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  1. Hello there! So, I'm new to this site and we all know what that means - it's time for the partner search. Looking for some people to play the male in a romance. I WILL accept a few people who want to play the female in a romance, but not many. Just to give you an idea of what I'd like to roleplay:

    Fandoms and Such:
    That otome game thing with that long name that I can't remember that Involves Tiramisu -trust me, you want to play and roleplay this- (Plot idea. Don't care if you even know what language I'm speaking, just roleplay this with me. :p) ((Quick Summary: This girl is a bad cook but needs to make a really good meal. With all her hope and begging that the dish will make someone happy, the meal becomes a person. I have the link to this game if you want it.))
    Powerpuff Girls (Powerpuff girls x Rowdyruff Boys for example. Nix Blossom.)
    Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. (Two plot ideas for this, one yaoi)
    Sonic X (So many pairings and ideas for this)
    Spongebob (Same here. Note that this one would be mostly nonsensical, as I don't wanna ruin the show)
    My Candy Love (I like Ken, Armin, and Alexy the most. Anyone's fine, though)
    Plants Vs. Zombies (You know how the plants have personalities in the Almanac? Yup, that's where I'm going with this. You pick a plant, I pick a plant, we play. :D)
    Voltage Inc Games (Depends on the game, now doesn't it?)
    Konkatsu for Marriage (Several ideas, up for any pairing)
    Itazura Na Kiss (This one I will only do one plot, with one pairing. You may be able to change my mind, but it's doubtful . The pairing is Kotoko x Kinnosuke)
    Save me, Lolipop! (Zero x Nina or OC)
    Megamind (I had an idea for this recently. Will give out details upon request)

    Original Ideas (Extremely brief, will go into detail upon request) :

    Artist x Model
    (A poor painter who lives on the streets gets the opportunity of a lifetime. He gets to compete among a bunch of other artists for a prize of X dollars. Somewhere along the line they get a challenge they never expected: Full body painting.)

    Otome Game Character x Player
    (Imagine My Sleepytime Boyfriend, if you can. That would be the best male character. In this, it would turn out the male character is real and is being held against his will to say everything he has and will say in the game.)

    Candyland resident x Human Newcomer
    (Male made of candy, or at least tastes like candy -like if you were to kiss his lips- and smells like candy, with the same color scheme and style as candy, and Non-Candyland person meet. Can be done with something other than Candyland, like Sodaland or something xD Love some Wordbuilding with this.)

    "Bad Boy" x "Good Girl" (The supposed good girl snaps after a rough day when the fellow bad boy goes too far. He ends up seriously hurt, but no one will believe that the good girl did it and no proof can be found.)
    Lifelong Best Friend x Girl with Secret Crush (Friendzoning. Do not want a 'he finally falls for someone else and she has to try and get him back' type of roleplay. Too typical. Also, obsession level on a scale of one to ten? Fifty-four.)
    Psycopath 1 x Psycopath 2 (Can be played with/without immortals. A long time ago, the two lovebirds believed they caused the other two die. They never found out otherwise, and went psycho at the tragic thought. They meet again eventually, and end up doing crazy things to try and protect what they believe to be a true love look-alike.)

    Boss x Coworker or Husband x Wife (If boss x coworker, coworker at least married. Boss x coworker start off almost instant connection, husband x wife only married for personal gain and not even friendly at start. Either way, fall in love. Then female gets really sick or hurt and tells no one, instead lies about her whereabouts for as long as possible.)

    And soooooo much more! I could go on forever. Anyway, I need some partners. Post or message away! :cow:
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  2. Can I get the details on Lifelong Best Friend x Girl with Secret Crush? c:
  3. I might be interested in Candyland resident x Human Newcomer .

    However..I don't really do forum rp anymore. I'm IM/Chat based. Would you be interested? >u< Oh, I'm also more used to MxM but I could possibly work something out if it was straight. However, I think I'd have to go with playing the male. UNLESS there were certain circumstances met. XD Well it can all be discussed. But I like the idea so..<3
  4. I love doing roleplay over IM/Chats, so of course Forest Drizzle! I will get a message sent your way! :)

    As for pooderthepirate, I will send you a message as well with the deets. ^^
  5. I'd be interested in the 'Boss x Coworker or Husband x Wife' one. I would be playing the girl correct?
  6. ooooooooo yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, promising story, I'm interested~ :3

    You'll be playing the female role, right?
  7. Psycopath 1 x Psycopath 2

    WHY HELLO THERE FRIEND! I'm interested in this~! I could go for Supernaturals or normal humans. I once did an RP similar to this (only in title) where it was two serial killers where one was hunting the other. I loved that RP dearly. Wish I could find it.
  8. I'm interested in Artist x Model ><
    All of your categories sound interesting tho OwO
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