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    Plot 1
    Muse A is on a day-long drive to an out of town business meeting. They couldn’t ask for much more in life, being blessed with a loving partner that supports them, a beautiful home, and a well-paying job that leaves them happy and fulfilled. They are the eternal optimist, always trying to find the best in everything and everyone, even strangers. When they spot a hitch hiker at the side of the road, Muse A is compelled to stop and give them a helping hand, offering to take them along on their route to the hotel where their meeting is taking place.
    Muse B is on the run, having escaped from the state prison during a transport three days prior. They have shed their orange jumpsuit for civilian clothes, and changed their appearance the best they could, thanks to an abandoned farm house near the penitentiary. Muse B is desperate to get as far away from that hellish place as possible. They’ve evaded the state police for this long, there is no way they will ever go back to that dark, stifling, awful cell.
    Muse A is exactly what Muse B has been hoping for - a one way ticket out of town. They share a few stories and generally enjoy each other’s company during the long, uneventful drive. Unassuming Muse A has no idea that there is a dangerous felon on the loose, but when they finally approach the state line to find a waiting police roadblock, Muse B suddenly pulls a weapon on Muse A and demands they get them through without incident. Once they’ve successfully passed the road block, Muse B reveals the truth, and Muse A is hit with the sudden frightening realization that they are now subject to Muse B’s plans.

    Plot 2
    Muse A has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and is currently undergoing a long term evaluation. Muse B is a volunteer at the hospital. They bring the families of the residents anything they may need, sit with patients that have no visitors, or simply act as a good listener when needed. A doctor on staff directs Muse B to Muse A, explaining that Muse A is very much alert, but does not respond to anyone that attempts to interact with them. The doctor suggests that Muse B sit with Muse A on the next day, perhaps reading them a novel or telling stories in the hopes that a fresh face who is neither staff nor patient will garner a positive response. Muse B signs in the following day with a copy of their favorite book in hand and sits at Muse A’s side to read. Muse A does not respond for days on end, but one afternoon they finally make eye contact with Muse B, the hint of a smile on their features, looking forward to continuing the story. Muse B is overwhelmed by the small gesture, suddenly hit by the realization that in spite of Muse A’s complete and utter silence, they have grown incredibly fond of them. As the novel progresses, so does the connection between volunteer and patient. Only when the last page has been read aloud does Muse A finally speak to Muse B.

    Option 1 : Muse A has been faking all along in hopes of using insanity as their defense in a criminal court case against them. Muse B discovers this and is embarrassed and heartbroken.

    Option 2 : Muse B confesses their feelings to Muse A, who reciprocates and in turn informs Muse B of the reason for their admittance to the hospital. Muse B promises to stand by Muse A, no matter what happens.

    Option 3: anything else haha

    Plot 3
    Muse A and Muse B have been friends for a very long time, but Muse B has developed feelings for Muse A. Muse B plans on confessing these feelings by asking Muse A to the High school Prom coming up. Unfortunately, before Muse B can ask, Muse A is asked by someone else (possibly by a muse of a NOTP involving Muse A) When Prom night comes around, Muse B, having gone alone, sits at the sidelines with Muse A, who is waiting for their date. As the night goes on and the last dance begins, Muse A’s date is nowhere to be found. Muse B then decides to ask Muse A to dance with them. As they slow dance, Muse B whispers their confession into Muse A’s ear. Prom night ends and the two sit on the stairs outside the school, waiting for their parents to pick them up. Muse A can’t stop thinking about Muse B’s confession, thinking back to all the moments they have shared as friends, the good and the bad, and realize that they may even share the same feelings. Muse A’s thoughts are interrupted by their parents’ car pulling up, ready to bring them home. Without thinking, Muse A kisses Muse B gently on the cheek before running to the car.

    Plot 4
    Muse A has become addicted to prescription painkillers, but is very secretive about their addiction. They refuse to let their friends and family be aware of it, never using in front of them or talking about it, and maintaining a hardened philosophy that if they don’t admit it out loud, there is no problem. At first the silence succeeds. The people around Muse A don’t suspect anything except the occasional uncharacteristic irritability. As time goes on, Muse A’s addiction to opiates becomes more and more evident to those who are close to them, especially Muse B (friend, sibling or significant other), who begins to suspect Muse A is using drugs. Although Muse A still attempts to keep their addiction under wraps, the facade begins to falter as they become more and more dependent. Muse B is torn on whether to address their suspicions and confront Muse A, at the risk of having a falling out; however if they stand back idly and don’t take action, they risk losing them entirely. In the end Muse B decides to intervene, offering their assistance and support if Muse A will choose to admit they have a substance abuse problem and seek professional help.

    Option A: Muse A admits they have a drug problem, but refuses professional help, instead asking Muse B to help them privately.

    Option B: Muse A refuses to admit they are addicted and continue to abuse painkillers, eventually resulting in an overdose. Muse B discovers them unconscious and calls emergency services, saving Muse A’s life.

    Option C: Anything else we can think up

    Plot 5
    Muse A is on their way home late one evening, driving along a quiet back road. A deer jumps in front of their vehicle, and startled, Muse A swerves sharply to avoid a collision with the animal. The car spins out of their control and causes them to crash, knocking Muse A unconscious. It takes nearly forty-five minutes for Muse B, a passerby (or first responder), to arrive on the scene. They immediately aid muse A, whose injuries are quite critical. Thankfully the quick actions of Muse B allow Muse A to be transported to the nearest hospital and stabilized, where they begin the long, slow road to recovery. Muse B continues on with their day to day life, but constantly thinks of Muse A and wonders how they are doing. Muse A recalls nothing of the accident, and tragically, absolutely nothing about their life up to this point (including their significant other), the head trauma endured in the crash having caused amnesia. When Muse A is removed from ICU, Muse B visits them in the hospital. Muse B is stunned and heartbroken when the nurse informs them that Muse A will have no idea who they are, but they still come forward to reintroduce themselves to Muse A.

    Will Muse B back off upon discovering Muse A is spoken for?
    Will Muse A eventually recall their memories?
    Will a relationship develop between the savior and the saved?


    Muse C is Muse A’s significant other, who’s trying to help Muse A remember their relationship

    In plot one, I'm ok with playing either role. In two I'd rather be muse A (one who gets put in psychiatric ward). Three and four I'm ok with playing either role and plot five I'd rather play muse A (one with amnesia). But I'm not super picky so it's whatever! PM me or reply if you're interested! xD
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  2. I would be interested in Plot 2 if you're willing to maybe add in a bit of fantasy?
  3. I would definitely love to roleplay out plot three with you, if you're still looking for a partner that is. (:
  4. Of course! Message me c:
  5. Indeed I am. PM me :)
  6. Plot three seems like something I'd be interested in, though I'd probably want to play Muse A.
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