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  1. First I want to say welcome and Hello. I'm still quite new to this site and thought I should probably through up a request thread to get a few mental balls rolling. I am not a picky role player, the only thing I'm really picky on is how you create your character, and if your willing to help create the plot, twist, drama, and all other natural ingredients to create an awesome story.

    As far as gender roles go. If it's just a normal story, I have no issues playing either role. However if you want to add romance into it (sexual things), then I can only play male x male, or girl x girl. I mainly role play yaoi, romance/sex wise.

    Now you must be wondering, why Male X Male? The answer is because I am a female! Not really, well maybe just a little bit. I used to be into the whole Male x Female, but that slowly got boring for me. I already have the real thing in life, so playing it out again in a role play is a bit dull and unexciting. What i don't have in real life is male on male action, which is how I started my obsession with Yaoi. I find it more exciting to read about Male on Male action then reading about Female on Male action.

    Anyways enough with the explanation, lets get down to the good stuff. T

    Disclaimer: I am not the best at grammar or spelling. Usually I find words to substitute the words I can't spell, or I do it the google way, and google how to spell it. If your a grammar nazi, role play with me will probably upset you, so you should avoid this and look for another partner. This helps you from getting angry while reading, and me being emotionally hurt because my smarts aren't located in literature, but in science and psychology.



    Partner Expectations

    • Partner must write in third person
    • At least be able to write a paragraph or two. I usually write two paragraphs and more, but honestly I will try to match my length with yours. Sometimes I will get carried away, only because I add in their thoughts, facial expressions, what their physically and mentally feeling, etc.
    • You must help form the story too. I can make a world, but whats the point if it just has my ideas. I want to see effort in making plot twist, drama, tragic scenes, etc.
    • If you get bored let me know. We can always change the role play, or make it better. Up and leaving will upset me, and ruin my muse for a good month or two.
    • Real life comes before anything. If your busy I understand, just let me know. I get busy a lot ,so I know the feels

    What I wont do.

    Abuse: I'm not down for any time of abuse. There is a difference between rough sex, tough love, and just down right abuse. Humiliation, beating, pushing off a cliff, anything that would enable my character or your character from moving is a no no. That kills the role play and makes it way to dramatic. It gets annoying and makes the appeal of having a fun time become a buzz kill and fear to even approach you.

    Bunnying/God Modding: I don't like it when people take control of the character I made. You don't know what he will or wont do, so don't try to move him in a way you want. This also counts in sexual play. You don't know how he'll will react or if he'll moan to this, so just wait for me to respond.

    Instant love: I hate this the most. Never in histories record has someone stared at somebody for less than five seconds and have fallen in love. They don't just get on that persons heel and be like "take me". No, doesn't happen and I refuse to believe it does. It too me three years to get the guy of my dreams, and trust me that was an emotional roller coaster. I expect that same roller coaster in my stories.

    What I will do.

    Furry: I am a furry, recently my friends got me into it. It's an obsession.
    Bdsm: Yes, who doesn't like being tied up. Go for it, lots of it, lay it on me!
    Age Difference: Yes, ever since I read this one yaoi manga where the boy was 18 and his lover was 28, I was like yes!. I like the age gap, the maturity versus the learning beginner.
    Master/Slave: Yes. This is one of my personal favorites.
    Cross dressing: Yes, I think its cute when someone wants to play maid, or see someone in a cute little outfit
    Incest: I will only do incest if their half brothers, or step brothers, or not fully related.
    Food: Yes, I want to be someones plate one day.
    Public: Yes, public foolishness is the best, and is a fun way to tease someone without going all out.

    I'm sure I have more, but for the life of me I can't think of them all right now. These are the majority though.


    As you can tell I'm an anime lover. I love anime and everything that deals with anime. That being said, if you were to show me a picture of your character, it would have to be an anime picture. Why? I like how just a simple animated picture can bring out a million emotions a normal human face can't. "But it's supposed to do that." That's my point.

    As far as Male x Male goes, I usually play the uke role (bottom, submissive, girl the in the relationship). Right now I'm currently looking for a strong dominant Seme (top, dominant , MAN) to take control. He doesn't have to vicious or rude, just dominant that's all I ask.

    Time for some plots, genres, pairings!

