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  1. I know what your thinking, "Really?" Alice & wonderland in a Mature rp. 'Haha' but im totally serious i came up with the idea a few night ago, Though forgive me if its a bit blotchy some things do need to me worked out. Anyways i need people mainly males that can help me out with this. Females are need too just not as many.

    * Idea *

    Of course its Alice once again in wonderland but much older, Returning to Wonderland after getting word that some strange things have happend when she left. The white queen gone missing, Hatter ruling the kingdom in his/her place. Cheshire going bonkers, everything in disoray do to the fact the queen was gone, Thus leading Poor Alice back to wonderland to fix it all, Along the way some things stir between Alice, Cheshire, Hatter and possibly other charcters.

    As you can see its a bit vauge, any and all ideas are welcome, just need partners, And yes this will be a group rp and there will be and order and rules speaking of that here are the rules now.

    RULES :

    * Be dedicated, I don't want this falling apart. At least post twice a week,
    * This will be very sexual, If you dont like it then leave
    * there will be gore, sex, rape, swearing ect.
    * there will also be multi relationships
    * Please do not ask to join if you are under 18 ( don't want to get anyone in trouble )
    *No god modding
    * Iwaku Rules apply
    * No one-liners
    * Grammer has to be readble and make sence
    * Play well with others
    * All and any gender is welcome so do not join if you do not like a certain gender.


    Alice - @Bad Apple
    Mad Hatter - @Nat
    White Hare -
    Black Hare -
    Cheshire Cat - @Cheshire
    White Queen or King- @Nica
    Red Queen or King - @Nica
    White Knight -
    Black Knight -
    Nightmare -
    Clock Master -
    Twedle Dee -
    Twedle Dum -

    If your intersted Please message below, Thank you :3
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  2. Mad Hatter sounds rather fun! :)
  3. Yay my first person interested :3

    Yes Mad Hatter is fun, You get to be a total Psycho-path and its totally fine xD he's my favorite
  4. Exactly! You are supposed to be completely bonkers!
  5. Is this still going on~?

    I'm quite a fan of both sexual roleplays of the "anything goes" nature and of Alice in Wonderland, if you couldn't tell by the name....

    I'm leaning towards taking the Cheshire Cat, but I'd like to give it some thought. I do have a few questions though.....

    A) Can I make an animal character humanized?
    B) Can I play multiple characters?
    C) Can I choose the gender, sex and sexuality of my character?
    D) Is this RP based on anything, other than Alice in Wonderland, obviously?
  6. The role of the White Queen, according to the plot, is going to be absent in the beginning right? Could I still take her position? Or perhaps the Queen's daughter? Maybe she's too young for the position of Queen, hence the Hatter ruling the kingdom?
  7. @Cheshire To awnesr all of your question all are a yes to everyone, Minus the last one i want it to mainy be based around Tim burtons Alice and Wonderland and Alice and Wonder land Madness Returns. The goal of it is to be wacked out and bat shit crazy~

    @Nica Yes you can be the White Queen, Or the daughter im fine with either idea

    Though everyone please keep in mind that i dont have a total and complete idea for this just yet so im taking any sugestions the sample i put was the only idea i had so far.
  8. Fantastic~ For now I'll take the part of Cheshire, though I may be interested in taking another character later on.
  9. alrighty then
  10. @Bad Apple
    I'd like to add on the Red Queen as a second/third character if possible?
    My main role will be the White Princess, adding in the White Queen when she's necessary (considering she's supposed to be missing :P) and the Red Queen. If that's alright? :D
  11. Seems like we'll need more males in this RP then, non?

    I'll look into a second male part then.

    @Bad Apple What is the black hare and the clock master supposed to be?
  12. @Nica That is fine with me alrights :3

    @Cheshire Black hare is the opposite of the white hare, like yin and yang, The Clockmaster is the master of time in all of wonderland, He's sorta the sane version of the mad hatter but has a heavy obbsession with time and clocks to the point that he uses terms and analoges with time in mind.
  13. @Bad Apple Hmmmm....and will the March Hare be around?

    Sorry, I'm just trying to explore all my options here ^_^
  14. Umm well if you told me who that was i wouldnt mind it being there lol ^^"
  15. @Bad Apple
    Real or Anime pictures for the profiles?

  16. >.>; The March Hare and the Doormouse are the guests at the Mad Hatter's tea party. If you've seen the original Disney Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, or even spin offs like Ouran Host Club's Alice parody, you've seen them. The Doormouse is a brave, but sleepy little thing, and the March Hare is absolutely bonkers, twitchy and raggedy.

    In American McGee's Alice, they were killed and altered by the Hatter, if I recall.
  17. OH!?! I remeber them now ^^" Yes they are more then welcomed :3
  18. Though I think I'll take the Clock Master. He sounds interesting.
  19. you will have to make a lot of time and clock analogies, lol
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