Partners wanted. Over 50 pairings and genres to choose from. Suggestions are loved!

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  1. Hello all! I am Lewi, and i'm sure you've seen a few of my threads as of late. I've been coming up a bit dry, and i'm in need of some more partners. Below are my requirements and my information. You will also find one of the longest lists of genres and pairings you've ever seen in your life lol. Please take a look.

    1. I play female. MXF pairings only.

    2. I will rp over thread, email, pm, or yahoo messenger. (please ask me over email or pm about messenger)

    3. I have no limits, but because I will be turning 18 soon, I am posting threads in the one on one section, therefore if anything rped out is going to be unrated, we can move to pms temporarily.

    4. Romance is a REQUIREMENT.

    Here's the list:

    Medieval Fantasy (I prefer an idea for this one as i'm not very good at medieval but a good one will always capture my heart)
    Modern Fantasy
    Futuristic Fantasy (needs a good idea. Not big on fururistic come up with a good idea though and im all in)
    Vampire x Vampire (usually don't play a vampire, but with a good idea I may)
    Vampire x Werewolf (I prefer to play the werewolf)
    Cop X Criminal (needs an idea)
    Famous Person x Normal Person (would like an idea)
    Police Officer x (insert other character here) (prefers not to be the officer)
    Assassin x Target's Daughter
    Farmhand x Farmer's Daughter
    Butler x Mistress
    Assassin x Trainee (maybe)
    Opposing Soldier x Commander's Daughter
    Commoner x Knight
    commoner x Prince
    mortal x wizard (or mage, or any variation of a sorceror there)
    Crime Boss x Undercover Agent (prefer to be the undercover)
    Hero x mortal (prefer to be the mortal)
    Mob Boss' daughter x opposing side member
    Hero x Villan's henchman (prefer to be the henchman)
    Butler x Maid (perhaps something about a mean boss involved?)
    Model x photographer (usually throw something in here about an undercover)
    Butler x Master's Daughter
    Rebel x princess
    Mercenary x princess
    Assassin x target
    Explorer x native american indian maiden
    Pirate x mermaid
    demi god x human
    Steampunk (new to it but love it give me ideas)
    Soldier x his commander's daughter
    soldier x civilian of opposing side (prefer civilian)
    soldier x soldier of opposing side
    (insert magical creature here) x Human
    half demon x human (prefer half demon. HAVE A PLOT)
    half demon x full blood (refer to plot idea listed above)
    fallen Angel x Human
    fallen angel x demon
    angel x demon
    Mistress x butler
    Knight x princess
    knight x princess of opposing side
    Boss x Employee (idea please)
    Jock x quiet girl
    football player x dancer
    Native American indian x Soldier
    Native American indian x Outlaw
    Shapeshifter x human (shapeshifter means shifts into ANYTHING)
    dancer x instructor
    dancer x producer
    ninja x regular person

    Here are my fandoms/animes for any of these I will only rp oc x oc or oc x canon:

    Naruto (any except next gen. or alt. universe)
    ATLA (avatar: the last airbender)


  2. What's your plot for the humanxhalf demon? Just curious c:
  3. I like the Crime bossxagent idea~ Do you have ideas on that?
  4. I have one where its assasin of kingx kings captured princess if interested pm me
  5. I like most of the ideas but would u be willing to play female once please I don't do males
  6. Afraid not. Female is all I play.
  7. I can't guarantee you a romance because a lot of my characters are hard to figure out and your character would need to "click" with my character. There is a possibility that your character could get "Friend Zoned" as one might say.

    A plot for a genius with a girl of your choosing...

    A genius who likes to tinker with the minds of leaders creates advanced technology in secret. This genius often threatens to kill innocent people, but never really does. He only wants to make people see how fragile they are and what they are subject to. His goal is to watch the world end in flames or torment it until he breathes his final breath. He believes that there is no hope for the world thus does not care what happens otherwise. There are most likely people who oppose him or their are people who feel the same way he does.

    How This Roleplay Can End: Genius realizes that there is hope in the world via finding love. Or The genius dies having been caught in his big finale in making people realize that they are weak, Genius succeed in sending his message and his friend stands proudly by his side at the end of it all, but the two must go into hiding because they are wanted. (we'd be working for one of these endings)

    The genius is somewhat of a criminal, but he hasn't been caught so he's probably more of a troublemaker at this point.
  8. Ok, I had an rp similar to this. Obviously I would be trying to work towards the romantic ending, and i'm not really sure what character to place in here, I would probably just use what one would consider a normal one. Maybe a woman who worked in an office complex? Something to that nature. Does that sound fitting?
  9. Hmm I suppose if you would like to use someone of that nature... As long as you can make it interesting.
  10. Let me ask you, who would you use in my shoes?
  11. In which case, since someone is trying to manipulate the minds of the public and the leaders or government, it would almost make sense for you character to be a childhood friend of mine. For instance, my character goes ranting to your character about how pitiful the human race is while trying to keep his other life a secret. In the case that half way through the RP your character should find out about my character's other life, then it's possible your character could try to show my character that there really is hope for the world. This is if you're working towards the romantic ending. However, in my case, my character will be doing whatever the hell heck it wants.
  12. I see. I didn't know if you were ok with our characters knowing each other prior or not. I've had a lot of people who don't like that, but that sounds rather good. I like it.
  13. Okay if you like how this sounds... I will be posting up IC with Character sheets... After real life like school and sports practice.
    Japan times 7:00am-8:00pm which starts in five minutes.
  14. Lol ok, just post a link when you can.
  15. half demon x full blood (refer to plot idea listed above)

    Shapeshifter x human (shapeshifter means shifts into ANYTHING)

    ninja x regular person

    One of these three I would love to roleplay with you; what is the plot idea for the halfbreed X full blood? Do you have a preference as to what you would want to play on the other two?
  16. I have preferences on all actually. The plot is a war like plot, and I prefer regular person on ninja, human on the shapeshifter one, and half demon on the half demon one.
  17. oo, what kind of war?
  18. Well, there's a dark force, called the darkness for lack of a better name, that is trying to take over the magical realm. Well, then there's the lower class for the realm. The mixed bloods, these can be comprised of any two creatures mixed, basically anything not a full blood. And among these half bloods are the ones really spat on, and those are the half demons. They are the lowest of the low in the social pyramid, and they are used as slaves. My idea with all this is that the council that rules over the magical realm decides to kill two birds with one stone and to do that they decide to send the half demons and some select other half bloods out there to fight off the darkness, that way they're not losing their "valuable" members of society and they're winning the war too. I haven't worked out where humans fall into this at, so that's open for discussion, and my character is a half demon.