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  1. Hello!

    I'm searching for partners who are more like me, to make role plays more fun, and easier to stay interested in.
    Well, you may be wondering "Okay... And what are you like/looking for?"

    And the answer is this!

    I'm looking for partners who are very active. I'm online throughout the day, and so I'd love a partner who is as well- a partner who can reply whenever they are online.

    I'm looking for partners who won't just drop out of the role play without even a single world. I understand that people get busy, or even bored. I don't hold a grudge if you've lost interest! However, I find it very rude if you lose interest, never reply, and never let me know you're done. ESPECIALLY when I send a PM asking.

    If you're done, please PM me and let me know. I will not yell at you or hate you, or whatever else it is you're afraid I'll do.
    I'll be very pleased that you have enough manners to let me know.

    I'm also looking for partners who enjoy OOC talking. I'm a friendly person, and I often speak to my partners out of the role play. It's off putting when someone replies with one word answers, or not at all. I like to make friends.

    So, besides all that, I'm looking for partners who are literate. I don't mean in post length. I just need partners who can spell correctly, use proper grammar and punctuation and use third person correctly.

    As for length, I'm looking for an easy going causal type thing. 1-2 paragraphs is fine for me.

    So, having said all that, I'm looking for fandoms mostly. I will always double if asked, as long as my partner does as well.
    I only do canon/oc for fandoms, and typically male/female. If there is a * next to a fandom, I will consider Female/Female.


    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson
    Hunger Games
    Life is Strange*
    Dragon Age*
    Sailor Moon*
    Death Note
    Fruits Basket
    Once Upon a Time
    The Walking Dead

    Criminal Minds
    Sons of Anarchy
    Fatal Frame

    I'm sure there are others, so please ask.

    I'm also looking for some original ideas-


    Pride and Prejudice type romance

  2. Ooh! Pecy Jackson! I can't send PMs yet but drop me one if you're interested in doing that with me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.