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  1. Hello! I need an RP partner, and I have some 'strict' standards.

    Genders I'll play ::
    Females only. I'm sorry, I've tried playing males before. It just doesn't work for me.

    Romance or Smut ::
    Romance. I'm not the smutty type.

    Straight or Lesbian ::

    Genres I like to play ::
    I like fantasy and horror. I can do modern as well though.

    Things I wont do ::
    I wont do Pre-Made characters. I also would rather do mild language. I don't think I have problems with anything else.

    Grammar Requirements ::
    Just no text chat and use quotations when your character is talking. That's all I ask.

    How often will I reply ::
    If the RP has my interest, I will reply quite a few times a day.

    Replying expectations for my partner ::
    I want you to be active please. I don't have school so I have almost nothing to do, so I depend on this site to keep me busy.

    Plot Ideas ::
    I don't have any. I'm open for ideas.

    Where I want to Roleplay ::
    Either by PM or the 1x1 forums.

    How should you contact me ::
    PM or just reply to this. Either works.
  2. Hello Insanity, I would be interested in being an RP partner if you would like. Were you in the mood for anything specific?
  3. No, not really. Anything you had on mind?
  4. I'm open to do anything. Been feeling a little romance-ee lately, nothing sexual just simple romance. I had an Partner Request recently but the guy that decided to take up the offer disappeared. Does this sound like something you may be into;

    Plot Idea (open)

    Detroit, a place filled with crime and sins holds some of the biggest criminals alive; and free. [Criminal] is just one of those big name criminals in Detroit but no one has ever seen them in a physical form. It is just a name that haunts the streets as civilians are scared to even mutter the name. One day, [Criminal] commits a crime but for the first time in their lives are surrounded by witnesses and police as the plan "fails". One[Civilian] happens to be at the scene of the crime as they watch the [Criminal] struggle to find a way out of their mess from afar. Unfortunately the[Civilian] was at the wrong place at the wrong time as the [Criminal] makes a run for it. [Civilian] poorly hides from sight, but as the police begin to shoot at the [Criminal] to prevent them from escaping, one of the bullets strike the [Civilian]. The [Criminal] catches glimpse of the [Civilian]getting struck, but something deep down prevents them from letting the [Civilian] lay there out to bleed as the cops try to stop them. [Criminal]quickly rescues [Civilian] but now the [Civilian] is unable to return home till things settle down in the area.

    It was made to allow any twists to happen depending on the genders and things. I'm able to play either gender equally.
  5. Sounds interesting. I'm up for it!
  6. Awesome-Sauce!
    I'll PM you~
  7. Hi Insanity! If you were looking for maybe more than one RP partner I'd love to do one with you.
  8. I'm open to any amount of RPs, if your really interested.
  9. Are you still up for some Rp?
  10. Still open guys! Gladly accepting more partners~