    • Solider x noble
    • Kidnapper x rich spoiled kid
    • Teacher x student
    • Father x Son <This has a plot!
    • God x mortal <This has a plot!
    • Bully x Normal
    • Brother x Brother
    • Arranged marriage
    • Alien x scientist
    • Fantasy
    • Sci-fi
    • Horror
    • Thriller
    • Mythology
    • Norsemythology
    • A little of modern


    Remember !!! Even if the plot is mainly for male x male, I can always make it to where its M X F. So if you want to role play that plot, but you want it to be M X F, F X F, or M X M just let me now, and I can adapt to what you want.

    Where were you?
    Show Spoiler

    Character A= Father Character B=Son

    Character A had fallen in love with a beauty that worked in the red light district. Two years after their elope to a far off country, Character A leaves the woman. 10 months later a child is born. The woman sees out Character A in hopes of raising the child together. By the time the woman found Character A, Character A has already remarried and to boot, a baby girl. The woman asks Character A out for afternoon coffee. Character A accepts. During their coffee time, the woman introduces to Character A their baby boy. Character A is taken back by its appearance. The woman angrily tries to get Character A to raise his child, but Character A refuses and leaves. Years later the woman dies and the son is sent to Character A.

    This is when they both meet face to face. Character B who was still but a young boy at the time doesn't remember or notice who Character A is. Character A ashamed of what hes done accepts to take the boy in, but he's unsure if its because he still loves Character's b mom, or if its because he feels bad about leaving them.

    Drama that may happen!
    • Character A falls in love with Character B and tries to hide it from his wife
    • Character A's child may fall in love with Character B and Character A will get upset.
    • The news of Character A being Character B's father may upset everyone and cause a rift in the family

    We Were Damned From the Beginning
    Show Spoiler

    My character would be the mortal, yours will be Hades (Whatever version you want him to be)

    The plot goes back to ancient times when Gods and Goddess reign over the mortal world. Zeus the king of the Gods would walk upon the mortal world every three thousand years. Accompanying him would be his three brothers, Hades being the eldest. On the annual 6th day of the three thousand years, the mortals through a party for the Gods. The gods so graciously accepted their invitation and without doubt or worry walked right into a trap.

    As we know Gods can only thrive if believed in, prayed to , and needed. Well during the middle of the party, the mortals all rolled out statues of the gods they prayed too. Zeus begins to boast about how many he's racked, while Hades the smart one questions why they even brought it out. One by one the mortals brought out hammers and slammed the statues , breaking them. The gods could feel their power weaken, as they soon realized the party was nothing but a trap. Zeus was unable to feel their hearts waver, and for that he was frozen in time becoming a statue himself. Luckily Hades vanished from the sight, for he feeds on nothing but hate and fear.

    The mortals knew this, and began to beat away at his statue as well. They no longer feared Hades, and their hate for the gods wasn't there. Overjoyed with their freedom from Gods hand, they resumed the party, except one. A boy was there (19) who watched the transpired acts. Ashamed of his fellow mortals, the boy sought out the reaming God , who was weakened.

    The plot is about the time of gods ending. Hades the reaming god is on the run from man as he tries to find a way back to his home. Weak with power, he is forced to live life that of man without getting caught. The mortals try there best to destroy ever statue of ever god, goddess, and halfing they could find. The boy whose father is head of these actions tries to seek out the weak god. Ashamed of his mortal family, he wants to help Hades return to his home and stop the madness.


    Zeus came to the boy in a dream one night. He told the boy bad thing would soon transpire against them. He was to help Hades, help him save them.

    Drama that may happen!!!
    • Hades may take the boys help, give him pleasure, but in the end kill him
    • Hades may in the end turn the boy into a fallen God, and keep him by his side
    • The boy may kill Hades when he is at his weakest
    • The boy will cause Hades to hate him, just so Hades can live on

    Other Plots are also welcomed! Remember I am still new here, so go easy on me please.

    Also if its easier for you to pm me, then go right ahead!
  2. Hello! Since you are new to the site, I wanted to check in with you about Iwaku's expectations about writing roleplays with sexy-times as a (minor or major) plot element. Due to legal restrictions, Iwaku cannot allow members who are under 17 (with a cyan star next to their name), to roleplay with members over 18 (red star). For this reason, we have separated two forums, Libertine and Liberteen, to allow each age group to safely explore this genre without having to worry about accidentally soliciting the wrong age group.

    Now, we do allow requests that mention the possibility of sex in the (non-age-restricted) Seeking One on One Partners forum, as long as you make it clear which age group you will and will not roleplay with. However, I've noticed that sex seems to be a pretty big theme in your interest check. Would you like me to move it to the Libertine forum for you?
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