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  1. Hello There!
    I'm new to this site and was looking for an Rp character.

    I suggest you please take a look at my profile for a more detailed preference.
    Here are some things I expect from a partner:
    • Please use perfect grammar. I know we all make mistakes her and there, but no text talk or things as such.
    • Please know what you're doing and what Rp is all about. I'd prefer a detailed and advanced writer with at least a year's experience in writing and role playing.
    • Share some of my interests so we'll perhaps be good friends and progress the story without disagreeing with each other.
    • I can't stand one-liners. Unless you are totally lost as what to reply to me with, please, please, please give me a good paragraph reply and be descriptive.
    • I play just about any genre, horror to the most cliche romance. I also play any character, but humans are preferred.
    • Please be able to play a male or female well and fluidly.
    • I can handle more than one partner, so don't be afraid to speak up!

    NOTE: I am a very impatient person, so please AT LEAST reply twice to three times a day. If you can't reply to a thread within a week, I respect the fact that you may be busy with work or something else, but I will move on to another partner.

    Anyhow, yeah. Please take a look at my resume! :) Can't wait to Rp!
  2. i'd be up for a romance role-play, if you're interested. cliche things can be extremely fun.
  3. Indeed they can! I actually saw you, and I loved some of your romance plots. I'd be happy to do a romance Rp with you! :D
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.