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  1. Hello!

    So, I know I'm new here, but my fingers are just itching to get back into a Mature RP. For now I'm looking for two partners who meet the criteria below:

    1. Literate. By this I mean your posts have little to no spelling and grammar errors. Auto-correct is a wonderful thing. Please make us of it? It's really hard to keep going when I have to work through errors to determine what's going on.
    2. Descriptive: I don't mean Tolkien-level or microscopic detail, but at least be able to construct a fairly vivid picture of people and place.
    3. Don't be a smut hound. Yes, these will be mature, and have sexual content, but I'm not looking to RP in a porn scenario. I crave plot.
    Now onto some of my ideas! Italics are the roles I would play.

    Doctor Who Female DoctorXFemale Companion
    Female CorsairXMale/Female Companion

    For the female Doctor, I have an idea that she would be the Twelfth Doctor as I think it would be a fun twist that his first in a new regeneration cycle would be a woman. And I've devised a way to get around my partner having to play Clara.

    Right now, that's the only fandom RP I'm interested in.

    One original idea I have is this:

    Sadie is a nerdy girl starting her first year of college. Fall semester went fine. She got good grades, made other nerdy friends through the Anime and Gaming Club, and even managed to keep her boyfriend from high school in a long distance relationship.

    Well, she thought she had.

    Over Winter Break, her boyfriend came clean about his infidelity, and despite his pleas to never do it again she couldn't trust him anymore. So now she returns to college a single woman. She's aware of her own needs, but unwilling to go right back into a relationship. After advice from a more progressive girl from her friend circle, she decides her next step is a more casual friends-with-benefits. But that's about as far she's thought it out.

    If you're willing to join me in the drama and comedy of any of these ideas, please let me know so we can hash out the details. Please link me to one of your RPs so I can sample your writing.
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  2. OH! Female doctor and female compainion sounds fun! :)
  3. I got some replied, but they're not responding now sooo....still looking!
  4. Female Doctor x Female Companion? Ooooo, I love this idea! May I?
  5. BUMP and updated first post. Still crossing my fingers for the original plot idea.
  7. BUMP! And updated first post.

    *Sigh* So far only have one reliable partner and it wasn't from this thread. Still good though.
  8. Is the original plot idea still available? If yes, count me in. I wanted to do one like this since quite some time.
    I don't really want to link you to ONE of my posts. My post length varies depending on the situation, so one post can't really say much about me. Feel free to go to my profile and browse though my postings. If it satisfies you, feel free to send me a pm so we can work on the details.
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  9. BUMP! Back from a very busy weekend of family and work and ready to roleplay!
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