Partners Needed! All genders and ages accepted.

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  1. Hello World!

    I'm Charlie, nice to meet y'all.

    Anyway I'm looking for an RP partner obviously. My requirements are pretty simple.

    1) Bring ideas to the table

    2) Be dedicated*. At least like post every two days or so. (I understand getting busy and stuff just if you can tell me when you're gonna drop off the face of the earth for a little bit of time.)

    3) If you're losing interest tell me and try to bring solutions to the table to fix the problem. I will also try to fix the problem

    4) Don't be a jerk...pretty self-explanatory be a cool person

    5) Try and make your grammar good. I myself have a hard time with grammar, and like typing I guess...I'm an OK speller I try and look up stuff if I don't know. If I screw up feel free to tell me.


    RP preferences:

    1) I only do romance if it's a guy and a girl. (Sorry...I guess, that's just how I roll.)

    2) I prefer playing the girl but I can play the guy.

    3) I like realistic, modern, apocalypse, large disasters, dystopian world, some historic, and war RPs.

    4) For military RPs I am a little picky....I know a lot of military stuff and like military RPs, ranks, customs and courtesies, etc to be right. This doesn't mean I''m a jerk and I except you to know everything. Just if you that be chill with me edyamacting you now and then on military stuff.

    5) I RP on thread on PM, sorry it's just easier for me

    6) I have awful vision so please don't use uber tiny writing and stuff


    Final comments:

    I may leave unexpectedly if there'a family emergency and won't be able to really RP for a bit. Please understand this..I'll try to warn you, but I may not be able to.

    *I understand family/health emergencies. Please don't gets tressed or not join cause you think I'll be a jerk about that. I totally do just say like 'Sorry Health stuff' or sorry 'Family stuff' or if you don't want that much detail 'Sorry personal stuff' when you get back/can so I know.
    You don't have to go into any details if you're not comfortable.

    I also totally understand grounding, power loss, etc. Pretty much for be dedicated don't just ditch cause you get bored or something and ditch...and don't like go a on a 4 month vacation to the Bahamas without warning.
    We chill? OK awesome.



    Reform School (MXF, FXF, MXM..Only MXF will be romance)- On Hold

    Plot (open)

    Two(Or more) teens are sent to a modern-day rough and tough style reform school(everything is co-ed barracks, school rooms, etc...the staff expects the students to 'keep their hormones to themselves'). The school is known for it's unconventional ways of 'curing' troublesome kids' The school's been around for years and has an infamous past, rumors always are whispered around about the old 'school'.

    Anyway there's not much of a plot for this one right now just to delinquents in a reform school. It could go the way where the delinquents escape or form like acoup d'├ętat and over throw the people who run the school(Possibly have to hold the headmaster or something hostage because local authorities surround the school? I dunno could go many ways you'll just have to PM me to find out! :jump:)

    TW: Possibly very violent and have not so pleasant scenes and themes in it, HOWEVER any violence etc can be tuned to fit you and your style/needs!
    I want to be able to RP with everyone and can adjust my style to whatever you need!

    POWS (MXF, FXF, MXM..Only MXF will be romance)

    Plot (open)

    This could go many ways I honestly don't have much of a plot..sorry...
    Two soldiers are captured, tortured etc, try to escape together. A female soldier and a male interrogator, or possibly the POW camp is near a town and the pairing would be a soldier and someone from the near by village.
    PM me and we'll work out details.

    TW: Possibly very violent and have not so pleasant scenes and themes in it, HOWEVER any violence etc can be tuned to fit you and your style/needs!
    I want to be able to RP with everyone and can adjust my style to whatever you need!

    More plots added later! Any original ideas of all y'alls are accepted to!
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  2. Two new RP ideas for y'all! PM me if you want to RP or have any questions.
    I don't mind if you use my RP ideas/plots just please ask first OK? Cool!
  3. I would be interested in doing the reform school rp with you Charlie, and is this text size big enough for you?
  4. Yeah you can. And yeah that's fine generally 3 (not too picky on that I've just seen some people writing with size 1 font and I can't read that well) and up is fine for me. (Color also matters brighter colors like hot pink tend be harder for me to see without changing my background a lot)

    So just PM me and we'll work all the details out ok?

    Thanks for showing interest!!!
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