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  1. Hi!
    I'm a fairly new name around here but my friends call me Mojiboo! Now, I'm a-searching for a partner to have some romantic/fluff-filled/hurt-comfort/angsty-yet-beautiful MxM times with!
    Now, I'm a full time dancer as well as student, so a lot of my RP ideas will have a small or large amount of dance. If that annoys you, I'm very sorry.
    I have a few general ideas:
    Dancer x Dancer
    Teacher x Student (dance related)
    Teacher x Student
    Troubled young man x kind adult
    Young man x scarred soldier
    Fragile ill young man x tough but caring soldier
    Street kid x young man who takes him in
    Teacher x Single Parent
    Single Parent x Single parent
    Abused young man x teacher
    Dancer x photographer
    Model x Dancer
    Model x Photographer

    More to come~~~

    Also, if you are interested in How To Train Your Dragon 1/2!!

    I have a male Astrid x female Hiccup Idea I really want to try! If you are up for it, let me know!

    Yay, see ya soon!
  2. I'm interested PM me?
  3. You're the partner I've been looking for! Q o Q)/ I'm totally interested, PM me and let's get to planning ASAP! XD
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.