern fantasy probably. If you wanna do something a little odd I'm open to at least giving it a shot. I have no problems admitting if things won't work out.

    A couple things. I do not want to have any sexy time unless it's like a fade to black thing. My girlfriend isn't comfortable with it as something that happens a lot, but I can have all the fade to blacks I want. Anything more than that needs to be discussed and have a damn good reason.

    I don't mind lesbian characters or straight characters. I tend to better with male roles, meaning a more sporty or butch partner with lesbian couples or the guy in a straight couple.

    I am transmale.

    Now for a few concepts of mine.

    1. Teenagers in high school, one a senior the other a freshman.
    2. College student dating high schooler. This one will probably have us with multiple characters, determined as we go along, and our posts will likely be more like emails to each other with the occasional interaction with each other and with the other characters.
    3. A one-night stand gone wrong (or right, depending on how it goes). This one can end up being short of things go really wrong by the time lunch of the morning after comes around.

    Obviously they aren't too detailed but I only have concepts. I'm also open to other suggestions. I'm seriously a sucker for romances.
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  2. Hey there! I'd love to get something going with you, I think I have a few ideas which may work.
    If not, we can make something together!
  3. Just bumping this up because I like roleplays and I want some partners! :D
  4. Id be interested in the second plot
  5. Hey there I would like to role play with you. Would you like do something like with royalty or governors daughter??
  6. Would depend if you had anything in mind
  7. Hmm well like royalty like how they would talk and hang out after meeting. Then their families want them to marry?
  8. Arranged marriage then?
  9. Just noticed this isn't my thread... Ignore me
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