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  1. Greetings to any and all... (though preferably females... males are allowed as well...) I give you my greatest wishes of good faith and heart warming respects to return to Iwaku strong and in high spirits...

    Well let us begin with the fact that though I may present a list or may not present a list... I am not going to be the only one putting forth an effort to find a story or plot... any partners I may gain will be expected to put their two cents in aswell as they have as much power as I do.

    Now to kick off with the appropriate meaning of my post. I am here to request of partners to roleplay with. I am up for any and all and believe me... I'll do anything so long as it is a good roleplay. Don't hesitate to speak up or pm me as I am easy to talk to and find that everyone has a chance to give their roleplaying skills a shot. I am very creative and cannot wait for any of you to greet me.

    As for right now I will not present a list... just keep in mind... like I said before... I will do any and all.
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  2. Requirements
    Good typing: it doesn't have to be amazing or great just do long as its understandable and easy to read. At least one or more paragraphs per post... im not one for one liners and small selections of sentences.

    An open mind: Seriously I am very creative and imaginative. You should have at least some good ideas for plot or twist in the rp.

    Posting: I have a varied amount of areas where im posting speed of light, post an hour or in several hours. I don't reallt require a post limit so long as its once per day.

    Content requirement: there is no true requirement for this. Honestly i like plot and libertine but for my partner its okay to do more plot than libertine or more libertine than plot... it is even okay with plot with no libertine at all or libettine with no plot at all.

    Pairing ideas:

    Outlaw x Goody goody
    Villain x Hero
    Psychopath x Victim
    Demon x Human
    Demon x Angel
    Beast x Human
    Human x Angel
    Scholar x Pupil
    Sorcerer x Apprentice
    Knight x Princess
    Prince x Peasant
    Monster x Creature
    Alien x Abducted
    Criminal x Law Enforcer
    Etc... etc... etc...

    I could be here forever listingb the rest... just talk to me and more ideas could emerge.


    Historical (medieval, Rome, Greece)
    Fantasy (demons, creatures, supernatural)
    etc etc etc... imagination is really a wonder.
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  3. I'm totally up for a 1x1 ^^ steampunk in your never-ending carpet bag of interests? I have a steampunk sherlock idea that had been brewing for months now!
  4. Sounds awe inspiring... I will accept your steaming challenge
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  5. I'm up for a role-play with you. I'm new to the site and I'm still organizing my rpg Meta-Human rpg, I look forward to you're response!
  6. Sounds like an adventure dyingwillflame. I look forward to our engagement.
  7. still looking for a rp partner?
  8. Certainly my dear... come let us endure!
  9. What about Victim x Psychopath~ I just adore insane/ obsessive organics~ <3
  10. I've been thinking of an rp idea and I would like to see how it plays out. Basically it's like soul eater. There's someone who fights while the other turns into a weapon. It's sort of like a contract though. I like the idea from Noragami where the contractor gives the contractee a name binding them together. If interested maybe we can elaborate and make a good rp out of it. [[I would like to be the contractee, the one who turns into the weapon]]
  11. Sun Moon... Of course we may do the Psychopath x Victim my sweet and beloved wife... In fact... we may begin immediately.
  12. Abalint... I believe that you are on the verge of a well refined plot. I have faith that our roleplay will be tremendous.
  13. :O Lucky! I would have so wanted to take that plot! Well... With a couple of shadic characteristic modifications ^.<* Do I have permission to use this idea to a certain extent, @abalint ?
  14. Go ahead. Have fun with it
  15. Hey there! Are you still searching? ^^
  16. I'd sure be up for one of your rps.
  17. If you are still searching for partners, I am certainly interested! I have a variety of plot ideas, and would be willing to discuss yours as well.
  18. Hi, you seem inundated with replies, but if you're still looking (maybe for something fantasy?) I'd like to put my two cents in ^^
  19. I'm interested in the psychopathxvictim.
  20. OKAY!!! Holy hell twist my wing why don't yah?
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