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  1. Hi everyone! I'm TheOddball, better known as Amy to my friends and allies. Below you'll find my terms and conditions. Just to clarify, I reserve the right to say no to an RP.

    What I am like as a partner:
    • I am quickly sucked into an interesting roleplay, and will want to reply multiple times a day (if I am not busy and timezones permit).
    • If an RP is clearly not working or I feel as though I physically cannot respond, I will try and say it as nicely as possible so and we can call it off or do something else.
    • You WILL have to pester me for response if it's been a couple of days.
    • I live in the UK, so just a warning about timezones. If you're in America I'll be thinking of going to bed by the time you're just coming online and stuff.
    • My grammar and spelling is usually spot on, and my posts range from 2-7 paragraphs, depending on how much you give me to work with and if there's a need for a long-winded post.
    • My writings is in third person, I expect yours to be too.
    What I require in you as a partner:
    • I would like you to reply once a day, obviously if you have a reason not to that's fine.
    • I'd like you to be able to (roughly) mirror my posts.
    • Grammar and spelling is a must.
    • You have to be prepared to play more than one character! (not a main one perhaps, but definitely NPCs!)
    • Please talk to me in PMs! It makes it easier to talk to you about the RP, and to get to know you better!
    What I will do:
    • I will explore dark themes. I'm not uncomfortable with violence, drugs, abuse etc.
    • I will play multiple characters, and create (basic to detailed) character sheets for all of them.
    • I can do M x F, M x M and F x F. Preferably MxF or FxF though.
    • I can play canon characters.
    • I will play OCs among canon characters.
    What I won't do:
    • I generally won't play the male in a M x F pairing (unless there's multiple relationships, but if there's only one I'd rather play the female).
    • I won't play genderfluid/transgender characters as I feel I cannot portray them correctly, I will RP alongside them though.
    • I will not play all the canon characters, you have to pull your weight.
    • Heavily erotic scenes (not all that into liberteen)
    I enjoy:
    Slice of Life

    Mild sci-fi

    I don't enjoy:
    Heavy sci-fi
    Anime (not technically a genre)


    Plot 1 (open)

    Setting: Modern London

    Genre: Modern, Romance, Drama

    Pairing(s): Most likely MxF, willing to do FxF if it looks like it could work

    Requirements: Two main characters and NPCs.

    Plot: Muse A is a young single mother who works in a coffee shop in Central London full time to support her adorable four year old son. Muse B is a [insert subject] graduate from university who now has a job in London that visits the coffee shop to try it out, returns daily, and soon develops a crush on Muse A. The two begin a friendship, which eventually becomes a romance. However, Muse A’s past comes back to haunt her.

    Extra information: I’ll be playing Muse A – I’ve set it up so that Muse B can be from another country if you wanted them to be.

    Plot 2 (open)

    Setting: A futuristic setting, undecided yet

    Genre: Both sci-fi and historical, adventure, drama, maybe some romance

    Pairing(s): MxF, MxM or FxF

    Requirements: Multiple main characters, no more than 2 or 3 each.

    Plot: The Time Agency has been up and running for years now –its goal is to ensure other people capable of time travel do not go to the past and begin to distort things. It is forever training the next generation of keen time travellers. It seems fun, hopping about through time, but the job requires serious training and only those who make it through are worthy. A group of young hopefuls are put on a team together, they must learn to work with each other and enjoy each other’s company, while getting into some adventures and serious drama.

    Extra information: We’ll need to work on the setting on this one in particular, and the logistics of the Time Agency

    My fandoms (underlined are ones I particularly want to do, the list is probably bigger than this):
    • Doctor Who
    This would be with the 10th Doctor and OC companions, I am willing to play the Doctor but would avoid it if I could.
    • Torchwood
    Maybe just canon, but willing to do OCs as well.
    • Downton Abbey
    Would do canon, or something like a complete OC wash-out and start from scratch.
    • Sherlock
    Maybe Johnlock with a few OCs.
    • The Crimson Field
    No one is going to like this show aha, but if you do I'm pleasantly surprised.
    • The Lion King
    Anything goes really.
    • Harry Potter
    OCs at Hogwarts after it opens after the battle.
    • Pokemon
    Not sure if I'll do this one currently.
    • My Little Pony: FiM
    Not sure if I'll do this one currently.


    Thanks all ~
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  2. I've made a few changes to the post above, still looking for you lovely people! ~
  3. Hello. I'm interested in doing a My Little Pony roleplay with you. I'm alright with playing OCs and or Canon Characters (preferably OCs).
    If you're interested, please shoot me a PM.

    Thank You,
    - mf
  4. Sorry, I'm not currently looking for MLP FiM, I just thought I'd have it listed!

    Updated with plots!
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