Partners wanted please!

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  1. Hello! I a searching for some one on one partners because i've hit a bit of a slow spot. Below are my details. Also feel free to check my mature and regular resumes. 1. I like rping over forum, messenger, or email. 2. I rp mxf pairings only, and I prefer to play female. 3. Romance is a must. XD I hope that's not a problem. And I don't mean sex, though that is fine too. 4. I will rp nearly any genre though fantasy is one of my bigger ones. I do a ton of things, way to many for me to list, and I don't really have a craving right now, so you'll just have to post and see if I say yay or nay. More than likely I will give it a shot. 5. I also will do anime and some fandoms! 6. Literacy or length doesn't matter to me, though I like long posts sometimes, just keep it interesting and we'll be cool! 7. Please by all means, IF YOU LOST INTEREST TELL ME! I hate waiting on replys and clearing out subscriptions like i'm having to do now. Thanks guys!
  2. I'd love to roleplay with you. Perhaps something fantasy or supernatural? With romance, of course.
  3. Sure. What did you have in mind?
  4. Maybe some kind of driving force pushes them together. They may not even like one another at this point, it could be that the guy has this particular attribute that she can't stand, etcetera. This would be a particularly good thing if it's interspecies, so, for example, a vampire x human.
  5. Perhaps an arranged marriage then?
  6. Alright, did you want to do it like vampire x human or was there another pairing you wanted?
  7. That's your call, I don't have a preference.
  8. I usually play human, you can surprise me with what you're gonna be if that's ok.
  9. That sounds fine by me. Care to start the thread, or do you need a character sheet?
  10. Hey are you still looking for a partner? If so, would you hit me with a pm?
  11. Yeah, same here. Though my charry's are based off of fandoms, they can also fit in the "supernatural" catergory as well.